110 Angel Captions for Instagram for That Halo Effect

Are you looking for inspiration? We guess you can call us your guardian angels for the day, because we’ve written…

Are you looking for inspiration? We guess you can call us your guardian angels for the day, because we’ve written a massive list of awesome angel Instagram captions for every possible vibe. Scroll down and pick your next caption now!

How to Write Engaging Angel Captions for Instagram

So, you want to take your Instagram presence up a few notches — and you’ve discovered that well-written, intriguing captions are the fastest way to bag as many likes and comments as possible? If the photo you’re about to post looks angelic, you’ll need some engaging angel Instagram captions to make it shine and sparkle.

Here are a few tips to get you off to a great start!

  • First off, all angel Instagram captions need fitting words. Sprinkle them with words associated with angels, like halo, divine, heavenly, wings, cloud, harp, blessing, radiant, fly, and so on. By using this imagery, you’ll strengthen the message you’re sharing!
  • Play with the rich metaphors that have emerged around angels and devils or demons. We’ve all got an angelic side and a darker, more mischievous side. Chances are that there’s a really good caption somewhere in the interplay between the two!
  • If you prefer to make your angel captions funny, cheesy puns are never far away. You’ll find some examples down below, but we’re sure you can come up with some more of your own.
  • Keep in mind that short angel captions for Instagram usually work much better than long, rambling messages. Getting your followers to read your entire caption is half the battle, and the shorter your message, the better your odds.
  • Finally, if you’re still stuck, go online to look for some good angel quotes. Quotes from famous authors, poets, or celebrities can make your Instagram feed look very sophisticated — and you won’t even need to spend a lot of time coming up with your own unique caption ideas.

Have fun! Angels are an endless source of inspiration and creativity, and channeling your inner angel on Instagram means you’ll definitely have a blast. Of course, if you still can’t think of any good caption ideas, we’re here to help. Scroll down and find the perfect caption for your next post!

Angel Instagram Captions for Selfies

1. Even angels take selfies after polishing their halos. Here you go!

2. Me? I’m just winging it like it’s happy hour at the angel bar.

3. Everyone’s got an angel hidden inside. Find yours and soar.

4. Spread your wings, fly high, and never look back.

5. Angel by nature, hot by choice. What’s your superpower?

6. Sweet as honey, fly like an angel, and born to shine bright.

7. Got a devil and an angel on my shoulder, and the angel is always right.

8. Pure bliss with a side of flying high. What about you?

9. Choose the light, but don’t forget to have a little fun along the way.

10. Radiate angelic vibes and leave them wondering if you’re for real.

Funny Angel Captions for Instagram

11. Let’s be real. I’m 80% angel and 20% chaos, but that’s just how you like it.

12. I’m an angel, but who says I can’t have a little devil in me sometimes?

13. That feeling when you’re dyslexic, and you wanted wings so bad but you turned into an “angle.”

14. Hey, Cupid! Work on your aim, please. You really messed that one up.

15. Oh, halo! It’s nice to meet you!

16. Head in the clouds, wings hovering just above the ground, ready for anything.

17. Oh, me? I’m just winging it. I’ll make do with airplanes until I can grow a pair.

18. Don’t believe in angels? Maybe this picture will change your mind.

19. Think you’re my guardian angel? Watch me turn into a devil.

20. Nah, I just choose to hide my wings under my clothes.

Cute Angel Instagram Captions

21. Angelic hair, don’t care.

22. Let’s be real. How can you be so sure I’m not an angel sent down from heaven?

23. I’m a busy angel doing angel things, you wouldn’t understand.

24. On Wednesdays, we wear angel wings.

25. When life gives you wings, don’t waste them. Flying is awesome.

26. Just an everyday angel with a big heart.

27. Chasing clouds up in the sky with a huge smile and a shiny halo.

28. If you think angels don’t walk among us, you clearly haven’t met me yet.

29. Chasing angelic dreams and starry nights.

30. Dancing with angels, flirting with devils.

Savage Angel Captions for Instagram

31. This angel is fluent in sarcasm and winged eyeliner.

32. Sit up straight when I float in, won’t you?

33. Wings on fleek with a little bit of cheek.

34. Face of an angel, but with the devil’s attitude.

35. Not everyone can look like an angel… But I hear they have makeup for that.

36. 50% angel, 50% devil, and 100% sarcasm. That’s me!

37. If looks could kill, I’d be a weeping angel.

38. Dare to shine so bright they all need shades.

39. Less fakery, more halos. Thanks.

40. Big heart, sharp mouth, huge wings. What’s your superpower?

Devil + Angel Captions for Instagram

41. Sent from heaven or hell? You’ll never be able to tell.

42. Angelic with a dark twist. The horns are under my hair.

43. Devilish thoughts, angelic selfie. Perfect combo?

44. Shine, sparkle, and toy with your admirers.

45. When angels take a nap, devils come out to play.

46. Will you be the devil to my angel?

47. I’m the sweetest mix of devil and angel, come see!

48. Sure, I’m an angel most of the time, but everybody has a little devil in them…

49. My smile says I’m an angel, but my outfit says I’m a devil. Life is confusing like that.

50. Oh, me? I’m just floating on Cloud Wine with my squad.

Sassy Angel Instagram Captions

51. I’m a little rough around my angelic edges.

52. Hey, can I borrow that halo real quick? I need to convince someone I’m a good girl.

53. Soaring higher than anyone else. There’s just no stopping me.

54. Dreaming of wings that would take me away from this dull convo…

55. Sassy and classy, wings included.

56. ‘Cause you’re never so much of a devil that a halo wouldn’t look great on you…

57. Dare to spread your wings, no matter who you hit in the face as they unfold.

58. My crown is a halo and I’ll always be the Queen.

59. I know I look divine, but I wouldn’t mess with me if I were you.

60. Mess with me and you’re messing with a fully-fledged angel. Deal with it.

Angel Captions for Instagram With Friends

61. A pack of wolves, a school of fish, and a murder of crows. What do you call us? A glitter of angels.

62. We’ve got matching halos and hearts of gold.

63. Squad goals, angel edition.

64. We’re the angels who are watching over you. Or are we?

65. Don’t mind us. We’ll be over here playing our harps and spreading our wings.

66. It’s all wings and halos here. Come join us!

67. We’re a match made in heaven.

68. Angels don’t let angels plan wild nights out alone.

69. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Clouds of Heaven.” Here, have a whiff.

70. Every angel has to have a bunch of angel friends, that’s just angel 101!

Great Quotes for Angel Instagram Captions

71. “Be kind to strangers, because it’s the loving thing to do. Also, you never know — they could be angels.” — Scott Curran

72. “They were on the side of the angels, even if the angels weren’t entirely sure that this was a good thing.” ― John Connolly

73. “If I got rid of my demons, I’d lose my angels.” ― Tennessee Williams

74. “To love for the sake of being loved is human, but to love for the sake of loving is angelic.” — Alphonse de Lamartine

75. “For truly we are all angels temporarily hiding as humans.” ― Brian Weiss

76. “Angels abound within the happiness of our mind.” — Anthony T Hincks

77. “I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.” — Marilyn Monroe

78. “Outside the open window, the morning air is all awash with angels.” — Richard Purdy Wilbur

79. “When you wake up with a song stuck in your head, it means an angel sang you to sleep.” — Denise Baer

80. “Angels are those who show us every good thing in the midst of bad circumstances.” — Richelle E Goodrich

Short Angel Captions for Instagram

81. Keep calm and rock that halo.

82. Making mischief, but with wings.

83. Live, laugh, and believe there’s an angel in all of us.

84. Devil or angel? What shall I be today?

85. Angelic with a side of trouble.

86. Believe in miracles and smile.

87. I’ll just be over there, chilling up in the clouds.

88. Look like an angel, smile like a devil.

89. Learn how to fly, and take off.

90. Got 99 problems, but my halo takes care of most of them.

Spiritual Angel Captions for Instagram

91. May the angels keep you safe in their wings.

92. We’ve all got wings. We just need to find them deep within.

93. Travel light and let the angels guide you.

94. Look for the light in the most unexpected places. You never know. Angels could be hiding there.

95. Please, angels, give me some of your strength and light. I could do with it.

96. Let that divine spark within you grow ever stronger.

97. I’ll always listen to my halo, it keeps the light on in the darkest times.

98. When lost, look for the faint flicker of light and see if you can spot any angels.

99. No matter where you are, an angel is always within reach.

100. Find your true path of good and the angels will flourish.

Creative Writing Prompts for Angel Captions for Instagram

Wow, you’ve made it all the way to the end of the list! We hope you found a few angel captions that resonated with you, and that you no longer need a fitting message for your next Instagram post. Mind you, if you’re a big fan of the angel vibe, you’ll be back for more in no time.

Want to write your own angel captions for Instagram? We’ll give you a push in the right direction with these handy prompts. Simply pick a sentence starter that matches your voice on Instagram and keep going from there. Always proofread your captions before posting them, but don’t be afraid to experiment with fresh styles!

101. You know you’re an angel when…

102. How do you know who’s an angel? Well, you just…

103. Meet me at… I’ll be the one with the wings and the…

104. Straighten your halo, smile, and…

105. Flying away to… on my magical wings.

106. Smile like an angel, but…

107. Because no angel is complete without a sprinkle of…

108. I’m an angel with a splash of…

109. Listening to my inner angel, and always…

110. … is a pure blessing, and I plan to…

FAQ About Angel Instagram Captions

How should I use these angel captions for Instagram?

You’re in luck — we wrote these angel captions just for people like you; Instagram users who have amazing photos they can’t wait to post, but no caption inspiration. You can read through our list and see if it triggers your creative flow, or you can simply choose a caption from the list and post it to your feed. Most of our captions are short enough that you can still add a few words of your own without making your caption too long.

Should I add any emojis to my angel Instagram captions?

Yes! The emojis you choose can only add depth and beauty to your captions. Most of the emojis related to angels are immediately obvious, but there are some nice ones you may overlook, too. Just in case, our favorite options include 👼, 😇, 🌟, 🕊️, 🦋, 🌈, 🎶, and 🌹.

Can you recommend any good hashtags for my angel captions for Instagram?

Of course we can! Some of the best hashtags to add to your angel-themed captions for Instagram include #angel, #angelic, #divine, #halo, #angelwings, #wingedwonder, and #celestial.