How to DM A Girl On Instagram

Are you looking to slide into the DM’s of a girl that you know or have recently met out and…

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Are you looking to slide into the DM’s of a girl that you know or have recently met out and about?

The beauty of Instagram is that it gives you a snapshot into someone else’s world, helping you to get to know a bit more about them and what they like, while also supporting private messaging features and a range of interactive features.

If you’re not yet ready for an opening DM, you can start with comments or likes, or even engage with the stories that she posts. When you are ready to send a DM and start a conversation, we’ve compiled the following advice to help you along…

How To Send a DM

We’ll keep it basic to start with – how to send a DM.

Start by opening Instagram and navigating to your DM inbox by clicking on the paper airplane icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

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Using the search bar along the top, find the girl that you want to DM. Click on her name and watch your screen transform into a private message chat.

How to DM A Girl On Instagram 2

NOTE: If you have previously responded to each other’s stories, then these interactions will appear in your DM history as existing conversation. This is a good ice breaker, letting her know that you’ve been connected for a while and that you are authentic and trustworthy.

Now you’re ready to start DM’ing properly.

Tips To Start a DM Conversation

It’s never easy to strike up a conversation – especially on social media, where messages can be so easily misconstrued and misinterpreted.

Because of this, our number one tip is to keep it light. Ask a question which is non-intrusive, or comment on something that you saw on her story or Instagram profile that interested you.

Mutual interests can quickly escalate into something more when approached correctly via DM, so lean heavily on things that you might have in common.

A few other tips worth following or at least considering include:

  • Use humour and tell a few jokes. Nobody likes talking to someone who takes themselves too seriously, so adding some comedy to your interaction will lighten the mood.
  • Be creative, especially if you are approaching a girl who you know is popular and who might have lots of DMs flooding her inbox! Standing out will serve you well both initially and later down the line.
  • Be complimentary (but not creepy). There’s a fine balance here, but it’s an important one so take the time to ensure your compliments are sweet and not weird.

Finally, if and when you feel ready to do so, ask for her number – and take your DM chat offline to WhatsApp or text. This will give you a sense of security in your communication and will ensure that you don’t lose access to your conversation if something gets in the way of your Instagram account.

We really hope this helps you to feel more confident when sending a DM to a girl who you like!

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