How to See Stitches on TikTok

A stitch on TikTok is a type of video which invites users to respond to an existing video or piece…

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A stitch on TikTok is a type of video which invites users to respond to an existing video or piece of content, shared by another user or creator.

Stitch videos can include up to 5 seconds of an existing video, with your own video stitched onto the end of the footage. This is a great way to take inspiration and influence from other creators, while adding your own spin, as a form of indirect collaboration.

And there are benefits for followers and other users too. Not only do they get introduced to other creators through the process of stitching, but they will find new trends and viral videos which are inclusive, and which bring creators together.

Here’s how to search for and watch stitches from specific creators, so you can find out more about and see the trend unravel for yourself…

How to Search for Stitched Content

In order to watch as many stitched videos as you can, you need to search for them in the Discovery search bar.

Type #Stitch@Username to find stitched content from users who you know use the feature, and creators who you know tend to create starting points onto which you can stitch a response.

Doing this will take you to any stitch replies from other users who have taken the original content and added their own alternative ending or response. This is great for extra inspiration and for seeing how others interpret the same videos.

NOTE: Where we have put ‘Username’, replace this with the username of the account whose stitch you want to track.

Suffice to say, the stitch function is a great tool for users who want to unlock the benefits of collaborative content in a really open and flexible way. Have you tried this before, or are you aware of other users who regularly access the stitch function?