120 Paris Instagram Captions for Trips to the City of Love

Ah, Paris — the most dreamy, romantic city in the whole wide world! Although over 30 million foreign tourists visit…

Ah, Paris — the most dreamy, romantic city in the whole wide world! Although over 30 million foreign tourists visit the global capital of love every year, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many.

If you’re one of the lucky people to vacation in France, you’ll unquestionably want to take a boatload of pictures to preserve those special memories. From picturesque scenes of an Eiffel Tower sunset to funny moments with baguettes and glasses of wine, your Instagram followers will go crazy over all the snapshots you post.

Of course, all your striking photos deserve nothing short of the best Paris Instagram captions! If you’re too dreamy-eyed to think of anything cute, romantic, or funny to say right now, we’ve got a real treat for you. Our massive list of Instagram captions for Paris vacations has something for everyone, and it will allow you to share more great pictures faster!

How to Write Paris Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

So, La France has inspired you to level up your Instagram game, because you want to do the city of love justice? You already know that boring captions like “I’m in Paris, visiting the Eiffel Tower” won’t cut it, but you may need a little inspiration before you can turn your captions into real like and comment magnets.

Give these tips a try, and see how your followers react!

  • Try sharing little details that make your trip come to life and make your followers feel like they’re almost in Paris with you. Nothing’s too small or too silly to include — from a pigeon stealing your baguette to the way the sun hit the river Seine.
  • It’s always fun to include a few local words in your Instagram captions when you take a foreign vacation. No matter how bad your French is, you’ll pick up a few little phrases here and there. Share them with your followers to add an authentic Parisian vibe to your messages!
  • Always — and we mean always — allow the silliest puns to come out to play when you visit Paris. The French capital’s most famous landmarks, from the Arc de Triomphe to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, often have plenty of punnable potential. Go crazy!
  • If you feel like it, share your favorite recommendations with your Instagram friends and followers, so that they’ll know where to go if they ever visit the city of love themselves! From charming cafes to hidden flea markets, you can add a lot of value to your post by uncovering these “secrets”!

Above all, have fun and experiment with different caption styles. We’ll show you how it’s done in this huge list of  Paris and Eiffel Tower Instagram captions!

Paris Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Just me, myself, and this beautiful Paris view!
  2. Goodbye, boring old home, and bonjour, Paris!
  3. They call Paris the city of love, but for me, it’s more like the city of selfies!
  4. Selfie game? Strong! French language game? Tres weak, my friends.
  5. You know the age old saying: When life gives you Paris, take a silly selfie!
  6. I’m the CEO of Tourist Selfies in Paris.
  7. Feeling those sweet Paris vibes, what a treat!
  8. Because life’s too short not to have a Paris selfie in your collection.
  9. What do you think of my chic and elegant Paris selfie? I really tried to match the vibe.
  10. Shining as bright as the Paris city lights!

Funny Paris Captions for Instagram

  1. Bonjour! Yeah, sorry, that’s about the only thing I can say in French. Croissants anyone?
  2. This may sound cheesy, Paris, but will you brie mine?
  3. Breathing in that fresh Paris air! Smells like croissants, baguettes, and a little bit of love!
  4. What happens in Paris stays in Paris. (For Example: Me! I’m never going home again.)
  5. Sorry, boss, I’m way too busy in Paris make it back to work next week. Tasting baguettes and cheese platters is a very important task!
  6. When you’re in Paris, say cheese!
  7. Sporting that stereotypical tourist look in Paris, and totally slaying it too! (Please don’t pickpocket me, though!)
  8. I think I accidentally offended a bunch of people with my awful attempt at a French accent. Wanna hear?
  9. My French is Eiffel.
  10. Visiting Paris, because the daily commute got boring.

Cute Instagram Captions for Paris

  1. Just taking it all in. Wow! Can I stay in Paris forever, please?
  2. Hi, Paris! Wanna share a baguette with me?
  3. Be your own sparkle in the city of lights, and get ready for an amazing Paris adventure!
  4. Radiating positive Paris vibes. Feel free to take some, I’m sharing!
  5. Nothing says “sweet” like eating pastries in Paris.
  6. Chasing the sky, feeling like I’m on top of the world, and eating the best food there is.
  7. Meet me in Paris, where everything is that much fancier.
  8. Can you fall in love with a city? Because Eiffel for the city of love.
  9. Just adding a touch of cuteness to every place I visit in Paris!
  10. Making the most precious memories in Paris!

France Instagram Captions for Romantic Nights in Paris

  1. You’ll always be the baguette to my brie!
  2. Just you, me, and some love in the Paris air.
  3. Hey, I might be lost in Paris, but at least I found my other half along the way. I’d say it’s a fair trade.
  4. Je t’aime is French for “I love you.”
  5. Two glasses of wine with a touch of romance, please!
  6. My favorite date, in my favorite city, with my favorite person!
  7. I’ll always find my way to your heart in the city of love.
  8. Came to see the Eiffel Tower, stayed for this handsome French homme.
  9. We’re the “love” in the city of love, making every night in Paris a romantic one.
  10. Lost the key to my heart in Paris, but you managed to find it!

Paris Captions Instagram for Trips with Friends

  1. Because visiting Paris alone is a crime. With my crew, everything is a chaotic adventure filled with laughter.
  2. City of love? More like the city of awesome friendships and tasty pastries!
  3. Friends don’t let friends go to Paris alone.
  4. But first, let’s take a group selfie in Paris!
  5. Every single corner in Paris is a new journey with my crew.
  6. Friends who eat food together in Paris have the best day together!
  7. Did you really think I’d let you go to Paris without me, bestie?
  8. The Eiffel Tower’s good, but our friendship is even better.
  9. Like baguettes, croissants, and cheese platters, we make the perfect trio.
  10. Keep calm and explore Paris with your besties!

Nightlife France Captions for Instagram

  1. You can catch me partying all night under the bright Paris lights.
  2. Dancing to the rhythm of the Eiffel Tower. My dance moves are totally on top of the world.
  3. Maybe I wasn’t born in Paris, but I can totally fit right in. Partying like a local, it’s clear I was born for Paris.
  4. Paris: Where clubbing is 100x more fun and the booze is 100x more romantic.
  5. Everywhere I go, I gotta show off my killer dance moves. I call this one the “Lost in Paris.”
  6. Partying in Paris, because everyone has to let loose once in a while.
  7. Why go clubbing in your hometown when you can go clubbing in Paris?
  8. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Dancing Like a Tourist in Paris.” Want some?
  9. Find me on the dance floor in Paris.
  10. Just sippin’ on some fancy Chambord, HBU?

Paris Instagram Captions for Adventurous Travelers

  1. Adventure called, so I bought a plane ticket to Paris.
  2. Paris, here I come! Can’t wait to take a pic at the Eiffel tower, visit the Louvre, and try some classic French food.
  3. Forget chasing my dreams. All I want to do is explore everything in Paris!
  4. Every day in Paris is a new adventure, stepping into the unknown.
  5. Saying a big ol’ “Bonjour!” to all my fellow travelers!
  6. Adventure is my love language, and what better place to express it than the city of love?
  7. Don’t you just love the smell of exploring new cities? Or it could just be of all these tasty baguettes!
  8. Simply Louvre exploring every little secret Paris has to offer!
  9. Out of all the places I’ve visited, I choose you, Paris!
  10. Followed my adventurous heart all the way to Paris.

Eiffel Tower Instagram Captions Your Followers Will Love

  1. Saying bonjour to the Eiffel Tower!
  2. Chillin’ at the Eiffel Tower, the real heart of Paris!
  3. Life’s too short not to visit the Eiffel Tower and take thousands of pictures.
  4. The view up here is amazing, or should I say, stupéfiant.
  5. Feel like I’m on top of the world. Thanks, Paris!
  6. I’m scared of heights. I think I’ll just admire the Eiffel Tower from down here.
  7. Paris looks even more beautiful from up here.
  8. Pictures and words can’t really describe this Eiffel Tower view.
  9. Let’s be honest, I only came to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. It was totally worth it.
  10. Feeling the magic of the Eiffel Tower, and I don’t ever want to leave this view.

French Food Instagram Captions for Paris

  1. Lost in Paris, just bring me to the closest bakery, please!
  2. Came for the food and stayed for the food. At least I’m predictable!
  3. Paris: Where every foodie’s dream comes true with the best cheese platters on the Earth.
  4. Perfect macarons, warm baguettes, butter croissants… I think I’m in heaven.
  5. Wish they made croissants this good all over the world, I guess you can’t beat the real deal.
  6. I like everything in my life sweet, so I’ll take the “Pain au Chocolat” please!
  7. I followed my heart and it led me to a bakery in Paris.
  8. France is a cheese lovers’ home away from home!
  9. The city of love, where I’m crushing hard and French food is the object of my desire.
  10. Don’t mind me. Just taking wining and dining to the next level.

Great Quotes for Paris Instagram Captions

  1. “An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
  2. “Life, it is Paris! Paris, it is life!” — Marie Bashkirtseff
  3. “When good Americans die, they go to Paris.” — Oscar Wilde
  4. “Paris is not a city; it’s a world.” — King Francis I
  5. “Add a couple of letters to Paris: It’s paradise.” — Jules Renard
  6. “We’ll always have Paris.” — Howard Koch
  7. “Though you may leave Paris, Paris never really leaves you.” — Janice Macleod
  8. “It’s true, you never forget your first love, and, for me, that will always be Paris.” — Caitriona Balfe
  9. “Paris was made for two.” — Julie Berry
  10. “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of life.” — Thomas Jefferson

Short Instagram Captions for Paris

  1. Paris vibes and city lights.
  2. Paris will forever be my spirit animal.
  3. Still thinking about Paris.
  4. Exploring the city of love with you.
  5. Already miss you, Paris.
  6. Got 99 problems but Paris certainly isn’t one of them.
  7. Paris is life’s hidden oasis.
  8. Take me to Paris!
  9. Paris is my home now.
  10. Paris? I’m in!

Creative Writing Prompts for France Instagram Captions

Is your camera roll still packed with beautiful snapshots you can’t wait to share on Instagram — or do you simply prefer writing your own captions? These creative writing prompts will make it super easy for you. All you have to do? Pick the sentence that resonates most, and find an authentic way to finish your story!

  1. Oh, Paris, why do you have to be so beautiful? I don’t think I’ll ever…
  2. Wake up and smell the cheese! Paris is…
  3. Paris: A tale of romance, magic, and blisters on my feet from walking all the way to…
  4. Montmartre’s cobblestone streets taught me that…
  5. Here’s a sight I bet you’ve never heard of: …
  6. Sure, wander where all the tourists go, but also…
  7. Paris: Where adventure meets…
  8. Next item on my Paris bucket list? …
  9. Just sitting down to sip on a cafe au lait and taking a break from…
  10. I don’t chase my dreams. I follow my soul to Paris and…

FAQ About Paris Captions for Instagram

How long should my vacation in France captions for Instagram be?

You can basically choose one of two approaches.

Some people use their Instagram captions as a travel journal and go into some real depth about all the adventures they experienced. If your followers are down for some great long-form content, you can definitely take that route.

If not, just stick to catchy and short Paris captions — somewhere between 140 and 220 characters seems to be the Goldilocks zone. You don’t need to give everything away in your captions, after all, and your photos tell a good portion of the story, too. Just give your followers a little taste!

What are the best emojis to include in my Paris captions for Instagram?

That’s easy! Pick from 🇫🇷, 🗼 (yeah, sorry, we know it looks more like the one in Japan!), 🍷, 🥐, 🏰, 🌆, and 🍽️. Throw in some hearts here and there, because romance and Paris go together like Paris and romance.

What hashtags should I add to my Paris Instagram captions?

That’s a good question. We recommend including hashtags related to the specific landmark or neighborhood you’re visiting, but some general Paris-related hashtags you can always use include #parisadventure, #eiffeltowerviews, #parisianlife, #parisianlife, and #hiddengemsparis.