110 Girls Trip Instagram Captions to Set Your Feed On Fire

It’ll probably be a while before you guys get to take another exciting trip together, so your epic photos will…

It’ll probably be a while before you guys get to take another exciting trip together, so your epic photos will keep you going while you plan your next getaway. Want to share those pictures on the Gram? You’ll need hard-hitting girls weekend Instagram captions that capture the spirit of your time together in all its glory.

If you feel you need a little bit of inspiration to get you started (or you’re just looking for a ready-made caption!), you’re in for a treat. Scroll down to discover a massive list or caption ideas for all sorts of girls’ trips, from beach vacays to active outdoor weekends and urban getaways.

How to Write Amazing Girls Weekend Instagram Captions

So, you want to show the whole world how much fun you’re having on your girls’ trip? Your photos will do most of the talking, but well-written captions can make your Instagram posts more engaging while also adding much-needed context. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • If there’s some particular reason for your trip, why not share it? Maybe you’ve all moved to different cities, and girls’ trips are your way of keeping your friendship strong. Maybe you’re celebrating a milestone or finally exploring that destination you’ve always dreamed about seeing together. Whatever it is, these stories will add a lot of power to your Instagram captions!
  • Immerse your followers in your girls’ trip by talking about the sounds you hear, the flavors you smell, the laughter, the vibe, and the temperature. These things, which don’t show up in pictures, add depth and character to your Instagram posts.
  • You could also consider using humor to make your followers laugh. From cheesy puns to hilarious movie quotes, funny captions are always a big hit on Instagram.

Have fun writing your girls trip Instagram captions, and remember to tag everyone who came along for the ride! If you still need help, we’ve got you. The huge list of captions we prepared for you is bound to have a caption that would look great on your feed!

Beach Girls Trip Instagram Captions

1. Matching bikinis and matching smiles. Life doesn’t get any better than this.

2. Say hello to the resting beach face crew.

3. Making waves, leaving tanlines, and creating unforgettable memories.

4. Laying in the sand, making sand angels with my best friends. What a dream.

5. If you need us, we’ll be on the beach — but please, don’t disturb!

6. Getting a tan and dipping my toes into the ocean with my best friends. We should do this more often!

7. Just us, doing what we dreamed of as teenagers but can now finally afford.

8. Fleeting moments, enduring memories. We’re the Queens of this Sandcastle!

9. The best days come with beach cocktails and waves.

10. Burying my best friend in the sand and taking the weirdest photos.

Camping Girls Weekend Instagram Captions

11. Go where the WiFi is weak… but not so weak that you can’t watch YouTube tutorials about pitching a tent.

12. Would you like s’more of this amazing camping trip? I know I do!

13. Sitting around the fire together, telling stories, and laughing. I will never forget this day.

14. We’ll never be lost as long as we’re together!

15. Chasing dreams in flip-flops and finding our zen in the middle of this lush forest.

16. Girls who go camping together stay together…. Mainly because they get lost.

17. Blair Witch Project vibes only… but it’s cool!

18. The one where we waved the world and social media goodbye for a weekend to get back to basics.

19. Because real friends help each other out when the fire goes out.

20. Sisters before misters, and adventure before boredom!

Outdoor Girls Trip Instagram Captions

21. We’re just keeping it “reel” on our weekend fishing trip.

22. We came, we saw, we went paddleboarding.

23. A canoe for four and always ready for more.

24. They told us to go take a hike… so we did! See ya!

25. Hiking + picnic + my crew = best weekend ever!

26. Climbing our way to the top and discovering what we’re made of. This is awesome!

27. We’re in it for the views, and we don’t mean the Instagram version.

28. Friends don’t let friends go bungee-jumping and zip-lining alone!

29. At the ranch, we’re feeling a little bit country and a lot free!

30. I don’t care what I do, as long as it’s with you!

Urban Girls Weekend Instagram Captions

31. Dancing the night away with my crew on a rooftop in a new city. This is what freedom feels like.

32. Bright neon lights, late nights, and good vibes with my friends. I love this weekend.

33. We’re not snoozy, but we might just be a little bit boozy.

34. It’s Friday? You know what that means! Party time with the crew, all weekend long!

35. Because retail therapy is better with friends, in a brand-new city.

36. Surround yourself with people you love and explore the world, one city at a time.

37. Turn up the volume and get us another round of fancy cocktails. This is our time!

38. Getting lost and finding ourselves.

39. Take only selfies. Leave only good vibes.

40. Our squad will outshine these city lights any day! Ready or not, here we come!

Spa & Wellness Retreat Girls Trip Instagram Captions

41. Finding our zen. (Who are we kidding? We’re laughing our heads off!)

42. Feet in the warm, soapy water, cucumbers on our eyes, and a relaxing day up ahead.

43. Sauna? Turkish bath? Massage? We don’t know where to start!

44. Me-time x 5. We so deserve this break!

45. There’s nothing better than getting a massage together. I can already feel all the stress and pain leaving my back.

46. When life gives you lemons… they’re probably good for a facial.

47. Life is short. Grab your friends and do something you love.

48. I’m so relaxed I might just fall asleep. Sorry, not sorry.

49. Find us where tranquility meets laughter. Or don’t. This is our weekend, after all.

50. Hot tub with lots of bubbles? Now, that is a perfect girls trip.

Wine Tasting Girls Trip Instagram Captions

51. Our friendship has aged like a fine wine. I hope we have, too!

52. Girls’ trip? I’ll drink to that!

53. Lost among the endless vineyards, found whining and wining with my girlfriends.

54. My best friend and I can’t agree on which wine tastes best…

55. Whine or wine, we’ll always be here for each other.

56. Let’s pop a cork and act like dorks!

57. Me and my crew in a hot air balloon over a dreamy vineyard? Always!

58. Wine testing has got me thinking that together we’ve like a perfect aged wine with a hint of laughter and an undertone of great vibes.

59. Scenic hikes get lots of likes, right?

60. Gourmet meals are a lot like these friends — they’re a bit of an acquired taste.

Girls Trip Instagram Captions for Bachelorette Party

61. We’re ready for a bash in Nash!

62. Dancing on tables and raising the roof. Our bestie is tying the knot!

63. Resting bach face, Nashville edition.

64. Just one last fling before the ring!

65. Getting hitched and getting wasted!

66. What happens during the bach party stays at the bach party!

67. Another drink for the future Mrs, please!

68. Celebrating the final countdown in style… no guys included!

69. Warning: Wild bach party in progress. The bride bites.

70. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Booze and Good Vibes.” Want a whiff?

Cute Girls Trip Instagram Captions

71. My squad is my favorite travel accessory. I wouldn’t go anywhere without these girls!

72. Compass in one hand, bottle of wine in the other. Ready or not, here we come!

73. Sweet memories are made of shopping bags and ice coffees.

74. Grab your bags and get in the car. We’re going on a road trip!

75. Volume up, sunglasses on, flip-flops ready.

76. Cross country adventures with my squad? Yes, please!

77. We definitely don’t have it all together, but together, we have it all.

78. Radiate positive vibes and dare to get a little lost.

79. All I need is friendship and plane tickets.

80. We’re on the road to laughter!

Great Quotes Girls Weekend Instagram Captions

81. “Women’s friendships are like a renewable source of power.” — Jane Fond

82. “All those who wander are not lost.” — JRR Tolkien

83. “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” — AA Milne

84. “May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.” — Trenton Lee Stewart

85. “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” — Oprah Winfrey

86. “Constant use had not worn ragged the fabric of their friendship.” — Dorothy Parker

87. “As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was about to happen.” — Winnie the Pooh

88. “Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.” — Erol Ozan

89. “The world is full of wonderful things you haven’t seen yet. Don’t ever give up on the chance of seeing them.” — JK Rowling

90. “Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest.” — Freya Stark

Short Girls Trip Instagram Captions

91. Ride or die? We choose ride!

92. Keep calm and take a girls’ trip. You deserve it!

93. Eat. Fun. Sleep. Repeat.

94. Girls’ trips are our cardio.

95. Sometimes, happiness is spelled “girls’ trip.”

96. Got 99 problems, but they can wait until after this girls’ weekend getaway.

97. Road trip with the crew? I’m in!

98. Trail mix + laughter = our friendship in a nutshell.

99. Shopping trips are our love language, but our credit cards might not agree.

100. Traveling together is the best way to discover if a friendship will last.

Creative Writing Prompts for Girls Weekend Instagram Captions

We hope you enjoyed exploring our caption ideas! You probably found a few that resonated with you, right? Of course, there are always those extra-special photos that deserve a little added TLC. If you want to write your own captions, but you’re not sure where to get started, these prompts will give you the boost you need to start brainstorming!

101. Girls’ camping trip: Because everyone needs a little…

102. Do not disturb: …

103. Living the… with my best friends.

104. Old friends, new memories, and…

105. Packing our bags for an unforgettable trip to…, because…

106. Nothing says “girls’ trip” like…

107. Traveling together is…

108. You can’t beat…

109. We always… on our girls’ trips, because…

110. Dancing to the rhythm of our friendship, like…

FAQ About Girls Trip Instagram Captions

How should I use this list of girls weekend Instagram captions?

That’s up to you! Instagram captions play a huge role in the overall success of your post, and there are always times when you can’t find the right words. This list is here to help you out! You can browse it for inspo or copy/paste any of our caption ideas if they fit your vibe well.

How long should my girls trip Instagram captions be?

Good question! You want to find the “Goldilocks Zone” — not too long, not too short, but just right! We’ve found that you usually hit the sweet spot somewhere between 140 and 220 characters, including emojis. However, your travel captions can be longer if you share more details about your destination and things to do there. Turning your captions into travel journal entries can work well, too!

Can you recommend any hashtags for my girls trip Instagram captions?

Sure! Adding well chosen hashtags allows you and your crew to keep track of your girls weekend Instagram posts, as well as making your posts more discoverable for other travel lovers. Apart from making up your own unique hashtag to mark the trip, you could add #girlsgetaway, #squadgoals, #sunsandandsisters, #spadayvibes, #campingsquad, and similar hashtags tailored to your trip!