How to Make a TikTok Filter

Is there a specific aesthetic you’re hoping to layer on top of your TikTok videos, but you can’t find the…

Is there a specific aesthetic you’re hoping to layer on top of your TikTok videos, but you can’t find the right thing in the existing filters folder?

If so, you might decide to try your hand at creating a filter from scratch – using the TikTok Effect House tool that’s open to all users.

What Is Effect House?

TikTok Effect House is an AR tool that is designed to build effects and filters specifically for use on TikTok.

Accessible to creators of all levels and with all manner of experience, this tool is ideal for beginners as well as veteran creatives – with countless templates and ideas available to build upon.

Effect House is downloaded as a Mac or Windows accessory, inviting users to start with an AR template and build the template into their unique filter – whether that’s adjusting the features of a user’s face, replacing their face with a character, or creating an enhanced background.

Why Create Your Own Filter?

If you’re looking for a particular aesthetic for a video or piece of content, then creating your own filter gives you tons of control over how your video looks.

But that’s not the only reason why you might choose to build a filter.

More and more businesses and brands are using original filters as a way of inputting their branding in the frame with followers and creators – adding branded imagery to filters which they then sponsor and push into the virality sphere. Some other ideas include turning the user into your brand mascot, or getting interactive movement involved to provoke different animations.

Using the Effect House Tool

Once you’re signed up for Effect House, you will find the experience of designing and bringing your filter to life to be incredibly self-explanatory – accessing the beginner or more advanced templates according to your experience.

When you’re happy with the filter you’ve developed and have gone through the preview stages to see how it works with a single face, whole body, multi-person, pet, or other image on the screen, you can use the ‘Preview in TikTok’ QR code to carry your filter over to TikTok and see how it works.

The final step is to submit the effect, adding and name and thumbnail to the effect so that once it’s active on TikTok it can be easily referenced and found by other users. During this submission process you can also add a category, tags, comments, a relevant challenge, and even a video demo on how to use the filter – so that TikTok can preview and assess the filter in full before it goes live.

And voila! Once live, you will be informed that your filter is ready to go – and can add it to your own videos as well as encouraging others to use it on their content.