How to Rearrange Highlights on Instagram

Your Instagram highlights are made up of stories that you’ve pinned to a specific carousel. Accessible from your profile page,…

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Your Instagram highlights are made up of stories that you’ve pinned to a specific carousel. Accessible from your profile page, these highlights can be tailored with cover images and caption headers to let followers know the contents.

Some examples include business pages having highlights for products, discounts, team updates, and more; while creators have specific highlights for collaborations, travel, fashion, and more; and personal users simply segment their everyday lives and routines into individual highlights.

The way that these are ordered is simple – the latest highlight to be edited or added to, is moved to prime position at the front of the menu.

But is it possible to rearrange your highlights without adding to them?

Interestingly, there is no way of rearranging your highlights manually, without making some kind of alteration to the highlight. However, that doesn’t mean you have to add a new story.

3 Ways to Rearrange Highlights

  1. Add a new story. This is the simplest and more foolproof method for bringing a highlight to the front of the menu. You can do this by viewing the story in question and opting to add it to a highlight, or you can press and hold on the highlight, select ‘Edit’, and add a recent story post to that highlight.
  2. Edit the name of the highlight. Another change which will bring a highlight to prime front position is changing its name. So, if you don’t have anything to add to a highlight but you do want to shift it along into first position, changing its name is a quick and easy way to do so.
  3. Remove a story. The third and final edit that you can make involves removing a story from the highlight, again moving it directly up into prime position.

NOTE: In much the same way as highlights being displayed in chronological order, so too are the stories within each highlight. It is not possible to rearrange individual stories contain in a highlight, as these are automatically displayed in chronological and date or time order.

So, while it’s not always easy to rearrange and adjust your highlights in line with how you want them to be displayed, what this article does share is advice on how to move highlights into prime position by adding stories, removing stories, and editing the name.

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