110 Drippy Instagram Captions to Add Some Fire to Your Feed

Not sure you’re doing it right? Check out these drip Instagram captions to get some inspiration — and, obviously, feel…

Not sure you’re doing it right? Check out these drip Instagram captions to get some inspiration — and, obviously, feel free to add any of them straight to your feed if they hit the right tone.

How to Write Engaging Drip Captions for Instagram

So, you want to level up your social media game and get all the likes and comments you deserve? You’ll have to show your followers how drippy you are! Here’s a look under the hood of great Instagram captions:

  • Being unapologetically confident is the first rule of drip captions for Instagram. Dump the shy person hiding out on your profile and say it in style. Never say sorry for living your life as the coolest person you know, and don’t be scared to let your Insta audience see your swag in its full glory.
  • Don’t spell it all out. Leave a little mystery, too! Tease all you like to get your followers interested, and make them guess!
  • Always make sure your caption and photo play nicely together. In other words, make them make sense as a whole.
  • Give yourself some time to come up with drippy captions — and don’t feel pressured to write the first thing you come up with just to post the photo sooner. We can never be at our creative best all the time, and waiting until you come up with the perfect one-liner really pays off.
  • Keep it real. Don’t be a copy. Use your own unique voice to say your own unique things. After all, your Insta followers are there to hear from you!

Have fun — and go easy on yourself. Getting good at caption writing takes time, and you’ll get a little better every time you pull off a hard-hitting caption. Need some inspiration? Don’t worry, because we have your back. Scroll down to discover a whole list of drippy captions, and see if one of them is just right for your next Instagram post.

Drippy Instagram Captions for Selfies

1. Hip, but drip. What you gonna do about it?

2. Sparkle so hard they all need shades.

3. Confidence is my favorite flavor, and I’m here to make it drip.

4. Worries off, glamour on. Don’t forget to straighten your crown!

5. Now introducing: Buffy the Slayer.

6. Life is short. Skip the captions and go straight for the drip.

7. Wild ride, drippy girl. Welcome to my world.

8. Now loading: The drippiest vibes ever.

9. Don’t mind me. I’m just here to stop traffic.

10. Growing and glowing, ‘cause I don’t got no time to waste.

Drip Captions for Instagram About Outfits

11. I’m a drip magnet and I’m here to slay.

12. With a passion for fashion and an urge to conquer.

13. This chick has got chic, and she ain’t apologizing.

14. So drip I’m practically a tap.

15. Sparkling in 100 shades of drip. Nothing can stop me now.

16. Chin up, drip on. Here I come!

17. Here’s your daily dose of awesome. You’re welcome.

18. ‘Cause outfits speak louder than words.

19. I ain’t trippin’, but I’m definitely drippin’ with this outfit.

20. Rise and sparkle. Life is too short for dull outfits.

Drip Instagram Captions for Parties

21. Shoot for the stars, even if you just get stranded at the bar.

22. Raising the roof, but in style. I got the moves!

23. Stay in motion and say it with emotion.

24. Breaking the dance floor with our drip, it never stood a chance.

25. Today’s forecast? A whole lot of drip with a side of dancing.

26. Drip like you mean it and give them something to look at.

27. Catch me if you can… I’ll bet you can’t keep up with me.

28. Today’s vibe says I’m here to slay.

29. Turn up that music and turn up the drip. It’s party time, homies!

30. I’m on fire and I can dance all night.

Drippy Instagram Captions for Home Decor

31. If it doesn’t drip, it ain’t my crib. Just sayin’.

32. My home is like a whole other dimension of drip.

33. I’m the Queen of my Castle and I’ll make it drip.

34. ‘Cause every Queen deserves a place to chill, you know?

35. When in doubt, just add glitter and make it sparkle.

36. Don’t follow trends. Set them… on fire.

37. Drip is a mood, not a destination. Baby, I’m home!

38. Wild heart, drippy soul, cozy pad.

39. I ain’t buyin’ anythin’ that ain’t drippy, sorry not sorry.

40. Feast your eyes, but don’t touch.

Drippy Instagram Captions for Vacations

41. Meet me where dreams become reality and make it drip.

42. Take me to the drippiest place you can find in a limousine, and bring champagne.

43. The world is my runway and I’m here to shine.

44. Adventure in my blood, drip in my bones.

45. Drip or it didn’t happen. I’m on vacay!

46. Hey, we goin’ on vacay, get your drip packed!

47. Another day, another chance to slay. World, here we come!

48. Do what you love and make it sparkle.

49. Life ain’t a walk in the park, but it is a nap on the beach.

50. Forever lost in the drip of this vacation, don’t come find me, bro.

Inspirational Drip Captions for Instagram

51. When life gives you lemons, trade them for diamonds.

52. Go with the flow and get a grip on the drip.

53. Sparkles in my eyes, bling around my neck, ambition in my heart.

54. Confidence is my favorite accessory, but I also love diamonds.

55. Always aspire to be drippier than you were yesterday, but not quite as drippy as tomorrow.

56. Drip so hard you don’t know where the moon ends and you begin.

57. Chasing drippy dreams and flashy outfits.

58. Every great night begins with an amazing outfit. This one says “slay.”

59. From head to toe, this is how it’s gonna go.

60. Join the drippy side, we have fancy outfits and cookies.

Drip Instagram Captions for Food and Dining

61. Perfection served with a side of royalty.

62. ‘Cause feeling good starts with eating like a king.

63. Drip isn’t just a look. It’s a whole mindset that calls for fine dining.

64. Munch on this and make it drip.

65. We’re the foodie crew, and we ain’t going anywhere where the food ain’t fancy.

66. Good food is the center of my universe.

67. If it doesn’t look like a work of art, I won’t eat it.

68. If the food is luxurious and fresh, I’ll always be there with some extra drip.

69. Life happens, good restaurants help.

70. Food on my mind, bling around my neck.

Drip Captions for Instagram With Friends

71. Don’t stand so close. The drip might be contagious.

72. Friends don’t let friends glam up alone.

73. Not gonna let my friends slip, they always gon’ drip.

74. Take a dip in our drip and let it rip.

75. On Wednesdays, we wear drip.

76. Drip is our cardio, and we’re super fit.

77. It’s always drip o’clock in our friend group.

78. Who needs squad goals when you’ve got drip?

79. There ain’t no such thing as too much drip.

80. Dripping in elegance and dying of laughter.

Beautiful Quotes for Drippy Instagram Captions

81. “Take the first chance that you get, because you may never get another one.” — Lil Wayne

82. “I’m drippin’ on ’em now, how you love that?” ― Future

83. “Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves.” — Dorothy Parker

84. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

85. “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” — Ralph Lauren

86. “Drip is me. That’s my signature.” ― Gunna

87. “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” — Karl Lagerfeld

88. “Follow the drip, follow the drip!” ― Robin Harris

89. “You might not have a car or a big gold chain, stay true to yourself and things will change.” — Snoop Dogg

90. “Drip too hard, don’t stand too close.” ― Lil Baby

Short Drip Captions for Instagram

91. If it drips, I’m in.

92. Stay drippy and keep smiling.

93. Be the swag you want to see in the world.

94. My home, my rules, my drip.

95. Stay fire, my friends.

96. Dream on and smile big.

97. Too hot to handle and too bling to forget.

98. Picking the drip and staying trendy.

99. Living large and chasing more.

100. Pile on the style.

Creative Writing Prompts for Drippy Instagram Captions

We hope you had fun scrolling through our list of drippy Instagram caption ideas, and we bet you found a few that would look great on your feed. However, if you’re getting ready to write your own captions, here are a few fun prompts to try out. Simply finish our sentence starters with whatever comes to mind, and see where you end up!

101. Because every drippy outfit needs a little bit of…

102. Life ain’t perfect, but… Watch out, here I come!

103. Trends come and go, but I…

104. … + … = super drippy.

105. … looks good on me, don’t you think?

106. Dripping in… and about to…

107. Style’s a game and I’m here to win, ‘cause…

108. Wake me up when…

109. Drip season is my reason, and…

110. I’m the CEO of…

FAQ About Drip Captions for Instagram

How long should my drippy Instagram captions be?

Drippy captions are cool, attention-grabbing, and confident. That’s why shorter captions usually work better. Your followers won’t need to tap the More button if you manage to keep your message at or under 140 characters, which will help with your engagement rate, but captions up to around 200 characters are cool, too.

What are the best emojis for my drip captions for Instagram?

Some emojis that really scream “drip” include 💎, ✨, 💫, 🔥, 💧, 😎, and 💅, but always make sure that your emojis match the vibe of your caption and photo really well. Trying it all together is half the battle when you’re writing drippy captions!

Can you recommend some good hashtags for drip Instagram captions?

Drippy captions for Instagram can really have any hashtag — as long as it’s as stylish and swag as you are. The archetypal drip hashtags include ones like #slayallday, #glamlife, #drippystyle, #blingbling, and #selfiegamestrong, but never stop there! Look around for hashtags that perfectly capture the mood of your photo.