How Much Is a Blue Check On Instagram?

The blue check (or tick) mark on Instagram is one of the quickest ways of determining whether an account is…

The blue check (or tick) mark on Instagram is one of the quickest ways of determining whether an account is official or not.

Favoured by celebrities and high profile influencers as well as business accounts and other major players on Instagram, the blue check is something that verifies an account and proves to other users that it is “official” – so to speak.

The reason behind the launch of the blue check was simple: to alleviate the risk of false accounts trying to pretend to be celebrities and high profile users. Because of this, blue checks are reserved for profiles with a significant presence and following – and must be applied for then verified by Instagram.

In terms of the cost, wannabe influencers and high profile account holders will be pleased to hear that obtaining a blue check is affordable at £11.99 per month.

As well as the cost however, the application is time consuming and requires a significant investment of effort in building a profile that Instagram will deem worthy of the check mark.

Here’s how to become verified and get a blue check on Instagram.

5 Steps To Apply For a Blue Check

  1. Make sure that you are logged into the account that you want to verify om Instagram, and head to your profile page.
  2. Click on the menu button in the top right hand corner of the screen
    How Much Is a Blue Check On Instagram 1
  3. Select ‘Meta Verified’ towards the bottom of the list of options
    How Much Is a Blue Check On Instagram 2
  4. This will take you to Meta Verified application screen, which lets you know what the badge does and how it supports those with a growing or already prominent profile on Instagram and Facebook
    How Much Is a Blue Check On Instagram 3
  5. Complete the application, letting Instagram know which account you want to verify

NOTE: Applying for multiple accounts will save you money per account, which is good for those looking to connect different profiles and accounts across both Instagram and Facebook.

Once you’ve completed all the relevant details, your application will be reviewed by Instagram – taking into account the notability and uniqueness of your account, whether you are a verified individual or user, and how high your chances of becoming personated are. Those with a high chance of potentially damaging impersonations will be more likely to receive a verification check.

Keep reading for a few more tips on how to pass the verification test…

Tips To Increase Your Chance Of Becoming Verified With a Blue Check

In order to pick up a blue check for your Instagram, Instagram needs to approve your profile and confirm that it is authentic.

Some things that you can do to streamline your application and fast track the blue check appearing on your account include:

  • Completing all the information in your profile bio
  • Becoming a known figure on Instagram – either as a newsworthy individual or as an authority figure in a specific industry
  • Optimise your online presence by creating a cohesive journey from Instagram to your website and between other social media platforms
  • Grow your Instagram to support your status as a notable user
  • Be engaging and consistent with your posting

Finally, don’t forget to be authentic on your page and ensure that your posts and connections are all genuine. The more transparent your activity, the better Instagram will rate you.

We hope this helps! The blue check may come at a time and financial cost, but the benefits are extensive!

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