A How-To Guide for Using Your Desktop to Schedule Instagram Posts

If you are an avid user of Instagram to promote your business, self-image or brand then you are probably excited for all of the updates that are coming out from Instagram. You may have been wondering if Instagram was ever going to give access to desktop functions. Until recently, mobile access was pretty much the only option for posting to Instagram. However, Instagram recently announced that desktop access will be available soon.

If you are interested in learning about these new features, then this article is just for you! We are going to outline the process for scheduling and for publishing content to Instagram straight from a desktop. No additional access to any other platforms is needed to follow this process!

Step by Step Guide to Connect to Instagram’s Creator Studio

At this time, Instagram has not added the ability to post to Instagram straight from their website. Fortunately, though, there is a feature on the brand new platform called Creator Studio that will allow you to post directly to Instagram and will also allow you to schedule a post for Instagram as well.

You have to access Creator Studio through Facebook, so to get to it you need to visit http://facebook.com/creatorstudio.

One you have logged into Facebook, you will be able to see any accounts that are associated with your Facebook account. These are the accounts that you will be able to post for from your desktop

In order to post to Instagram through Creator Studio, we need to see if you already have an Instagram account connected. Look toward the uppermost quadrant of your Facebook page, if you see the icon that represents Instagram, then your account is most likely connected. 

In the event that your screen is not connected, you should be given the option to log in and make it an associated account. 

The next screen you will see is a home screen that cycles through various content. The content on this screen describes various features recently made available. One of these cycles will be an option that allows you to select “try now” to post to Instagram. By selecting that option, you will also be given the option to log in to your Instagram account. 

After you have successfully created an associated Instagram account, you can select the coordinating Icon at the upper quadrant of the home screen to view your Instagram information. 

At this point, you can tell whether or not you are able to create a post using Creator Studio. In the upper left corner of the page, you should see a royal colored button that says “create post.” Select that option to display two new options. You will want to select “Instagram feed” which will allow you to create content to upload to your Instagram feed. 

At the time of this publication, the Creator Studio will permit users to create both Instagram feed content and Instagram TV posts. Instagram feed is limited to photos and/or videos and Instagram TV is limited to videos. At this time, there is no ability to update stories on Instagram from a desktop. 

Step by Step Guide for Posting to your Instagram Feed from a Desktop Computer

From inside of Creator Studio, find the option that says “Create a Post.” When this is selected, you will want to click on the option that says “Instagram Feed.”

Once you select this option, you will be prompted to determine which Instagram account that you will post to. If only one Instagram account is connected to Facebook, then this list will be a short one. Either way, be sure to select the correct Instagram account to post to. 

After you have selected the correct account the smaller frame will expand and prompt you to write an Instagram post. All of the functions that are available on the app are also available on the desktop version. Here, you are prompted to type a caption, add your picture, tag a location, etc. You can also select an option to upload to your Facebook at the same time that you upload to your Instagram feed. 

Formatting rules are exactly the same in Creator Studio as they appear on Instagram:

  • No spaces may be added following the last character in your content. Be sure to delete any additional spaces that appear after the last character.
  • Instagram does not allow repeated punctuation to end a paragraph. You must limit punctuation to a single mark. 
  • Instagram also does not allow an emoji at the end of your paragraph. This likely will not be an issue on a desktop as most do not have emoji capability.
  • On the desktop version, go ahead and put any desired hashtags in the content of the caption. You will not be able to comment on your content inside of Creator Studio. This means that hashtags must be placed in the caption while posting the content and not later. 
  • A neat feature is that as you add hashtags and @mentions, there is a tool underneath the text box which displays your remaining count of each feature still available. This helps you avoid overdoing @mentions and hashtags or writing too many characters before you ever click post. 

It is allowed for you to post to Instagram without the inclusion of a caption. However, adding a caption is advisable, especially if you are using Instagram for business purposes. 

If you want to include your location in your post, simply type the location’s name and suggestions will appear for your added convenience based on what you type.

If you wish to upload a picture or a video, then selection the button that says “add content” located just under the box where you tagged your location. You can choose whether you want to upload from the computer or from the content already on your Facebook. 

There is a limit of 10 concurrent photos or videos for one post at a time.

Another limit of this feature is that you cannot add pictures from both your computer and Facebook page at the same time. You can only add multiple pictures from your computer or from Facebook at once. 

When uploading files from your desktop, Instagram will automatically crop them squarely. This can be edited easily by changing the orientation or clicking the photo and dragging it within the square frame. Be sure to click save before exiting in order to be sure the image posts in the desired frame. 

If you want to upload a video, then it must be more than 3 seconds long, but no longer than 60 seconds. 4:5 and 16:9 are the acceptable video formats. Once you have selected which video to upload, a bubble will appear in the lower left section of the window. When this bubble changes to a green color, then you will know that the file is ready for publication.

Unfortunately, video editing is not a current option on this platform. The three-dots located near a video file will only allow you to remove the video. This means that the video will need to be correctly formatted before you select it to upload to Instagram.

After you have the file uploaded, select the publish button. This button will only be active (bright blue) if you have correctly uploaded a video to be published. If the button is not clickable, then that means you have not correctly uploaded your video. 

Selecting “publish” will immediately make the post appear in your Instagram feed. Much like any other website, updates will appear on the gray bar across the bottom of your screen. This page will refresh when your post is completely uploaded. 

If you wish to schedule a post to publish later, this can also be done easily on this platform. Locate the arrow button next to the option to publish. If you click this arrow, a scroll down menu will appear and you will notice an option to schedule posts for later publication. Another window will appear for you to select the correct time and date for the publication of your Instagram post. Selecting the button that says “Schedule” will allow you to cue an uploaded picture or video for later publication.

To review any posts you have scheduled for publication, you need to visit the “Content Library” within your Creator Studio. This will allow you to view posts scheduled for future publication. 

Be aware that posts which are scheduled with the Creator Studio cannot be edited later in the Creator Studio. If you want to edit a post originally scheduled in Creator Studio, then you will need to view it on a phone or tablet in the Instagram app to change the caption.

Step by Step Instructions for Instagram TV Posts from your Computer

These instructions are not all that different from what is described in the previous section for uploading content to your Instagram Feed. 

Begin by selecting “Create Post.” When prompted, you will select IGTV. This will prompt you to choose the correct account for which you want to post. 

You should now be prompted to upload the file. Just as before, you can select a file from your computer or you can choose content that is already published on Facebook.

Again, there is a status update that will let you know when your upload is complete. This update becomes bright green when the video is ready for publication.

You can include the video title and a small paragraph to describe its content. You must have a title for your video, or you will not be allowed to upload it to IGTV. 

You can format your video description as desired for optimal readability. 

After this, you will need to choose a cover image to represent your video. There are thumbnails that will automatically appear after you have uploaded your video. You can either choose one of these, or you can upload a specific image from your computer. 

Make sure that you have reviewed placement options for your video before selecting publish. You will not be able to edit this after you have officially posted it, so be sure that you are satisfied with the settings before committing it to IGTV permanently. 

Just as with Instagram feed, this content is easily shared to your Facebook feed at the same time as your Instagram. 

Again, these posts can be scheduled for later rather than immediately published. Simply select the drop down menu located beside the publish menu. This will prompt you to follow the instructions for scheduling a post for later publication. 

As mentioned in the previous section, scheduled posts are stored in the Content Library section of the Creator Studio. You may have to select “all content” to be in the right mode to view scheduled posts. There is also a special section on the right of your screen that has various tabs. The Content Library tab will take you straight to the correct screen. 

If your newly scheduled video does not immediately appear in this tab, there is no need to fret. It can often take a few minutes for the screen to update. If the video does not appear within five minutes, you can contact support. 


Most of us are used to using our phones and tablets with installed apps to do all of our social media content. If this is the case for you, then you might wonder why you would ever consider using the Creator Studio in the first place. After all, you can find similar third-party apps or software that can schedule posts for your Instagram content. One major benefit to the Creator Studio is that it can be used for absolutely free unlike most of these more complicated tools and apps. 

Using Creator Studio cuts out the middleman. You will not be subject to the third-party access or restrictions. 

Further, IGTV content can be scheduled exclusively on Creator Studio, there are no other apps or software that can publish there from a desktop.

Creator Studio is only available for certain Instagram users at this point. If you simply see the “coming soon” notice, do not panic. This content will be available for you soon enough.