Instagram Story Downloader

This tool grabs and displays the videos in a user’s IG Story and gives you the option to download one or all of them in just seconds.

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What is Twicsy’s Free Instagram Story Downloader?

One of the most popular features Instagram has added to the social media platform over the last few years is Instagram Stories.

Each user can upload a collection of short videos to their Story — but the vids only stay there for 24 hours. After that, they disappear for good. The section was created so people can document their activities during a “day in their life” but it’s used for all sorts of purposes, from sharing cute clips of pets and children to doing AMA sessions with fans.

The stories can be enhanced with filters, music, poll questions, and other IG standbys before they’re uploaded to the app, but all of those effects are added to the vids after they’ve been shot. That means the user never winds up with final copies of their edited videos, since Instagram doesn’t allow anyone to download content once it appears on the platform.

Anyone who views your Story and loves one of the videos you’ve posted to it is out of luck. So is anyone who appears in your Story and wants a copy of it. After 24 hours it’s gone forever, and Instagram doesn’t give them any way to download it so they can enjoy it again later or show it to friends or family members.

That’s why Twicsy has created a free Instagram Story downloader. This tool grabs and displays the videos in a user’s IG Story and gives you the option to download one or all of them in just seconds. It’s something that most Insta users have wished for at one time or another while viewing Stories, and Twicsy has finally made it available, free of charge.

Why Would You Want to Download Instagram Stories?

We’ve already mentioned three possible reasons, but let’s dig into this a little deeper.

The reason anyone would want to download an Instagram Story is to save it for later viewing, since Instagram deliberately has no “download” feature. Whether you want to save a picture or video from another user’s feed, a video they’ve uploaded to IG’s Reels section, or even your own Story video that’s been augmented with filters and other special effects inside the system, the app doesn’t let you download it.

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It's even worse when it comes to Insta’s Stories section. The feature was specifically created to only show content for 24 hours, in keeping with the “day in the life” theme. So even if you’ve seen a video that you want to show to your significant other, it may be gone before they can get onto the Gram to watch it. Take it a step further; if your significant other was *featured* in the Stories video, they’ll never get to watch it unless they log in and go looking for it within a day of its posting.

That last example is an extreme case, but you get the picture. A compelling video that makes you laugh, or makes you cry, or speaks directly to you will only live for 24 hours. You’ll never be able to see it again because Instagram prohibits you from saving it. And most egregious of all, you can’t even download and save your own edited videos that you posted to Stories. Needless to say, that’s crazy. Almost all IG users who enjoy the Stories feature have wanted to save a clip that they’ve seen — and now, they finally can, anonymously and for free.

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The Twicsy Story Downloader fills the huge gap that Instagram has deliberately created. Everyone can finally save a Stories video that’s meaningful to them and watch it for years to come. Our tool shows you all of the Stories that a user has uploaded in the last 24 hours and gives the choice to download one, several, or all of them, with just a few clicks and in just a few seconds.

It makes the experience of viewing IG Stories complete.

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Why Won’t Instagram Let You Download Stories?

Allowing downloads costs them a lot of money.

That may sound odd at first, but it makes sense. Instagram has dozens of server farms around the world, each with hundreds or thousands of servers, plus an incredible amount of cloud storage that holds all of the 100 million pieces of content that users upload every day.

Their server capacity needs to constantly be expanded to handle all of that load — and allowing downloads would essentially double the load on their servers at an enormous cost for new hardware and cloud storage capacity. Banning downloads saves Instagram a fortune.

There’s another reason, too. The issue of content ownership and copyright is a tricky one since a content creator owns the videos (and photos) they upload. Instagram doesn’t have the right to give people permission to use the vids they download, but if someone saves an Insta clip and claims to own it, IG’s parent company could end up in the middle of a messy legal fight. It gets even worse if someone uses the video for — let’s say — questionable purposes.

It's simpler and probably smarter for Instagram to just prohibit downloading. That doesn’t make life any easier for honest Insta users who just want to save a Stories video for their own personal use, or for the creator who has no way of getting a copy of the edited video that they created on the app.

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At Twicsy, we trust people more than Instagram does. We tell you that the Stories videos you download with our tool are only for your personal use, and we know that you’ll act responsibly. Why are we so trusting? We know that most people who reach this page are already Twicsy customers, and we know how honest they are. We don’t want legal problems, and neither do they.

So enjoy the convenience of our Twicsy Instagram Story downloader and our other tools responsibly, and they will be here for a long, long time. We wish IG made it this easy for users to take full advantage of their app, but we’re glad we can provide the functions that Insta users really want.

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How to Use the Twicsy Instagram Story Downloader

We’ve designed this Twicsy tool to be simple to use. Here’s all you have to do.

  • Informationen ausfüllen

    Enter the username for the account whose Story you want to access into the box at the top of this page and click the “Download” button. Almost instantly, you’ll be shown large thumbnails of all the videos currently on the user’s Story.

  • Download

    Click “Download” under the video you want to save. A new page will open, playing the video. Depending on the device or computer you’re using, you can either right-click and choose “save file as,” or click the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner and choose the “Download” option.

  • Enjoy!

    The video will be saved to your device or computer in seconds. If you want to save more videos from the user’s Story, simply go back to the previous page and choose another to download.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • Can you use this tool to download videos from Instagram feeds or Instagram Reels?

    No, the Stories downloader only works in the Stories section of the Gram. The downloader tool found elsewhere on this site lets you download all other videos from Instagram.

  • Does the user know that you’ve downloaded videos from their Stories?

    Use of all of Twicsy’s Instagram tools is completely anonymous, so there’s no way for anyone (including the content creator) to know what you’ve downloaded.

  • Is this really free?

    Absolutely, just like all of our IG tools. There’s no fee, we don’t ask for your email address and spam you, and we certainly don’t ask for your account information or credit card number. This is just one way we give back to the Instagram community that’s made us the #1 provider of IG growth services.

  • Where do the Stories videos I download end up?

    You can usually find them in your “downloads” folder unless you’ve set your device or machine to save downloaded files elsewhere.

  • What’s the quality of the videos I download from Instagram stories?

    It’s exactly the same as the quality of the original video posted to the app, with the same size and resolution. We don’t alter the videos in any way, we just access them and make them available to you.

  • Is this legal?

    That’s a question for lawyers, not Instagram service providers. But no one has ever gotten into trouble for downloading legal videos from social media platforms and using them for their own personal enjoyment. Be responsible with the content you save from the Internet, and you have nothing to worry about.