110 Juneteenth Captions for Instagram to Celebrate with Pride

Juneteenth — June 19th — marks the end of slavery in the United States. It’s the African American holiday celebration…

Juneteenth — June 19th — marks the end of slavery in the United States. It’s the African American holiday celebration with the longest history, and celebrations evolve every year! While some people celebrate with huge cookouts and laughter, others march in parades in recognition of the work that still remains to be done to end racism and further freedom for everyone.

Whatever you’re up to this Juneteenth, every Insta-worthy picture you snap deserves an engaging, snappy caption! Find the best Juneteenth captions for Instagram on our list, whether you’re celebrating the holiday with your friends or relatives, or you run a business and you want to mark Juneteenth with pride.

How to Write Engaging Juneteenth Captions for Instagram

So, you want to level up your social media game with hard-hitting Juneteenth Instagram captions that strike just the right balance between reflection and celebration? You have a lot of freedom to get very creative if you’re looking for captions for your personal Instagram account. However, if you’re a business owner who’s decided to mark the holiday with inspiring messages or even special promotions, you’ll want to pay special attention to make sure your captions hit the right note.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Take a moment to acknowledge the history behind Juneteenth by reflecting on its meaning when you write your captions. When we keep history alive, we can all learn from it.
  • Unless you’re explicitly hoping to post political messages, it’s generally most effective to keep your Juneteenth captions upbeat and positive. Try to create a celebratory atmosphere on your Instagram feed, and express hope that the future is bright!
  • If you’re looking for Juneteenth captions for business Instagram users are generally used to more professional messages. Feel free to express pride and celebrate the holiday, but don’t be too casual when you write your captions.
  • There are numerous meaningful quotes about Juneteenth, and many make for powerful Instagram captions to mark the holiday. While you’re going to come across some great examples below, you can always look for more quotes!
  • Finally, don’t shy away from using humor! There are endless puns begging to be made. Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different caption styles and lengths, and if you’re writing Juneteenth captions for a business Instagram account, it’s always a good idea to double check for typos before you take your post live.

Juneteenth Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Black, beautiful, and proud. Happy Juneteenth, everyone!
  2. Happy Black Independence Day!
  3. Food, music, and a lovely picnic with my loved ones for Juneteenth.
  4. Celebrating freedom and love this Juneteenth.
  5. You and me, proud to be free.
  6. Stand tall, stand proud, and celebrate Juneteenth.
  7. Remembering the past, but celebrating the present. Freedom is my favorite flavor.
  8. Today, we remember our past and we stand free.
  9. Red-y or not, here I come! (If you’ve got red food, I’ll sniff it out.)
  10. We’re strong, resilient, and free. Say it with me.

Funny Juneteenth Captions for Instagram

  1. I’ve got an idea — you can bring the BBQ, and I’ll bring the sass.
  2. Slaying in my Juneteenth outfit like this day was made for me to be free.
  3. My motto this Juneteenth? Dress to excess!
  4. Head high, crown straight, watermelon big.
  5. Hot and spicy is my kind of flavor, and I’m here to savor.
  6. If there’s fried chicken, I’m always in.
  7. Red, green, and black is the new black. Just sayin’.
  8. ‘Cause real Queens wear watermelon necklaces and natural hair.
  9. Juneteenth: Came for the food, stayed for the sass.
  10. My version of a balanced diet? A watermelon slice in each hand, of course!

Cute Juneteenth Instagram Captions

  1. Radiate positive vibes and smile. Freedom is beautiful!
  2. Dancing into Juneteenth to the rhythm of sweet freedom with a hefty dose of BBQ sauce.
  3. The compass of my heart always leads me to Juneteenth barbecues.
  4. Chasing Juneneeth dreams and dancing like crazy.
  5. Heart full of love, mind full of pride. Happy Juneteenth!
  6. I’ll happily sink my Juneteeth into this watermelon!
  7. Bright lights, late nights, and Juneteenth vibes.
  8. Wild, free, and ready to celebrate Juneteenth!
  9. It’s always barbecue o’clock when it’s Juneteenth.
  10. If there’s fried chicken and freedom, I’m definitely in.

Inspirational Juneteenth Instagram Captions

  1. Freedom wasn’t free, but it was definitely meant to be. Onward and upward!
  2. Celebrate your history and look to the future with hope.
  3. Wrapped in pride and not going to hide. Happy Juneteenth, everyone!
  4. That feeling when the Fourth of July doesn’t resonate with you but you dig Juneteenth.
  5. Celebrating Juneteenth and our freedom with BBQs and love.
  6. United we stand and united we eat. Who’s with me?
  7. Joy, kindness, and BBQ? Bring it on, folks! Bring it on.
  8. My ancestors were pretty bad-ass and I can’t wait to walk in their footsteps.
  9. With an attitude of gratitude and a belly full of delicious food.
  10. Dreams of freedom and progress. Keep up the good work!

Juneteenth Captions for Instagram About Food

  1. Juneteenth: Foodie meets barbecue.
  2. Juneteenth has always got me in a good food mood. No exceptions.
  3. I love all Juneteenth foods, but this takes the red velvet cake.
  4. Juneteenth: Where foodies come together to celebrate freedom and barbecues.
  5. Yes, I drank the grape kool-aid. Deal with it.
  6. I’m feeling as sweet as sweet potato pie, with spirits high!
  7. Volume up, smiles on, plates full.
  8. Shh! I added a touch of black magic to the food!
  9. Have you heard the one about the seafood diet? I’m living the dream, baby.
  10. Peace, freedom, and an epic BBQ.

Juneteenth Instagram Captions About Parades

  1. Marching side by side, spreading joy far and wide.
  2. Finding peace and happiness every time Juneteenth rolls around.
  3. Festive vibes, good times, and Juneteenth freedom.
  4. Walking together and dancing with joy. Say it loud!
  5. In honor of the past and in preparation for more.
  6. March with me, it was meant to be!
  7. Big smiles, loud parades, and Juneteenth fun.
  8. Don’t follow your dreams. March toward a brighter future together.
  9. Spreading positivity and love, and marching with pride.
  10. Lovin’ these Juneteenth parades, they’re the best part of every summer!

Juneteenth Captions for Instagram with Friends

  1. Life ain’t perfect, but spending Juneteenth with your crew definitely can be.
  2. Squad goals, Juneteenth edition.
  3. When life gives you watermelons, it’s probably Juneteeth!
  4. ‘Cause friends don’t let friends eat fried okra alone on Juneteenth.
  5. Life is short. Celebrate freedom with laughter but don’t forget to look back.
  6. Making memories, sharing stories, and collecting food to put on our plates.
  7. Of course! Everyone knows friends + Juneteenth BBQ make the best combo!
  8. Laughter, love, freedom, and celebration. What a perfect day.
  9. Our secret recipe? It’s laughter, but the spicy chicken definitely helps, too.
  10. Just me and the crew, hangin’ out eating fried chicken on Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Captions for Business Instagram

  1. This business proudly celebrates diversity, freedom, and laughter!
  2. Today and every day, we celebrate black excellence and support black voices!
  3. We’ve got a huge Juneteenth sale, so come on by! It’s buy one get one free!
  4. Power in unity, celebration in freedom. Wishing all our customers a proud Juneteenth.
  5. Shaping the diverse business of the future and creating young leaders.
  6. Celebrating our history and looking toward the future with a smile.
  7. Reflection, celebration, and strength. We wish you all a festive and meaningful Juneteenth.
  8. Keep chasing your dreams with pride. Together, we can do anything.
  9. Celebrating Juneteenth with you — check out our promotions now!
  10. We stand together and fight on. In honor of the past and with hope for the future.

Beautiful Quotes for Juneteenth Instagram Captions

  1. “Even though the story has never been tidy, and Black folks have had to march and fight for every inch of our freedom, our story is nonetheless one of progress.” —Michelle Obama
  2. “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.” — Rosa Parks
  3. “Sometimes we have to do the work even though we don’t yet see a glimmer on the horizon that it’s actually going to be possible.” ― Angela Davis
  4. “Juneteenth allows us to remember how far Black people have progressed since, and it is a reminder of the strength we have within us.” — Bethel Kyeza
  5. “Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope.” — Martin Luther King Jr
  6. “June 19th reminds me that I am the force of power to change this world and to follow in the footsteps of my ancestors to work towards liberation.” — Mariah Cooley
  7. “Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.” — Coretta Scott King
  8. “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” — Fannie Lou Hamer
  9. “You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.” — Malcolm X
  10. “Peace is necessary. For justice, it is necessary. For hope, it is necessary, for our future.” — Harry Belafonte

Short Juneteenth Captions for Instagram

  1. Keep calm and celebrate freedom.
  2. From red, white, and blue to green, back, and red.
  3. Justice for everyone!
  4. Live, laugh, Juneteenth!
  5. Black magic and loving every moment.
  6. Blessed, not stressed, and BBQ obsessed.
  7. Have a proud Juneteenth!
  8. Juneteenth parades, here I come!
  9. Freedom today, and freedom every day.
  10. Meet me at the Juneteenth parade and smile.

Creative Writing Prompts for Juneteenth Instagram Captions

Would you prefer to write your own epic Juneteenth captions for Instagram, but are you feeling a little stuck? That’s OK — we’re here to help. Have a look through these sentence starters and see if any of them might go well with the next picture you plan to post. Then, simply let your mind wander and finish the story in your own unique way!

  1. This Juneteenth, I’m grateful for… and…, but most of all…
  2. Celebrating freedom with…
  3. My favorite Juneteenth food? It might be a little cliché, but it has to be…
  4. Three things I can never get enough of on Juneteenth: …
  5. Because no Juneteenth celebration is complete without…
  6. Juneteenth vibes and… times.
  7. I love the taste of freedom and I…
  8. Every Juneteenth, I…
  9. This year, we’re… for Juneteenth.
  10. I’m the CEO of… and I’m ready for Juneteenth.

FAQ About Juneteenth Captions for Instagram

Do you have any special tips for Juneteenth captions for business Instagram accounts?

We do, actually. Like other holidays with a more solemn vibe, Juneteenth should be handled with care — including when writing Instagram captions. Please resist the opportunity to turn every caption into a sales pitch, and simply acknowledge the meaning of Juneteenth while sharing optimistic messages about the future.

Should I include any emojis in my Juneteenth captions for Instagram?

Definitely include some emojis — but make sure they vibe well within the context of the photo you’re posting. Some of our favorite options include 🌟, 🎉, ✊🏿, 🌈, 🍗, and 🎶, but we’re sure you can find lots of other great emojis for your Juneteenth captions, too. Just try not to use more than three per caption!

Can you recommend any great hashtags to add to my Juneteenth Instagram captions?

Absolutely, we’ve got you covered. The hashtags you choose will increase your visibility on Insta, as well as adding depth and personality to your captions. Some of your best options are #juneteenth, #freedomday, #blackexcellence, #liberation, #justice, #celebratefreedom, and #joyfuljuneteenth.