How to Delete Comments on TikTok

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to delete some comments from a TikTok video that you’ve posted….

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to delete some comments from a TikTok video that you’ve posted.

They could give away an announcement that you want to make yourself or be offensive in some way. They could even condone a belief or viewpoint that you don’t agree with and don’t want to associate yourself with.

Whatever it is, deleting comments on TikTok is often the quickest way to clean up your profile and ensure that all those who view your TikTok’s and read the comments feel safe and welcome.

Here’s how to delete unwanted comments in a few quick steps…

3 Steps to Delete Unwanted Comments on TikTok

  1. Navigate to the video that contains comments you want to delete
  2. Press and hold on the comment
  3. Select ‘Delete’

And voila! The comment is now deleted – and best of all, the poster or commenter who left the comment will not notice (unless they go looking for their now-deleted comment!)

But this isn’t the only way. Because you can also bulk-delete comments in one move.

How to Delete Multiple Comments Quickly and Easily

Again, you need to navigate to the TikTok video that contains comments that you want to delete.

Instead of pressing and holding on individual comments though, click on the pencil icon in the top right hand corner of the full comment stream. You can now select the comments that you want to delete. To confirm your action, tap ‘Delete’ in the bottom left hand corner.

This is undoubtedly the best way to delete multiple comments.

And we’re still not done!

If you’re concerned about the comments that a specific video might receive, we’ve got two more pieces of advice or things you can do…

  1. Block comments altogether, or hide them from public view
  2. Set a comments filter which limits who can comment on videos, and hides any comments which contain words that you’ve blocked

Both of these solutions are ideal in situations where you are unsure what kind of comments your video might elicit, and where you want to keep your TikTok a safe and friendly space for all users.