How to Get More Likes on Instagram – 10 Top Tips

Out of all social media platforms, Instagram is perhaps the best when it comes to sharing visual media and storytelling in a picture and video-based format. People can share snapshots of their lives for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to boost their personal connections or improve the sales of their product or company. Whatever the motivation, just about everyone can appreciate boosting the number of likes they get on their Instagram accounts.

Likes are helpful because they push your content into the feeds of others like your friends or potential customers. They also show that people are engaging with your content or story. Not to mention the big dopamine boost we all get when the likes skyrocket!

But there are more ways in which you can improve your Instagram engagements and likes number aside from just hiring bots or joining “engagement pods”. In fact, there’s a whole host of strategies you can employ as you seek to improve your Instagram likes. Keep reading for some of the best strategies to boost your likes on Instagram.

  • Join Engagement Pods

We mentioned this above, but it bears further explanation. Engagement pods, otherwise known as groups, are just Instagram content creators that joined together to support one another with comments or likes. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership that boosts the content engagement and algorithm placement of everyone’s stuff. It’s a perfect demonstration of the “rising tide raises all ships” idea.

  • Purchase Advertisements

You can also try to improve your Instagram likes in a more traditional arrangement by purchasing advertisements. Ads on Instagram are financial investments that can dramatically improve your exposure and user engagement. But you can’t just blanket your Instagram page with generic ads.

Odds are that you’ll get a much better response if you plan out targeted advertisements that actually speak to your user base. This may require data collection or planning ahead of time. But the rewards will be much more worth the effort. As a benefit, people will probably not be annoyed by your ads if they’re actually helpful, too.

  • Use Tags Correctly and Relevantly

Instagram tags are bread-and-butter for just about everyone who uses the social media platform. But you should only tag other Instagram users in your post if they are actually relevant to your content. Failing to be smart with your Instagram tagging can make you come across as desperate or like a spammer. If you do it right, those you tag may even comment or like your Instagram posts, which improves your content ratings even more.

  • Set up a Contest

You can always host giveaways or competitions on your Instagram page if you want to boost engagement and drive growth. Creating competitions or item giveaways are campaigns where people can get a prize. These efforts usually bring in lots of possible long-term followers, especially since everyone likes free stuff.

You’ll want to think about what exactly you give away and what the contest entails before setting it up, of course. Be sure you can actually follow through on your price promise, too; failing to give the winner of the contest what they earned will be a huge PR blowback!

  • Posting During the Right Time of Day

Did you know that when you post can have an effect on your visitor level and engagement rate? Figuring out the best time to post your content is a great way to make sure that your stories show up on the app for your biggest followers or potential new visitors. This may require you to do some market research before you narrow down the ideal posting time during the day. Be sure to check your analytics carefully.

You can also do a few test posts at different times of the day and see how each post ranks compared to one another. This will give you key timing insight.

  • Post Consistently

One of the biggest ways in which people hamstring their own attempts at success is that they failed to keep up a regular posting schedule. Posting consistently and at around the same time every day or week is not only a good way to build a dedicated follower base but it also favors you to the algorithms that determine which content is shown to Instagram users.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to post at least once a day. Figuring out and sticking to a consistent posting schedule will endear you to your followers and improve brand awareness and engagement levels.

  • Keep Your Location Tagged

Location tags are more important than many beginner Instagram users might realize. In fact, Instagram has revealed that more users like posts that are geo-tagged, or tagged in a way that indicates where the post took place. Not only is this better for improving follower engagement, but it can also be crucial if you’re trying to promote your business or product. If you already focusing on tagging smartly, you might as well also engage in geo-tagging. It can only benefit your Instagram efforts.

  • Make Engaging Captions

Whenever you post on Instagram, don’t just write a boring summary of whatever the picture or video is showcasing. Spend a few seconds to come up with something creative before you publish a post. The caption offers an opportunity to alter the feeling or flavor of your Instagram story. It can also be a great place to put tags or improve your marketing results.

Bottom line: make sure your captions are memorable and useful and people will like your posts even more.

  • Use Hashtags Wisely

Just like with tagging, you shouldn’t spam hashtags every chance you get. Hashtags are an excellent tool on Instagram, but you need to use them wisely and consistently in order to get the most bang for your buck. Using hashtags to market your product or brand sparingly but effectively is much better than spamming them all across your content.

Similarly, you should pay attention to which hashtags are currently booming across the Instagram app. You can often take advantage of momentary hashtag spikes and jump on the bandwagon, so to speak.

  • Share the Right Photos

Lastly, be sure that you share only excellent photos. The application is inundated with people who don’t put forward enough effort for their Instagram content and are soon lost in the sea of data. Don’t become like these failed accounts. Instead, only post interesting images or subject matter. Quality content, above everything else, is more likely to keep your users engaged and always checking back for more.

Next time you’re on Instagram, give these 10 tips a try instead of buying more Instagram likes. Chances are you’ll see more success and save money at the same time!