90 Boat Instagram Captions for When You Want to Make Waves

Instagram may be the world’s most visual social media platform, but even the most stunning photographs aren’t complete without a…

Instagram may be the world’s most visual social media platform, but even the most stunning photographs aren’t complete without a compelling caption! Think of your clever boat Instagram captions as the buoys that mark your journey (and help you fish up more likes and comments than you could ever have dreamed of).

We’ll help you make waves! This guide is entirely dedicated to boating Instagram captions that capture the spirit of the boating life in style. Scroll down and browse our sections to find the perfect message for your best photos and videos!

How to Write Winning Boating Instagram Captions

Looking for some handy tips before you set sail and brave the choppy waters of Instagram boat captions? Every picture has a mood, and we’d advise you to match it. Depending on the tone you’re going for, you could:

  • Immerse your Instagram followers in the feelings of peace and connectedness with nature that boating can inspire. Landscape photographs are especially suitable for reflective captions that ponder nature’s beauty and highlight the serenity life on the water can bring.
  • Center the role adventure and excitement play in boating, perhaps inspiring your followers to dip their toes into the stormy waters of boating themselves — or at least making them a little jealous of all the cool things you get to experience.
  • Make your boating Instagram captions short, punchy, and funny. The cheesier, the better. Grab every boating metaphor you can think of, and pile as many as possible into a single caption.
  • Continue to play with those metaphors, but take a wiser and deeper route. Boating might act as your anchor, keeping you afloat on the vibrant sea of life.

Regardless of the tone you choose (and not every caption has to have the same vibe!), make sure you allow your personality to shine through in your boat Instagram captions. Your followers probably don’t only want to see pretty pictures of epic adventures — they also look forward to reading what you have to say! So keep it real, and remember to tweak the captions you find on this list to your personal vibe if they don’t quite fit.

Finally, complement every caption with the right set of emojis. They really make your boat Instagram captions come to life! We love ⚓️, 🌌, 🌧️, 🌊, ⚔️, and 😎, but you have plenty of other great options. Match them to your photos, and you’re good to go!

Winning Boating Instagram Captions

Funny Boat Instagram Captions (with Puns!)

  1. This adventure definitely floats my boat!
  2. Ready to seas the day!
  3. Boating is my love language, and I’m totally anchored in the moment!
  4. I’m a girl with attitude, and I’m not afraid to rock the boat.
  5. Looks like my ship has finally come in!
  6. About to set sail. Sea you later!
  7. We’re having the time of our lives. Water you up to?
  8. My motto? Just go with the flow, buoy!
  9. This adventure rocks!
  10. Giving my dreams a chance to set sail!

Cute Boating Instagram Captions

  1. You had me a “Wanna go boating?”
  2. Good vibes and high tides.
  3. Smooth seas or rough waters, I’m your girl.
  4. Smooth seas, salty breeze, and a cargo full of happy vibes.
  5. Conquering waves and dreams, one trip at a time.
  6. Arr, me mateys! We’re the boat bros, and we’re all about those good tides.
  7. Navigating life’s storms with a shy smile and a strong heart.
  8. Life’s a grand adventure. Want to guess what my next destination is?
  9. Adventure is calling, and I’ve got a one way ticket to your heart.
  10. Boat hair, don’t care.

Meaningful Sailing Instagram Captions

  1. Let’s go slow and see where the tide takes us…
  2. Boating: Where worries become waves, and there’s always something more beautiful on the horizon.
  3. Sailing into the sunset… breeze in my hair, freedom in my heart.
  4. As calm as the water and as playful as this little boat on the waves.
  5. Navigate by the stars of hope and know that everything will be OK.
  6. Sailing isn’t an escape from life. It’s a heart wide open to everything it has to offer.
  7. Keep calm and breathe in the salty air.
  8. Life isn’t all smooth sailing, but the choppy waters teach you the meaning of peace.
  9. Happiness is best enjoyed in waves…
  10. Found at sea.

Boating Instagram Captions for Pics with Friends

  1. We’ve gone boating. Sea you later!
  2. You’re the anchor to my boat, bestie.
  3. It’s all fun sailing from here… because every day on the water with my best friend is a good day.
  4. The river: Where seas come true, you discover what you’re made of, and you’re always glad to keep good company.
  5. The rules of this cruise? Good vibes and high tides.
  6. Sailing? We’re hooked!
  7. Find a serene place to drop your anchor and laugh like there’s no tomorrow.
  8. Friendship, but on a boat.
  9. Boats, friends, and unforgettable journeys.
  10. Honestly? We don’t give a ship, but shore.

Boating Instagram Captions for Pics with Friends

Yacht Instagram Captions About Living the Good Life

  1. I’ve arrived, and it’s all smooth sailing from here…
  2. You’ll find me at sea.
  3. Setting sail with the best crew ever!
  4. Guess what? We mermaid for this life.
  5. Endless horizons, stunning views, and wonderful company.
  6. Got 99 problems, but I left them all on the shore.
  7. Proof that you can’t buy happiness: This boat ain’t for sale.
  8. Sassy, classy, and a little nauti.
  9. Living the dream, riding the waves.
  10. All aboard!

Instagram Boat Captions About Adventure and Freedom

  1. Living life my way — rowing against the current.
  2. Rising tides lift all boats!
  3. The river my soundtrack, my heartbeat my reason.
  4. I’m as free as a boat on an open ocean.
  5. In a world of waves, be the anchor.
  6. Free and easy, just the way it’s supposed to be.
  7. Home is wherever the anchor drops and you smile at me.
  8. When life gives you waves, ride them like a pro.
  9. Live, laugh, and set sail.
  10. Life’s a journey. Travel in style.

Great Quotes for Boating Instagram Captions

  1. “Shells sink, dreams float, life’s good on our boat.” — Jimmy Buffet
  2. “This boat that we just built is just fine, and don’t try to tell us it’s not. The sides and the back are divine. It’s the bottom I guess we forgot.” ― Shel Silverstein
  3. “When I’m all grown up, come what may, I’ll build a boat to carry me away.” ― Guy Gavriel Kay
  4. “In the early morning on the lake sitting in the stern of the boat with his father rowing, he felt quite sure that he would never die.” ― Ernest Hemingway
  5. “In the stream of life, you row your boat alone.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson
  6. “We steer the boat, we don’t alter the river.” ― J Earp
  7. “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out and meet it.” ― Jonathan Winters
  8. “Lots of things rock my boat, but my love for you tips the whole thing over.” ― Stephen Robert Kuta
  9. “On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open and the world is full of beauty.” — Rumi
  10. “The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” ― Vincent Van Gogh

Short Sailing Instagram Captions

  1. The best memories taste of salty air.
  2. Set sail and pick your adventure!
  3. Ship happens.
  4. Just you, me, and the sea.
  5. Just coasting along…
  6. Keep it reel.
  7. Making waves!
  8. Go with the flow.
  9. Meanwhile, over the horizon…
  10. Keep calm and set your own course.

Short Sailing Instagram Captions

Creative Writing Prompts for Boat Captions for Instagram

Are you still looking for the yacht Instagram captions to capture the spirit of your adventures? Although we hope you found our list of captions inspiring, we understand if you prefer to write your own. After all, writing your own sailing Instagram captions is the best way to make sure that your photos and captions match perfectly!

Try these prompts! Pick the launchpad that aligns with your vibe, and finish your story! (Don’t forget to add some emojis, too!)

  1. Every day on the water is a good day, but the best ones…
  2. Sunset, boating edition: Twice the colors, half the…
  3. Boating to the soundtrack of… and the rhythm of my…
  4. Sailing is a beacon of hope in a…
  5. The boat is the gentle hum to my…
  6. Boating: Where every knot tells tales of…
  7. Waves, seagulls, and…
  8. The sea whispered…, and I answered…
  9. A perfect boat day includes…
  10. Thinking about… and boats.

FAQ About Instagram Boat Captions

What are some popular themes for boating Instagram captions?

Most Instagram boat captions center around themes like adventure, relaxation, exploration, and natural beauty. A lot of captions inject a hefty dose of humor into the world of boating, too. That doesn’t really matter, though — because your captions are your own! Whatever you feel like sharing, do it! Instagram users value authenticity and creativity!

What are the best hashtags to add to my Instagram boat captions?

When it comes to boating Instagram captions, you have a lot of hashtags to pick from! Choose wisely, because your hashtags don’t just make it easier for other boating enthusiasts to discover your content. Every hashtag adds personality to your captions, too.

Some of our favorite options include #sailaway, #seaescape, #boatlife, #wavesofjoy, #maritimemagic, and #adventureson water.

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