How to Transfer TikTok Drafts Onto Another Phone

There are a few rules that users need to follow and be aware of when using TikTok. Some of these…

There are a few rules that users need to follow and be aware of when using TikTok.

Some of these rules focus on user behaviour and on keeping the app a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. Other rules are more in line with the way that the app actually works – with TikTok draft limitations falling under the latter category.

In short, if you create a TikTok and then save it as a draft to return to, edit, and share later, you will only be able to find it on the device that you used to create it.

In other words, if you start creating a TikTok on your smartphone, you can’t then pick up the same draft on your iPad or tablet. You can only access a draft on the device that you created it on.

With that said, this article is all about whether you can transfer drafts onto another phone – and if you can, how to do it.

Is It Possible to Transfer TikTok Drafts to Another Device?

Yes, it is perfectly possible to transfer drafts from one device to another.

Having said that, this is not a feature that TikTok enables itself. Rather, you need to familiarise yourself a behind the scenes hack…

Hack 1: Save the Draft to Your Device and Send It

By far the easiest way to transfer a TikTok draft from one device to another is to save the draft to your device’s camera roll, and then send it to another device manually.

If you have iCloud or some kind of back up which connects the camera roll of your different devices automatically, then you won’t need to worry about sending. Rather, you can simply save the video to one device and find it immediately accessible on your other devices too.

You can then upload the saved video as a new TikTok on the chosen device and make your final edits before posting.

Why Might You Need This Hack?

The main reason why users might want to change device is to make editing easier, for example by accessing and using a bigger screen.

You might also find that a different device makes specific features easier to use, or that you have photos and media that you want to upload directly from a second device to enhance the overall and finished video.

We hope this helps! While TikTok does not give users a direct way of transferring drafts between devices, saving and reuploading the video on a second device is a great way of bypassing the limitation and allowing you to move drafts as preferred.