How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

With Instagram and Facebook both owned by the same parent company, now called Meta, sharing across the two platforms has…

With Instagram and Facebook both owned by the same parent company, now called Meta, sharing across the two platforms has become an intrinsic part of a connected user experience.

When you head into the settings on both platforms, you will see that your Instagram and Facebook accounts are connected – enabling sharing of posts from one to the other, and vice versa.

While there are limitations on some posts, for example restricting those Facebook posts which contain more than 10 photos or a series of photos in different sizes from being shared to Instagram, sharing eligible posts is easy.

3 Steps to Sharing New Facebook Posts to Instagram

  1. Open up a new post by clicking on the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box at the top of your homepage feed
  2. Select the blue dropdown button just under your name, which displays the Instagram camera logo
  3. Make sure that the toggle is switched to ‘On’ for direct sharing to your Instagram page

Following these three steps will share that individual post to your Instagram profile, so that you don’t need to rewrite and reshare the update on the other platform. This same process needs to be followed for each individual new post that you want to share to Instagram.

Alternatively, you can follow the next section to automatically share all future Facebook posts to your Instagram profile.

How to Automatically Share All Future Facebook Posts to Instagram

To share all future (eligible) Facebook posts to Instagram, follow steps one and two in the previous section, taking you through to the ‘Sharing to Instagram’ page.

Rather than simply selecting the toggle for the individual post, click on ‘Accounts Centre’ in blue, linked under the Meta logo.

This takes you to a page dedicated to sharing across platforms and profiles, with an option to automatically share your Facebook Story, Facebook posts, and Reels to Instagram.

Select the options that best suit your user preference, ensuring that the correct Facebook and Instagram profiles are linked.

Sharing an Existing Facebook Post to Instagram

While you can edit posts once they have been shared on your Facebook profile and share them via Messenger or add to your Facebook Story, there is currently no option which enables sharing direct to your Instagram feed after posting.

If you want an existing Facebook post to be available for your Instagram followers to view, the best thing you can do is…

  1. Follow the above steps to link your Facebook Story updates to your Instagram Stories
  2. Click on the ‘Share’ button underneath the post
  3. Select ‘Share to your Story’ and post the update to your Facebook Story. If you correctly followed step one, then this will appear on your Instagram Story automatically

Are you a Facebook or Instagram afficionado? Which platform do you choose to create posts on – and do you like to share automatically or manually select the updates to share across platforms?