What Are TikTok Coins?

TikTok coins are a form of currency, which are purchased by users directly through their app and can be used…

TikTok coins are a form of currency, which are purchased by users directly through their app and can be used in exchange for gifts that they send to their favourite creators.

The purpose of a TikTok coin is to gift a financial reward to the creator, but in a creative and playful way. During a Live Stream, users can exchange any TikTok coins they have for a series of gifts which range from one coin in price to thousands of coins – depending on how much they want to reward the creator.

These gifts are presented during the Live Stream for everyone to see and can be converted by the creator into TikTok diamonds and eventually cash.

How to Buy TikTok Coins

In order to get started with TikTok coins, you need to head to your profile page and click on the menu button in the top right hand corner, as indicated by the three horizontal lines.

Select ‘Balance’ from the pop up menu.

This will take you to a balance page which will let you know how many coins you have available. When you make your first TikTok coin purchase you will be granted an offer with bonus coins.

Tap on ‘Get’ and see the different coin packages available.

Typically, the more coins you buy in a single transaction, the lower the cost per coin. Coins tend to come in at just above 1p per coin for a small amount and decrease in the cost per coin for larger packages.

Once you have purchased your coins, they are added to your wallet and can be exchanged for gifts during any Live Stream that you tune into and watch.

Why Send Gifts Using TikTok Coins?

The main reason why users purchase TikTok coins and use them to send gifts is to show support to their favourite creators.

Gifts, depending on their value, are a great way of showing support and offer a boost to a creator’s income. And as most users know, the more a creator makes and is appreciated on TikTok, the higher the chance of them creating even more content as a result.

We hope this helps. TikTok coins are a versatile and easy way of boosting the interactions you can have on TikTok, especially with your favourite and go-to creators.