How to Look At a Private Instagram Account In 2024

The premise of a private Instagram account is that you cannot see their posts or updates unless you are following…

The premise of a private Instagram account is that you cannot see their posts or updates unless you are following them – and in order to follow them, you must request to follow and give them a chance to approve your request.

Private accounts were rolled out by Instagram as a way of protecting users – giving individual users the power to close their accounts, posts, and updates from those who they don’t know.

When an account is private, users must send over a request to follow before being granted access to that user’s profile. The private account holder must approve or deny follow requests as they see fit, choosing who they want to allow onto their profile.

So, how do you look at a private account on Instagram – and are there any loopholes to avoid the security wall?

Request To Follow

It won’t surprise you to learn that the easiest way of looking at a private account is to follow it.

Whether or not the private account holder decides to accept your request is up to them, but submitting a request to follow is by far the easiest and the least invasive way of looking at a private account.

Use Third Party Apps

The popularity of Instagram means that there is a third party app to allow and facilitate pretty much any activity on Instagram.

With millions upon millions of users accessing Instagram every day, app builders and creators have created apps to support virtually any activity that you can think of on Instagram – including viewing private accounts.

There are plenty to choose from, some available for free while others come with payment walls. Private Insta is one of the most popular apps around at the moment.

Try Googling Them

If you find yourself stuck behind a private account wall, then you could try Google searching for the user instead.

Often, Google will have access that the app blocks, and so you might find that you can view the profile or specific posts on that profile without being a follower – by searching via Google.

And there you have it – three of the easiest ways to view or attempt to view a private account on Instagram, without resorting to underhand tactics. Generally, if the account belongs to someone you know then sending a generic request to follow will be enough to earn their attention and favour.

Whatever choice you opt for, we hope this helps!