How Much is a Galaxy on TikTok?

If you have ever joined in with a live stream on TikTok, then you may be familiar with the concept…

If you have ever joined in with a live stream on TikTok, then you may be familiar with the concept of gifts.

Gifts are something that can be purchased online by users and sent to their favourite creators during a live stream – showing their appreciation for the content and their support of the creator.

Despite appearing as basic icons and images, these gifts translate to real cash for the creator, with users and followers regarding the gifts as a way of keeping their top creators in business and delivering content.

In short, sending a gift is like putting money in a collection bucket, except your gift is translated into an icon depending on the amount you give, and is presented on screen for both the creator and other users and followers to see.

In this article, we’re looking at the galaxy gift specifically and how much it costs to send.

The Cost of a Galaxy

A Galaxy gift on TikTok is worth 1,000 coins.

The value of coins on TikTok depends on how many you buy in one go, as the platform offers various packages that users can invest in and add to their in-app wallet or purse. However, typically where a 65 coins equate to 99p, 1,000 coins is worth just under £16.

It’s worth noting here that the Galaxy gift, at 1,000 coins, is one of the most popular options – primarily because it comes out at a nice and easy round number of coins to spend.

How Much Does the Creator Receive?

This is where it gets interesting, because even if you spend a certain amount of money on a gift to send to your favourite creator, they do not receive that amount in financial value.

Creators can only cash out ‘diamonds’ on the app, which are worth around half the value of a coin.

So, if a creator receives a gift worth just under £16, the chances are that their take-home pay for that gift will be between £7 and £8.

How to Send a Galaxy to a Creator

Before we leave you to start exploring the different gifts available, a quick guide on how to send them.

NOTE: You must be part of a live stream if you want to send a gift. Gifts cannot be sent to creators outside of the live stream feature on TikTok.

  1. In the live stream, select the ‘Gift’ icon which is located next to the ‘Comment’ button
  2. Choose the gift that you want to send, based on how many coins you want to spend
  3. Once you confirm a send a gift, this will appear on the live stream to both the creator and other followers

And voila! Sending a gift is a great way to show your support for TikTok creators and help them to build an income from the platform which enables them to keep producing and sharing content. We hope this helps!

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