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TikTok influencers need widespread exposure to build large fan bases and create viral trends. They use Twicsy’s real views to supercharge audience growth — and you can, too!

Adding Twicsy’s TikTok video views tells the system your content deserves more visibility and jumpstart powerful audience growth.

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    Your TikTok views arrive immediately, triggering fast audience growth that boosts exposure for your vids!

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    All views come from real users with real TikTok accounts. Guaranteed to work and keep your account safe!

  • دعم العملاء على مدار الساعة

    Twicsy’s experienced support team is available 24 hours a day for the ultimate in service!

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Here at Twicsy, we pride ourselves on exceptional service and affordable prices. Don’t take our word for it — check our customer reviews above to see what they say about us. Then, join the crowd and boost your TikTok presence within minutes!

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Jun 12, 2024

Nice work!

I have no idea how you do what you do so fast. I ordered 25,000 views at 3 pm and by the time I opened my Insta app at 3:03 pm there were already 15,000+ new views on my video. The rest showed up within 15 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love the effect they had since my video was shown to a huge new audience. But I keep shaking my head at how quickly you can deliver views that work so incredibly well. Nice work!
Rand P.التحقق من الشراء

Apr 21, 2024

Highly recommended

It’s been about six months since I started buying Twicsy Instagram followers and I’ve been pleased with my account’s organic growth. I finally tried adding video views too, and they’ve been great at increasing my engagement rate and follower growth. My audience is bigger than ever and my fan base is growing faster. Highly recommended.
Lanaالتحقق من الشراء

Mar 01, 2024

We’re impressed

Our social media consulting business performs many different tasks for clients, from helping them produce captivating videos to writing and scheduling their posts. But backing it all up are the views we buy from Twicsy, which provide the immediate gratification that clients need to see while we do the rest of our work to improve the quality of their content and the visibility of their accounts. The views help with growth, of course, but they also get clients saying “we’re impressed with what you’re doing!” just days after they sign up with us.
Marc, VP of Engagementالتحقق من الشراء

Mar 01, 2024

We’re impressed

Our social media consulting business performs many different tasks for clients, from helping them produce captivating videos to writing and scheduling their posts. But backing it all up are the views we buy from Twicsy, which provide the immediate gratification that clients need to see while we do the rest of our work to improve the quality of their content and the visibility of their accounts. The views help with growth, of course, but they also get clients saying “we’re impressed with what you’re doing!” just days after they sign up with us.
Marc, VP of Engagementالتحقق من الشراء

Feb 22, 2024


Your Instagram video views munch. I love how they get lots of new people watching my content and how they bring in lots of new followers. Definitely worth the low price.
Ava K.التحقق من الشراء

Jan 15, 2024

That’s unreal

I was sick of posting Instagram videos and having less than 50 people watch them. Then I read something that said a higher view count could get more people to watch. I figured I had nothing to lose, since 5,000 views from Twicsy costs less than I spend on having a pizza delivered. The views showed up right away – and after a week, my view count was 12,834 and I had hundreds of new followers, too. I went from 50 people watching one of my vids to almost 8,000 (not counting the Twicsy views)? That’s unreal. You’ve got a regular customer.
Charlie W.التحقق من الشراء

Oct 31, 2023


When I was planning to grow my IG account and decided to use Twicsy, I considered video views to be an afterthought since you include views with the likes you sell. I finally tried them last week and I can’t believe what I was missing. They increased my popularity even more than your likes do, and I’m back for more. If anyone’s reading this: VIDEO VIEWS WORK!

Gali P.التحقق من الشراء

Oct 24, 2023

Totally legit

Totally legit and I can’t quit. Your engagements blew the doors off my Insta account and made me a real star with 250K followers. I still use them all the time, and I’m loving your views – they’ve sent the audience for several of my posts into orbit.
Camronالتحقق من الشراء

Oct 18, 2023

Huge bump

Our social media service uses Twicsy followers and likes all the time when building clients’ Instagram popularity and exposure. And here’s one of our secrets: whenever a client is concerned about growth that’s too steady, we hit some of their posts with Twicsy video views. Their metrics get a huge bump, they’re happy again, and we can go back to creating more measured growth for them.
Anonymous, Social Media Leadالتحقق من الشراء

Oct 10, 2023

very satisfied

I’m very satisfied. The views were cheap, they were delivered extremely quickly, they’re all real and high-quality, and it made me happy to see such a high view count. But what matters is that I’ve gotten a lot of new followers from the extra exposure my video got after Twicsy’s views kicked in.
Jilly Beanالتحقق من الشراء

Oct 04, 2023


I tried a couple of other places that sell Insta likes and views, and most of them disappeared soon after they were delivered. Now that I know how most websites work, I’m guessing they were likes and views from bots. I’m just glad I didn’t lose my account. I did a lot of reading and research after that and ended up buying from Twicsy, and you’re for real. All of the views and likes are still in my account and my videos have more new viewers than ever before. My rating is 10/10.
Jermaineالتحقق من الشراء

Oct 01, 2023

Relly happy

We’re a business that depends on online word of mouth, we put a lot of our social media efforts into Instagram, and we’re a very satisfied Twicsy client. Your followers were instrumental in helping us build our follower base to almost 25,000 customers and fans, and at this point, your video views (and likes) are key elements in our strategy to showcase our services to a large audience of potential customers who don’t know about us yet. They always boost our exposure and stimulate sales, and we’re grateful.
Elise J., Marketing Directorالتحقق من الشراء

Sep 27, 2023

Relly happy

Really happy with the views I bought. Expected that many more people would get a chance to see my posts, and they did. Didn’t expect to see a 25% increase in my follower growth but I did and I’m delighted. More, please!
Clakالتحقق من الشراء

Sep 23, 2023

Do it all

Impressions, up. Reach, up. Engagement rate, up. Engagement rate by reach, up. Follower growth rate, up. Can’t think of anything else I would want a package of video views to do, and Twicsy’s views do it all.
Abir M.التحقق من الشراء

Sep 19, 2023

Couldn’t do it without you

I’m sure people think that IG influencers have a charmed life, just making videos and making money. They don’t realize that followers don’t grow on trees – you have to work for them. Thankfully Twicsy does most of that work for me, and buying your video views is an essential component in my strategy to attract tens of thousands of new viewers and followers. I couldn’t do it without you.

Maizie R.التحقق من الشراء

Sep 15, 2023

Worked really well

The views were delivered really fast and worked really well. Audience for my vids is larger than ever and I added a lot of followers, too.
Terrellالتحقق من الشراء

Sep 12, 2023

Great job

I run my own small company and usually manage my social media accounts by myself. But when I wasn’t getting the exposure on Instagram I hoped for I hired a consultant. He looked at my account, and his first words were “You need to use Twicsy.” He laid out a complete plan for buying followers, likes, comments, and video views, and my only real objection was to buying views; it seemed too transparent. He convinced me to try it anyway, and I’m a believer. The overall numbers were impressive, but my Instagram growth hit another level when I added your views. They do a great job. Thanks for everything.
Herman, CEOالتحقق من الشراء

Sep 02, 2023


I only had around 100 followers when I started buying followers from Twicsy, and you’re the reason I’m almost at 100,000 fans today. What made a huge difference in my growth was buying views and likes in addition. My follower growth almost doubled as soon as I began buying all three types of engagements, and I was surprised to see that your views were an extremely important part of that picture. I’m not stopping now, keep them coming!
Rashid Dالتحقق من الشراء

Aug 28, 2023


Didn’t think I needed to buy video views since you include free ones when I buy likes. I gave it a try anyway since I got a lot more views in a separate package. And I’m a convert. First, your views brought in tens of thousands of additional viewers. Second, a lot of them ended up following my account. I should know not to doubt Twicsy – you sell separate Instagram views for a really good reason.
Frankie F.التحقق من الشراء

Aug 26, 2023


Twicsy’s followers work. Twicsy’s likes work. And now that I’ve bought their video views, I can vouch that they work, too. Reach and impressions skyrocket, engagement rate for the posts soar, and my posts that receive the views are always my top-performing ones.

Ericالتحقق من الشراء

Aug 20, 2023

Substantial increase

We’ve increased our Instagram presence substantially with the help of Twicsy followers and likes. But we’ve also made a calculated business decision to add video views to our posts on a regular basis. From our experience, a high view count entices large numbers of potential new customers to watch our fun product demos and buy from us. Your views work wonders.
Samantha B., Social Media Coordinatorالتحقق من الشراء

Aug 11, 2023


Why do I buy your video views? Here’s an Instagram influencer’s secret: when I post a video it usually gets tens of thousands of organic views, since I have hundreds of thousands of people following me. But when I add 25,000 Twicsy views (for less than 50 bucks) on top of that, that automatically means I’ll get at least 100,000-200,000 new viewers for my video, and a few times the vids have hit a million views! My sponsors are happy, and that make$ me happy al$o!
Fashion Babyالتحقق من الشراء

Aug 11, 2023


Hail Twicsy! Your video views are incredible, increasing my engagement rate on posts by as much as 50% and my account’s engagement rate by 25% all by themselves. They also grow my follower base since many of the new viewers decide they want to follow me to see more of my content. I’ve tried a few other sellers and they don’t come close to those numbers. Great job!

Margaret Wالتحقق من الشراء

Dec 28, 2022

Top notch

Everything top notch. Easy to order, all of the likes I bought showed up in less than an hour, views started increasing dramatically the first day, and now I’m getting tons of likes and new followers. I’ll be back for more. 10/10
Jiang T.التحقق من الشراء

Aug 18, 2022

I’m hooked

I was banging my head against the wall for months making videos and trying to understand why no one could see them except my friends. I tried buying followers and likes from Twicsy as a last resort and all of a sudden I was piling up views, likes and followers like crazy. Its so weird that your service works, but it does and I’m hooked! Thanks 😊
Tori L.التحقق من الشراء

May 13, 2021

It just works

I’m still not sure I understand how it works. But it works. My Insta account was stuck at 27 followers for months and months while I watched other people building big followings. I came across Twicsy by accident and figured “What do I have to lose?” So I bought some views and likes for one of my vids to see what would happen. Poof! Thousands of people saw the video and hundreds started following me. You guys work wonders. Thanks.
D. R.التحقق من الشراء

Mar 16, 2023

All the difference

Dear Twicsy, you rock! I should have written this a while ago, but I finally got around to thanking you. Believe it or not, you made me an IG influencer! I was having trouble getting my account past 150 followers until someone I talked to at a meet-up suggested buying interactions. I bought my first followers 18 months ago, and they worked so well I kept doing it, adding likes and views too. I’m over 100K followers, still growing, and I even have sponsors now! Sure, my content has always been good, but the difference between 150 followers and 100K followers was Twicsy.
Megan K.التحقق من الشراء

May 06, 2022

Numbers going up

It’s a real rush to see my numbers going up when views and likes from Twicsy show up, but the bigger rush is watching the numbers continue to climb for days and weeks after that. I had my first “viral” video last week thanks to you!
Marcus J.التحقق من الشراء

Feb 01, 2023

Great work

I’m happy to provide a recommendation for Twicsy’s Instagram services. We use them regularly to support our non-profit’s posts and stories, and they’ve helped us build a thriving community of supporters, donors, and fans. The followers, views and likes initially made us appear bigger and more influential to our target audience, but since then they’ve helped us grow our Instagram presence considerably. Many thanks for your great work.
Heather F.التحقق من الشراء

Oct 20, 2022

Growth beyond dreams

Anyone who wants to be an Instagram influencer needs Twicsy. Their followers triggered my account growth beyond my wildest dreams: 300 fans in 2021, 500,000+ fans today! Don’t sleep on their views and likes either, which have made four of my videos viral with more than a million views!
Ashleyالتحقق من الشراء

Aug 06, 2023

So simple

I never completely understood how buying Instagram followers and likes could get you new followers and likes, even though I’ve seen first-hand that it does. What makes complete sense to me is buying video views, because I know that I always watch videos that have had tons of views. I buy all of those engagements from Twicsy, but I absolutely love buying views because they’re inexpensive and they boost the audience for my posts dramatically.
Peteالتحقق من الشراء

Buy Twicsy’s Effective TikTok Views Quickly and Easily

  • Why does buying TikTok views make a difference?

    There are two reasons. One involves the way that TikTok operates, and the other has to do with the way that people behave.

    Let’s start with the app’s operations. Tens of millions of videos are posted to TikTok every day, and needless to say, most go largely unseen. Random people can’t even be shown tens of thousands of vids on their feed each day. That means TikTok content doesn’t receive a large audience unless it’s uploaded by very extremely popular accounts or it’s “pushed to the top” in some other way.

    Buying real views is a powerfully effective way to do the latter. TikTok videos that stimulate high levels of user engagement are moved to the front of the line when audiences are awarded. And when the system’s algorithms see a view count rising quickly, they take that as a signal that the associated video deserves greater visibility on users’ feeds.

    More exposure boosts views (and likes) for the post even more, creating a cycle of popularity growth that earns videos much larger audiences than they’d otherwise receive. In fact, content that’s already popular can wind up on TikTok’s important For You page or go viral with the help of purchased video views; the app’s power users often buy large packages of Twicsy views to turn their vids into TikTok sensations.

    Here’s the second part of the story. Imagine two vids coming across your feed, one with 84 views and the other with 49,084 views. Which one are you more likely to stop and watch?

    You’ll assume the one with tens of thousands of views is the one worth viewing, of course, because so many people have already watched it. Social scientists have a name for that natural human behavior: social proof. A high view count “proves” that content must be worth users’ time because of its popularity — and by purchasing video views, you can entice large numbers of people to watch your content. If your vids are worth watching, that will translate into even more views, likes, and TikTok followers.

  • What’s the big deal about real views?

    You may be able to convince TikTok’s algorithms to give you a larger audience by purchasing video views, but the algorithms aren’t completely stupid.

    Many scammy websites sell what they claim are “TikTok views” (they sell “likes” and “followers” as well), but they’re really fake views created with bots and linked to fake accounts on the app. When they arrive in your account, the system quickly realizes that the interactions don’t come from real TikTok accounts and deletes them immediately. They don’t do anything to boost your audience or growth, and you could be banned from the platform for trying to use them in violation of TikTok’s terms and conditions.

    Real TikTok views come from real people, who are real TikTok users with real accounts on the app. These legitimate views don’t break any rules since they’re all from authentic users. That means they contribute to audience growth and greater popularity for your videos. They also keep your account safe from penalties or deletion.

    When purchasing TikTok views or any other engagements, always be sure they’re 100% real. That’s not always easy since scammers aren’t going to tell you that they’re selling you fake video views. But a few reputable social media providers like Twicsy can deliver 100% real TikTok interactions — and patronizing them is crucial.

  • لماذا يجب علي استخدام Twicsy؟

    First and foremost, we always deliver the real video views that will trigger strong growth in TikTok exposure and importance. And unlike most competitors, we can do that because of our years of experience as a leading social media provider.

    We started in this industry more than a dozen years ago, delivering high-quality, real Instagram interactions. When TikTok arrived in the Western world six years ago, we added services for that platform as well. That long history has let us fully understand how social apps work, allowing us to develop systems and strategies that maximize organic growth for our clients. No other service can match our experience, our expertise — and the powerful results we deliver.

    We also place a premium on customer experience and satisfaction. Our streamlined online interface lets you shop, order, and pay for your video views and other TikTok engagements in less than a minute, and we deliver your interactions immediately. Your account safety is protected and your personal information remains completely secure, and expert customer support is available around the clock.

    Finally, tens of thousands of influencers and businesses regularly use Twicsy’s growth services and have for more than a decade. That may be the best argument of all.

  • هل هذا آمن حقا؟

    It is if you use Twicsy. Our 100% real video views never trigger penalties or account deletion for our customers, because they adhere to all of TikTok’s rules. The only time there’s any danger is when you buy views or other interactions from disreputable websites that sell fake engagements. Stay with a trustworthy provider like Twicsy and you’ll keep your account completely safe.

  • Does this take a long time to work?

    Not at all. Your new TikTok video views will start arriving in less than a minute and you’ll be able to watch your views count rising quickly. Delivery is completed soon after your order is submitted.

    The effects of your purchased views won’t take long to appear, either. Some clients say they start to see engagement with their videos increasing in only a few hours; for smaller purchases, it may take as long as a day for your audience to start growing noticeably. Buying Twicsy video views is the fastest way to spur strong growth in exposure for your content and importance for your TikTok account.

  • How do I get started?

    Twicsy’s easy-to-use website makes it simple. Just choose the size of the views package you want to purchase (it’s best to match the package size to your video’s existing view count), click “Buy Now,” and complete your order on our secure servers.

    The process takes less than a minute and protects your privacy with encrypted transactions. All you have to enter is your TikTok username, the URLs of the post(s) that will be receiving the views, and your email address (so we can send a receipt). Complete the order with one of our many available payment methods and your views will start arriving virtually instantly.

    Still have questions? Twicsy’s 24/7 customer support team is always available to help with the ordering process or explain the way our service works in more detail. It’s fast, easy, safe, and inexpensive — and it will work wonders for your TikTok presence.

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