How to Find Email Associated With Instagram Account

Are you unsure which email is linked to your Instagram account? The purpose of the email address and phone number…

Are you unsure which email is linked to your Instagram account?

The purpose of the email address and phone number linked to your account are to protect your log in and provide recovery support if you are hacked or find yourself locked out of your account.

Both the email address and phone number do the same thing and will receive a recovery access code if you need it.

But how do you find out which email address is linked, to ensure that the details are all up to date and accurate?

Find Out Which Email is Linked With Your Account

If you’re not 100% sure on which email address is linked with your account, then we recommend following this quick process as soon as possible, while you have no known access issues with your account. Checking now means that you can update the details if required, ahead of potentially needing them at some point in the future…

  1. Open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile page
  2. Click on the menu button in the top right hand corner, indicated by the three horizontal lines
  3. Select ‘Settings and Privacy’ then ‘Accounts Centre’ at the top of the menu
  4. Under ‘Account Settings’, click on ‘Personal Details’
  5. Click on ‘Contact Info’ to see which email address(es) and phone number(s) are linked to your account

Clicking on any outdated email addresses will allow you to remove them from the system, or you can add new emails and phone numbers using the big blue button at the bottom of the page.

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to check which email addresses are linked to your account.

But what happens if you have already lost access to your account, and can’t remember which email address the verification code will have been sent to?

How to Check Email Address After Losing Instagram Access

This is where the connection between Instagram and Facebook is so beneficial – because they share an Accounts Centre!

If you find that you cannot access Instagram, head to your Facebook profile and click through to the settings using the mechanic wheel symbol at the top of the page. Select ‘Meta Accounts Centre’ and then ‘Personal Details’ as before.

Here you will be able to view the same screen as over on Instagram, letting you know which email addresses and phone numbers are connected to your account.

We hope this advice helps, letting you know how best to unlock and access your Instagram account using your verification email address!

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