120 Skiing Instagram Captions for Life on the Slopes

Did you know? The number of people trying skiing for the first time has been rising in recent years. Snow…

Did you know? The number of people trying skiing for the first time has been rising in recent years. Snow sports are unquestionably daunting, but it’s easy to fall in love with the cold, the danger, and the excitement once you dip your toes in.

If you’ve recently gone skiing, you’ll have a ton of Insta-worthy pictures that won’t just impress your followers but may even inspire them to take up skiing themselves! If you write winning ski trip Instagram captions, your passion may just be so contagious that you earn yourself a couple of new skiing buddies.

Not sure what to say? That’s OK — we come armed with a huge list of ski captions Instagram followers will love, like, and comment on!

How to Write Memorable Instagram Captions for Skiing

So, you want to write engaging Instagram captions that show your love of skiing and get your followers to react positively? Your photos will do most of the hard work, but a clever caption can definitely boost your engagement! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Be as playful and creative as you can. Yes, obvious puns like “snow” instead of “so,” “ski” instead of “see,” and “slope” instead of “show” are everywhere on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them in brand new ways. Plus, bring any new puns you can think of out to play, because that’s the easiest way to get your followers to respond!
  • Use your skiing captions for Instagram to share the little details that photos can’t convey, but that really immerse your audience in the experience. What do you smell? What do you hear? How cold is it? How does the terrain feel beneath your skis, and how is that adrenaline treating you?
  • Keep your captions honest and authentic. You don’t have to make it sound like you know exactly what you’re doing if you’re new to the sport. Captions that show you going from absolute noob to semi-pro are the most encouraging for others who might like to try skiing!

Still need some help? Scroll down to explore an avalanche of ski captions that could fit right into your feed. See a caption you like? Snow problem. Copy and paste all you like, because that’s what these skiing captions are for!

Skiing Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. My daily routine? Ski, take a picture, sleep, and repeat!
  2. Snowy hair, don’t care!
  3. Who needs therapy when you’ve got skiing?
  4. Skiing isn’t just a sport or a hobby, it’s a whole mindset.
  5. Staying in this snowy resort forever, and nothing will change my mind!
  6. Showing off my “I’m about to go skiing” smile, what do you think?
  7. Warm coats, big gloves, and skiing poles. That’s my kind of vibe.
  8. Skiing, because everyone deserves a bit of snow and fun.
  9. Gone skiing, see you later!
  10. Every day on the slopes is a day spent well.

Funny Skiing Instagram Captions

  1. Feeling like I’m on top of the world, but I’m really just trying to stay upright!
  2. Too busy skiing to give a damn.
  3. I didn’t fall, it was all part of my cool skiing trick.
  4. Watch out! When you fall in love with skiing, it’s a slippery slope to wanting to do it full-time!
  5. The snow never bothered me, anyway!
  6. If skiing was an easy sport, it would be called golf.
  7. On the upside, it’s all downhill from here!
  8. I’m snow excited about this ski trip!
  9. I’m so cool. Literally. Please send a warm blanket.
  10. When life gives you skiing, get a hot chocolate, because it’s really cold.

Ski Instagram Captions for Cute Moments

  1. Skiing. It’s snow laughing matter.
  2. Cozy vibes beneath the pristine snowy sky. What could be better?
  3. Skiing is my love language, and the snowy peaks are my best friends.
  4. Today’s mission? Fall 99 times, get up 100. I’ll get there in the end!
  5. Every snowflake is unique, and I think I fit right in on the slope.
  6. Spirits high, ski lift higher!
  7. Skiing is the sport where you love the snow and embrace the mountains.
  8. I followed my heart, and it led me to a snowy wonderland.
  9. Strap on your skis and follow your heart.
  10. Everything feels perfect when you’re skiing down snowy slopes.

Romantic Ski Instagram Captions for Couples

  1. Skiing? I’m just here so you can warm me up after!
  2. Hot cocoa and skiing with my favorite person. This is my dream day.
  3. Skiing down the highest peak with you. Everything feels so magical.
  4. You’ll catch me if I fall, right?
  5. Snow in the sky, love in the air, and good vibes in our hearts.
  6. Two hearts and one epic skiing adventure.
  7. Skiing to the rhythm of our love. Nothing can stop us now.
  8. Writing our love story in the snow for everyone to remember.
  9. Sliding around and falling in love with you.
  10. With you by my side, skiing down any slope is smooth and easy.

Awesome Ski Captions Instagram with Friends

  1. Friends who ski together don’t fall together!
  2. Skiing down the highest peak with my besties? Squad goals!
  3. Making the coolest snowy memories with my crew.
  4. True friends never let friends ski alone.
  5. Life’s good when you’ve got friends who come to your rescue when you mess up on the slope, even if they laugh like crazy.
  6. Ah, so that’s why they call it a ski trip. At least we’re tripping together!
  7. Ski poles? Check. Besties? Check. Matching ski gear? Check! We’re ready to show this mountain who’s boss.
  8. Squad goals? Trying to turn skiing into a team sport!
  9. Rise and glide, boys! It’s time to go skiing!
  10. We’re only here for the apres ski.

Lit Ski Trip Instagram Captions

  1. Every ski trip is worth a million selfies, and you can’t change my mind.
  2. I’ve been on so many ski trips the mountains just feel like a second home now.
  3. I’m the CEO of Ski Trips. Want to take a look at my album of memories?
  4. My ski moves are on fire, but my hands are freezing.
  5. Fresh mountain air, snowy peaks, and the pure adrenaline that comes from skiing all the way down.
  6. Adventure called, so I went on an unforgettable ski trip.
  7. The bit where you discover that not every paradise has palm trees.
  8. Snowy mountains and good times. That’s the ski to my heart.
  9. I’m off on my trip now. Ski you later!
  10. I glove you too, mountain!

Inspirational Skiing Captions Instagram

  1. When you realize you can’t buy happiness, get a ski pass instead.
  2. The snow must go on, and so must I.
  3. Me and these skis? It was love at frost sight!
  4. That feeling when you decide to ditch therapy and go skiing instead.
  5. Conquer the slopes and discover what you’re made of.
  6. All I need in life are mountains, skis, and a steep slope.
  7. The higher the climb, the better the skiing experience.
  8. When life gives you skis, slide through life like you’re an ice queen.
  9. Leave all your worries at home. We’re going skiing!
  10. You had me at “Ski resort.” I’ve never felt this alive!

New to Skiing Captions for Instagram

  1. I started at the bottom, but now I’m at the top. Thanks, ski lift!
  2. It’s cold, I don’t know what I’m doing, and I’m afraid of avalanches.
  3. Embracing the challenges and hoping the fresh snow will cushion my fall.
  4. Me on the slopes? Here’s a picture, because skiing is believing.
  5. Skiing is poetry, but I only write prose.
  6. So much snow, so little skill. Good thing I’ve got a handsome instructor!
  7. Smile on my face, skis on my legs, fear in my heart.
  8. My plan? Apres Ski just about covers it.
  9. Skiing is like dancing, except it’s freezing and a lot harder.
  10. Cool head, brave spirit, big plans to conquer the slope.

Instagram Captions for Skiing with Kids

  1. Now entering: Our very own winter wonderland.
  2. Elsa has nothing on us, even if the cold bothers us a little.
  3. First ski trip with the littles! So excited to see what they can do!
  4. It’s all about trust, son. Trust that you can do it, and gravity will do the rest.
  5. Tiny skis, happy moments, and big smiles.
  6. Snowsuit smiles and breathtaking views. It’s never too early to start skiing!
  7. Did you know that Eskimos learn how to ski before they can walk? OK, I made that up, but this is pretty cute, no?
  8. Snow angels and hot cocoas. This is the good life.
  9. Snow? Bring it on! We’re 100% ready!
  10. There’s no playground like the slope!

Great Quotes for Skiing Instagram Captions

  1. “Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least 10 times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.” — Guy Fieri
  2. “A person should have wings to carry them where their dreams go, but sometimes, a pair of skis makes a good substitute.” — Hans Gmoser
  3. “Cross-country skiing is great if you live in a small country.” — Steven Wright
  4. “Skiing is a sport for the brave and adventurous, and for those who are not afraid to push themselves to their limits.” — Lindsey Vonn
  5. “On pristine parchment I draw with my skis calligraphic lines of joy, writing poems of movement.” — Patricia Robin Woodruff
  6. “A pair of skis are the ultimate transportation to freedom.” — Warren Miller
  7. “There is no such thing as too much snow.” — Doug Coombs.
  8. “For me, skiing is a physical necessity. I have a need for risk.” — Jean-Marie Messie
  9. “Feel the mountain and let it show you how you’re going to ski it. Relax and cruise. This isn’t a fight, it’s a dance, and the mountain always leads.” — Jim Bowden
  10. “Skiing is the best way in the world to waste time.” — Glen Plake

Short Skiing Instagram Captions Your Followers Will Love

  1. Skiing? I’m in!
  2. To ski or to apres ski? That is the question.
  3. I’m totally up to snow good!
  4. Everything’s going downhill, and I love it!
  5. You + me + skiing = heaven on Earth.
  6. Do you even ski lift, bro?
  7. Squad goals and ski poles.
  8. Live, laugh, and ski.
  9. Keep calm and hit the slope.
  10. Life’s better on a pair of skis.

Creative Writing Prompts for Skiing Instagram Captions

Did our list of ski captions for Instagram get your creative flow going? Would you like to try writing your own? This list of prompts will help you brainstorm ideas. Choose the sentence that best matches your mood and finish the story off in any way you like.

  1. Skiing down the mountain made me feel like I could…
  2. When the snow starts falling, you’ll always find me…
  3. I ski because it teaches me to…
  4. Came for the experience, stayed for the adrenaline rush. Skiing is like…
  5. Carving through the snow and…
  6. Nothing beats a day on the slopes, because…
  7. Winter is my favorite season and skiing…
  8. Skiing with my squad is…
  9. The view from the top of the mountain is…
  10. Chairlift habits: …

FAQ About Ski Instagram Captions

How long should my skiing captions for Instagram be?

As a general rule, we would recommend that you limit yourself to about 220 characters when writing Instagram captions. This caption length allows you to frame your photo, add context, or say something funny — without making your followers feel like they have to invest a lot of time in reading it.

Can you recommend some good emojis for ski captions for Instagram?

Of course! The best emojis are obvious and include ❄️, ⛷️, 🏔️, 🧊, 🌨️, and 🧤. The trick lies in not piling them on, and combining ski-related emojis with other relevant ones, like hearts, laughing emojis, and coffee cups (for warming up). It’s usually best not to add more than three emojis to any one caption.

What are the best hashtags to include in skiing Instagram captions?

The best hashtags don’t just make it easier for other people to discover your skiing posts, but they also have the power to add humor, personality, and context to your ski captions for Instagram. Some of our favorites are #mountainlife, #skieveryday, #skiingislife, #powderdays, #skiingisbelieving, and #apresski.