Why Can’t I Repost on TikTok?

Have you found a TikTok that you want to repost to your own followers, but keep coming up against a…

Have you found a TikTok that you want to repost to your own followers, but keep coming up against a block?

The most likely cause is that the original creator’s account is Private – and so automatically blocks content from being reposted. Unfortunately there is nothing that you can do is this is the case, as only TikTok videos shared from public accounts can be reposted on the app.

However, a private account is not the only reason why you might be unable to repost a TikTok video. Keep reading for other reasons and some potential fixes.

Is the Account Private?

The quickest way to determine if it is indeed an issue with the creator’s own profile and permissions, is to visit their profile or try to repost or save the video. If these actions are blocked, or you can see a padlock on the user’s profile, then you know that either their entire account is private, or they have blocked the repost and save feature on their video.

Is Your App Outdated?

Another common cause behind an inability to repost a TikTok is an outdated app.

You can quickly check for, and fix, this issue by heading to the app store on your device and looking for updates. If there is a new version of the TikTok app available, then download this to refresh your app and all the features available.

Are You Looking in the Right Place?

This is an interesting one – because it details a lesser known obstacle on the app.

You cannot repost a TikTok that has been sent to your directly via a DM. Similarly, if you navigate to a user’s profile and find a video from there, you cannot repost it.

You can only repost TikTok content that you find on the ‘For You’ page feed, via a keyword search, or from a creator that you follow.

What this means is that it may not be that you cannot repost a video, but rather that you have come across or accessed it from the wrong part of the platform.

Do You Need to Clear Your Cache?

The TikTok cache is there to improve your user experience and combine fresh content with intuitive searches – but if you don’t clear it regularly, it can become corrupted. Such corruption can interrupt certain actions and features, and can make it difficult to view, save, or repost videos.

Clear the cache via your settings to ensure this doesn’t become a lasting problem.

Do You Know HOW to Repost?

Finally, do you know how to repost a TikTok?

If you’re struggling to find the repost button, all you need to do is select the sweeping arrow ‘Share’ button attached to a video and find the ‘Repost’ button. It’s as simple as that.

We hope this helps you to keep your own followers engaged with the TikTok content that you find and love!