How to Calculate Engagement Rate on TikTok

TikTok is a primarily sociable app, meaning that engagement is an important factor to dissect and understand. By tracking engagement,…

TikTok is a primarily sociable app, meaning that engagement is an important factor to dissect and understand.

By tracking engagement, considering views, likes, comments, and shares, creators can further understand what their followers want to see, and which videos are the most popular.

But how can creators calculate the average engagement rate on their TikTok, to see whether their profile and visibility is growing?

In this article, we’re taking you through the best ways of calculating the engagement rate on your TikTok videos and sharing some tips on how to make your content even more engaging.

Why the Engagement Rate Matters

Engagement rate lets you know how many of the viewers who see your TikTok are actually going on to engage with the content.

It is an especially important calculation for those whose videos appear on the ‘For You’ page of captive users, as it connects their activity on TikTok with your video. Engagement rate is an important stat for creators and for TikTok, as it helps to finetune the algorithm and lets creators know who is seeing and enjoying their content.

Other benefits of knowing and understanding your engagement rate as a creator include:

  • Being able to present data to potential sponsors and collaborators
  • Improved brand awareness and visibility of your content and profile
  • Analyse the performance of individual campaigns

How to Calculate Engagement Rate

Any app or site that promises to calculate your TikTok engagement rate for you will use this formula:

Total engagement / Total number of views x 100

You can do this on a single video to ascertain the engagement rate of each piece of content, or you can create an average over your last 5, 10, 30, or more uploads.

Typically, creators will find that having an engagement rate on each video, and one which spans the last few weeks of content, will let them know how well individual videos perform and how their overall profile growth is progressing.

Tips to Improve Engagement Rate

Once you know your engagement rate on individual videos and across a series of videos to help form an average, you will likely find yourself extra motivated to boost those numbers and increase engagement moving forward.

Some tips on how to improve the engagement rate across your videos are as follows.

  1. Post regularly to position your profile as consistent and reliable
  2. Know your audience and produce content that they will enjoy and engage with
  3. Post at the right time for your audience
  4. Use trending challenges, ideas, hashtags, and audio clips to boost visibility
  5. Encourage interaction by directly asking for engagement, e.g., sharing opinions in the comments or tagging friends
  6. Analyse which videos are performing well and adjust your strategy accordingly

All of these tips can help to improve and enhance engagement across each of your TikTok videos, thereby boosting the visibility and success of your profile.

Remember, engagement is one of the most important stats on TikTok – and calculating your current rate of engagement is a great way to see where you are now and create a plan for growth!