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Bumili ng mga Like sa Instagram
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At Twicsy, you can buy Instagram likes quickly, safely, and easily with just a few clicks. See our deals below!

Mataas na Kalidad
na Mga Like
  • TUNAY na mga like mula sa
    TUNAY na mga tao
  • Garantisadong
    Agarang Paghahatid
  • Opsyon para hatiin ang mga like
    sa maramihang mga larawan
  • May kasamang mga view sa video
  • Walang password
    ang kinakailangan
  • Mabilis na Paghahatid
    (unti-unti o agaran)
  • 24/7 na suporta
mga Like
  • REAL likes from
    ACTIVE people
  • Tumaas na pagkakataon
    upang maabot ang pahina ng paggalugad
  • Garantisadong
    Agarang Paghahatid
  • Opsyon para hatiin ang mga like
    sa maramihang mga larawan
  • May kasamang mga view sa video
  • Walang password
    ang kinakailangan
  • Mabilis na Paghahatid
    (unti-unti o agaran)
  • 24/7 na suporta
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Handa nang bumili ng mga like sa Instagram? ❤️

Ang pagbili ng mga like para sa iyong mga post sa Instagram ay ang pinakamahusay na paraan upang maabot ang mas malawak na
madla, hikayatin ang pakikipag-ugnayan, at tiyakin ang higit na tagumpay.

Pagbutihin ang iyong presensya sa social media gamit ang murang pakete ng mga like sa IG ng Twicsy.

  • Garantisadong Agarang Paghahatid

    Huwag maghintay na makuha ang iyong mga like. Karaniwang pinoproseso ang mga order sa loob ng ilang minuto ng pagbili

  • 100% Tunay na Mga Like

    Mataas-na-kalidad na mga like na inihahatid agad mula sa mga tunay na user na may mga tunay na account (walang mga bot o mga pekeng account). Ginagarantiyahan namin ang kalidad na serbisyo.

  • 24/7 Suporta sa Kustomer

    Ang dalubhasang kawani ng Twicsy ay ipinagmamalaki ang pagbibigay ng pinakamahusay na serbisyo hangga't maaari.

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Apr 21, 2024


From 50 followers and five (!) views for my most popular video ever…to 50,000 followers and tens of thousands of views for almost everything I post. I couldn’t have done it without your real followers and likes. These days I really rely on your likes, which I can count on to boost my audience by thousands of people in just a day or two. Wow.
Adrian L.Verified Purchase

Apr 13, 2024


Twicsy is our secret weapon. We have dozens of clients who rely on us to take care of and grow their social accounts, and once we make sure they’re regularly posting terrific content, we buy Twicsy’s likes and followers to provide steady and reliable growth for their Instagram accounts. The clients are thrilled with us, and we’re thrilled with Twicsy.
Lily, Account ManagerVerified Purchase

Mar 01, 2024


I always shied away from buying likes, even though I’ve been buying followers from Twicsy for more than a year. I always thought that a high like count would look “artificial” and get my account banned. When I talked to a guy in support, though, he explained that it would never be a problem if I bought a likes package that matched the size of my follower base. He convinced me to try it, and he was right. No issues at all, just more exposure for my content. Can’t believe I waited so long to try your likes. Thanks!
Steven B.Verified Purchase

Feb 22, 2024

the best

This is the best website I’ve ever tried for Insta likes. They show up immediately on my posts, they get me a big audience, a lot of new people follow me after watching my videos, I’ve never had a single problem, and Twicsy even throws in free video views. There’s nobody better.
MacVerified Purchase

Feb 12, 2024

Thank you

Thank you for having large packages of likes (and active likes, too). I’m an influencer who started using them out of frustration when I saw my major competitor’s vids go viral when mine never did. Your likes did the job, and now I use them (not just your followers anymore) all the time.
Jen “The Makeup Girl”Verified Purchase

Jan 15, 2024

Take the leap

If you have a small business and rely on Instagram to bring in new customers, you need Twicsy. Their likes (and other interactions) have exploded my IG visibility and taken my sales to the next level. Don’t be scared to take the leap. The water’s fine!
JadeVerified Purchase

Jan 05, 2024

You deliver

Your likes work. They regularly put my content in front of much bigger audiences than I could ever attract without help, proven by the huge boosts in my engagement and follower growth rates that I see whenever I buy Twicsy likes. Everything you promise, you deliver.
Kendrick C.Verified Purchase

Dec 11, 2023

Thousands of people

I started on Instagram with only 81 followers and a small package of real followers that I bought on a lark. Today, I have more than 100,000 followers and an addiction to Twicsy, which was the engine that powered my account growth. Right now, my addiction shows itself in my love of buying real likes, which don’t just help me get more followers, but drive my posts’ popularity to levels I never even imagined. When you have hundreds of thousands of people liking a video you’ve made, there’s no bigger rush, and it’s all because of Twicsy.
Giorgia T.Verified Purchase

Dec 05, 2023

Regular customer

Our CEO is risk-averse, so it was a real challenge to convince him that we could get much better results from our Instagram account by buying followers, likes, and views. He redid all of our research personally, and finally, grudgingly agreed that we could buy a small number of likes from Twicsy (he thought that purchased followers might be a bigger red flag than purchased likes). When he saw the increases in impressions, reach, engagement rate and follower growth generated by the Twicsy likes, he gave the go-ahead to try followers, too – and now we’re a regular customer. Thanks for making us look good to our CEO!
A Happy Marketing TeamVerified Purchase

Nov 30, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service, real likes, jackrabbit-fast delivery, great results. There’s no reason to buy from anyone else but Twicsy.
J.B.Verified Purchase

Nov 23, 2023

huge fan

I’m a huge fan of your active likes. I saw good increases in audience and followers when I bought your standard real likes for my posts, but the response when switched to buying Twicsy’s active likes was dramatic. The active ones boosted my metrics and followers by almost twice as much as the regular ones. I’ll never go back.
EmmaVerified Purchase

Nov 13, 2023

You rock!

After seeing an influencer’s review of your service, I decided to try it for my tiny little Instagram account that had great (IMO) content but almost no followers. Your followers worked just as described, pushing me over 1,000 fans in no time at all. Then I started buying likes as well and it was like I’d put the gas pedal to the floor. My growth rate almost doubled, some of my posts got tens of thousands of views, and I’m far from done buying from Twicsy. You rock!
Noah S.Verified Purchase

Oct 31, 2023

What i hoped for

The Insta likes were great. They were all there even before I checked my posts and I had lots of new views, comments and followers by the end of the week. Just want I hoped for.

DieondreVerified Purchase

Oct 24, 2023

Consistent and powerful

Consistent and powerful results are why our company trusts Twicsy to grow our presence on Instagram. The followers are great for account growth (we’ve gained thousands of new followers and increased sales credited to social media by 50%), and since we started using your likes we’ve seen huge boosts in reach and engagement with even more sales growth. Strong recommendation from us.
Maggie, Social Media CoordinatorVerified Purchase

Oct 18, 2023

Best service

My likes didn’t show up, so after an hour I contacted support. It was in the middle of the night, but they were still there. They looked into the problem immediately and found that it was my fault. I’d chosen the wrong post to send the likes to. They changed the order, delivered the likes to the “right” post in 5 minutes, and didn’t charge me for what was my mistake. Best service I’ve ever gotten from anyone. Kudos, Twicsy.
BobVerified Purchase

Oct 10, 2023


I’ve had regular IG sponsors ever since I reached 100,000 followers thanks to Twicsy (and all of the work I put into creating my videos, of course). But now that I have a huge following, Twicsy’s likes are a godsend because they send my engagement rate soaring – and that’s what my sponsors want to see. I’ve been able to double the rates I charge since I started buying likes.
Daniela G.Verified Purchase

Oct 04, 2023

#1 method

We love the natural growth we get for our Instagram community from your real followers, and every time we buy your likes we see a sharp increase in audience for our most important posts. As a two-person online retailer in a small niche, social media is our #1 method for attracting new customers, and Twicsy is our #1 method for growing our visibility and customer base.
David, Co-OwnerVerified Purchase

Oct 01, 2023

Way beyond

Performance was way beyond expectations. Twicsy’s 250 likes arrived in 15 minutes, my post started getting a larger audience the same day, and after a week I had almost 1500 views and 100 new followers. People probably won’t believe this if you use this as a testimonial, but it’s all true. Very impressed.
J. JohnsonVerified Purchase

Sep 29, 2023


I’ve been dreaming for several years of being an Instagram influencer, creating great videos and trying everything I could think of to increase my fan base. Twicsy followers gave me my real start, bringing tons of new followers to my account. When I hit 25,000 fans I started buying your likes also and it was like I hit the account with steroids – I added almost 10,000 new fans in a week! A++++ for Twicsy!
AmberVerified Purchase

Sep 23, 2023


When we started an Instagram fundraising drive for our non-profit we bought IG premium likes, hoping they’d help our posts reach people who didn’t already follow us. We ended up beating our goals the fourth day of the campaign – that’s a huge win for us and we owe it to Twicsy. Thanks and blessings!
Rev. MikeVerified Purchase

Sep 19, 2023

Huge check

Followers? Check. Likes? Check. Huge growth in my account? Huge check. Adding likes to the followers I bought has taken me to a new level of popularity and let me monetize my account through Instagram. Money for posting on Insta? Biggest check of all.
Joey DogsVerified Purchase

Sep 15, 2023

So quick

I couldn’t believe how quickly Twicsy delivered my likes, and they were all from real Instagram users (I checked all of them to be sure). I bought likes instead of followers because they were cheaper, but I’m already seeing new people following my account so my new order is for followers. I’m sure they’ll work just as well.
Mazie G.Verified Purchase

Sep 12, 2023

Big ups

Twicsy is the Instagram go-to source for my small business. I started by purchasing followers for our account, and it resulted in greater exposure for our service and more sales. That encouraged me to try Twicsy’s likes which drove exposure and sales even higher. I trust your service with our account and you haven’t disappointed me yet.
Kofi, Owner and PresidentVerified Purchase

Sep 02, 2023

So fast

Big ups for Twicsy likes. After I bought likes for my posts (and got free views with them), my IG account grew even faster than it did when I bought just followers. I already have more than 2000+ users following me, and for the first time I actually believe I might be able to monetize my account.
BrandonVerified Purchase

Aug 28, 2023

Awesome support

I wasn’t sure whether buying likes would look fake and hurt my account, so I asked the Twicsy support rep to tell me exactly what would happen if I bought them. She went through it step by step, explaining that I got free video views with my likes so the numbers wouldn’t look out of whack, and suggesting that I didn’t buy more likes than the number of followers in my account. It worked like a charm. Thanks for your likes, and for your awesome support people.

Katrina V.Verified Purchase

Aug 24, 2023

Loving it

I love the low price of Twicsy likes, I love seeing my likes count getting higher and higher, but I wouldn’t buy them if they didn’t work for me. It’s like priming a pump – once I see all of your likes show up on my posts, I start to see lots of people I don’t know watching and liking my vids. Their exposure to a big audience is much greater than I could ever have done on my own. I’ll be coming back and over and over.
L.E.Verified Purchase

Aug 20, 2023


After my manager saw the results and ROI we got from buying Twicsy followers, he gave me the green light to try buying likes. I waited until we were launching a new product and had some terrific social media creative for it, and hit the product announcement and followups with large likes packages. Our Instagram promotion got more engagement than any of our other socials, by far, and I’m a hero 😊 (Hope you don’t mind I’m taking the credit for your work lol)
ArielleVerified Purchase

Aug 11, 2023


I wouldn’t have been an IG influencer without Twicsy’s engagements. But I’ve found a new reason to buy your likes: I had my first video go viral with more than a million views after I threw 5000 active likes at it. And it was a sponsored post, so that doesn’t just mean that I’m getting lots of new fans as a result – my sponsor just upped my deal with them. You can quote me: Twicsy makes me money!
IsabellaVerified Purchase

May 04, 2022

I’m hooked

I was banging my head against the wall for months making videos and trying to understand why no one could see them except my friends. I tried buying followers and likes from Twicsy as a last resort and all of a sudden I was piling up views, likes and followers like crazy. Its so weird that your service works, but it does and I’m hooked! Thanks 😊
Tori L.Verified Purchase

Apr 28, 2023

It just works

I’m still not sure I understand how it works. But it works. My Insta account was stuck at 27 followers for months and months while I watched other people building big followings. I came across Twicsy by accident and figured “What do I have to lose?” So I bought some views and likes for one of my vids to see what would happen. Poof! Thousands of people saw the video and hundreds started following me. You guys work wonders. Thanks.
D. R.Verified Purchase

Nov 25, 2022

Magical experience

Twicsy was like waving a magic wand! I started buying IG followers six months ago and they worked so well I kept doing it. I’ve bought likes and views also. I’ve gone from 127 followers to 28,274 followers today and I don’t plan to stop until I’m an honest-to-gosh influencer. Thought you’d want to know you’re my heroes!
SarahVerified Purchase

Feb 25, 2023

Beyond expectations

Our social media consultant insisted we had to buy likes and followers for our Instagram account, and she finally convinced us. She also convinced us to buy them from Twicsy. Our engagement rate and ROI both soared – so I’m writing recommendations for you AND for her. We went from questioning our investment in social media to increasing our budget, and Twicsy is definitely in our future plans.
SashaVerified Purchase

Dec 12, 2022

Worked like a charm

Thank god I found you guys. I was about to give up making vids for Insta bc they never got many views or likes. I wasn’t sure that buying them from you would help but it was a last ditch effort and it worked like a charm. More people than ever are watching my vids now and lots of them follow me. It’s like the whole thing was worth it after all. Thanks for the help.
RyanVerified Purchase

Jun 03, 2022


If people don’t believe that Twicsy followers and likes work, tell them to ask me. The first time I bought from you I doubled my views and engagement rate, and you still reliably give my numbers a huge boost. Back then I was buying 100 at a time, now I’m buying 5000 or 10000 and they work just as great. More people should know about you.
L.V.Verified Purchase

Oct 17, 2021

All the difference

Dear Twicsy, you rock! I should have written this a while ago, but I finally got around to thanking you. Believe it or not, you made me an IG influencer! I was having trouble getting my account past 150 followers until someone I talked to at a meet-up suggested buying interactions. I bought my first followers 18 months ago, and they worked so well I kept doing it, adding likes and views too. I’m over 100K followers, still growing, and I even have sponsors now! Sure, my content has always been good, but the difference between 150 followers and 100K followers was Twicsy.
Megan K.Verified Purchase

Mar 12, 2021

Numbers going up

It’s a real rush to see my numbers going up when views and likes from Twicsy show up, but the bigger rush is watching the numbers continue to climb for days and weeks after that. I had my first “viral” video last week thanks to you!
Marcus J.Verified Purchase

Nov 27, 2021

High quality

Twicsy helped us take our social media presence to a new level with their high-quality followers and likes, and we’re very satisfied. Delivery is faster than seems possible, and their support is extremely helpful whenever we need advice or special orders. Highly recommended.
Harold S.Verified Purchase

Nov 09, 2022

Great work

I’m happy to provide a recommendation for Twicsy’s Instagram services. We use them regularly to support our non-profit’s posts and stories, and they’ve helped us build a thriving community of supporters, donors, and fans. The followers, views and likes initially made us appear bigger and more influential to our target audience, but since then they’ve helped us grow our Instagram presence considerably. Many thanks for your great work.
Heather F.Verified Purchase

Sep 21, 2022

Surprising growth!

Twicsy wasn’t the first site I bought Instagram followers from, but it will be the last. The others did almost nothing to increase my popularity and their followers disappeared within days. Twicsy did exactly what it promised, and fast. All of the followers showed up right away, they’re still there, and I’m seeing surprising growth in my follower base as a result. I’ve found a long time partner in Twicsy.
Kareem GVerified Purchase

Jan 05, 2023

I’m amazed

Did an extensive search on G when I decided to buy IG likes and followers and I’m glad I found you guys. You got my videos trending and my followers up over 20K and it only took a couple of months. I’m amazed and impressed.
TaylorVerified Purchase

Oct 25, 2022

Top notch

Everything top notch. Easy to order, all of the likes I bought showed up in less than an hour, views started increasing dramatically the first day, and now I’m getting tons of likes and new followers. I’ll be back for more. 10/10
Jiang T.Verified Purchase

Aug 23, 2021

Amazing job

To everyone who’s afraid to try a social media service to build their popularity on Instagram: you’re in good hands with Twicsy. They did an amazing job for me; my account was almost invisible, and now it’s growing by leaps and bounds because I bought followers and likes from them. Don’t be scared – they’re worth the small investment.
Daniel F.Verified Purchase

Aug 06, 2023


I really like your likes! I’ve been buying Twicsy followers for a while, but I wanted to see if buying likes for my Instagram posts would make a difference. Wow, it sure did! Instead of picking up a couple of hundred new organic followers when I bought 250 followers, I added almost 400 when I bought both followers and likes. I’m trying video views next!
MalissaVerified Purchase

Bumili ng mga Like sa Instagram nang madalian kasama ang Twicsy

  • Kailangan ko ba ng higit pang mga like sa Instagram?

    Ang tagumpay sa lahat ng mga social media platform ay nakasalalay sa reputasyon at popularidad. Sa Instagram, ang mataas na bilang ng mga like sa IG ay ang pinaka-mahalagang tagapagpahiwatig ng parehas na ito.

    Ang isang post na may sampung mga like ay madali para sa mga user ng Instagram na isnabin. Pero ang isang post na may 1,000 na mga like? Napapatigil sila nito para tumingin nang malapitan. Dahil dito mas malamang na tingnan din nila ang iyong Instagram profile at sundan ang iyong account.

    Dinaragdagan ng paghahantad na iyon ang iyong pakikipag-ugnayan sa Instagram, na nangangahulugan ng patuloy na paghahantad sa mga potensyal na kustomer o mas malaking pagkakataong maging awtentikong influencer ng Insta.

    Ang algoritmo ng Instagram ay nag-gagawad ng mataas na dami ng mga like, kaya kapag bumili ka ng mga like sa Instagram, hindi ka lamang bumibili ng mas mahusay na ranggo para sa iyong pahina ng Instagram. Dinaragdadagan mo rin ang iyong presensya sa mga listing ng IG at mga pahina ng paggalugad. Ito ang landas sa tagumpay at ang tunay na istratehiya sa pagma-marketing sa Instagram!

  • Paano ko malalaman kung aling serbisyo ang gagamitin? Gaano karaming mga like ang kailangan ko?

    Twicsy's likes service works better than our competitors because we provide the highest-quality likes from real Instagram users. Other services create fake likes by using bots – and they quickly disappear, just like the money you've just spent. That's why so many customers depend on Twicsy to boost their social media accounts.

    How many likes do you need? Well, how much growth do you want to see in your Instagram presence? Our experts constantly evaluate online trends and metrics to ensure that accounts of all sizes receive great value for their investment. And Twicsy can quickly scale up your campaign – contact us for upgrades or custom packages. You can also buy Instagram followers and Instagram views to complement your order!

  • Anong impormasyon ang kailangan ng Twicsy mula sa akin?

    Ang kailangan lamang namin ay ang iyong Instagram account username at email address, at maaari na kaming makapagsimula kaagad. Hindi namin kailanman hihingin ang iyong password o iba pang mga sensitibong detalye. Hindi mo kailangang mag-alala tungkol sa pag-popost ng kalidad na mga nilalaman o pagpili ng mga hashtag!

    Ang aming madaling-gamitin na proseso ng pag-check out ay idinisenyo upang simulan at mapatakbo ang iyong marketing campaign sa Instagram sa loob lamang ng ilang minuto. Pinananatiling pribado ang iyong impormasyon, gumagamit kami ng mga ligtas na sistema at may seguridad na mga paraan ng pagbabayad, at lubos na walang panganib kapag naglagay ka ng iyong order.

    Pinag-uusapan rin lang ang pagka-walang panganib, bibigyan ka namin ng buong refund kung ang iyong order ay hindi nakumpleto nang tama. Garantisado ang iyong kasiyahan!

  • Bakit ko dapat gamitin ang Twicsy?

    Kami ay isang medyo bagong kumpanya na binuo ng mga eksperto sa social media at Instagram marketing na may mga dekada nang karanasan. Alam namin kung alin ang gumagana dahil ginagawa na namin ito sa loob ng maraming taon. Maraming mga social media influencer at mga kilalang tao ang isinasa-alang-alang na kami bilang pinakamahusay na site upang bumili ng mga like sa Instagram nang may mabilis na paghahatid. Naghahanap ka man ng maraming mga like, o bagong mga tagasunod, bahala sa iyo ang Twicsy!

    Binuo kami mula sa ibaba pa-itaas upang matustusan ang mga instant na like mula sa mga tunay na tao na lumilikha ng mataas na rate ng pakikipag-ugnayan sa sadyang makumpitensyang presyo – perpekto para sa mga personal o maliliit na account ng negosyo at mga influencer na gustong palawigin ang kanilang abot at kapangyarihan.

    Basahin na lang ang mga review ng aming mga kustomer, o makipag-usap sa isang matulunging miyembro ng aming 24/7 na koponan ng serbisyo, at mauunawaan mo kung paano binabago ng Twicsy ang mundo ng social media marketing.

    Hindi pa kumbinsido? Ang Twicsy ay binoto bilang numero unong site upang bumili ng mga Instagram like ng Us Weekly, Men's Journal, AMNY, Washington City Paper at Long Island Press bukod sa marami pang ibang mga pahayagan. Sumali sa mga libu-libong masasayang Instagrammer at piliin ang Twicsy.

  • Gaano kabilis gumagana ang Twicsy?

    Sobrang bilis. Ang social media ay gumagalaw nang sing-bilis ng kidlat, at ganoon din tayo.

    Kapag bumili ka ng mga like sa Instagram mula sa Twicsy, karaniwang makikita mo ang mga resulta sa loob ng ilang minuto – o mas kaagad pa! Inihahatid namin ang iyong mga like mula sa mga tunay na Instagram user, nang mas mabilis kaysa sa anumang iba pang serbisyo, at mayroong isang mahalagang pagkakaiba: gumagamit sila ng mga bot, at kami ay hindi!

    Aabutin lamang ng isang minuto upang ilagay ang iyong Instagram username at email, piliin ang mga larawan o video sa Instagram na nais mong isulong, at ligtas na ilagay ang impormasyon ng iyong credit card. Pagkatapos ay panoorin ang iyong mga like sa Instagram na bahain nang halos agad-agad! Ito ay ang perpektong paraan upang dagdagan ang pagpapatunay sa social o ilunsad ang isang bagong produkto sa loob lamang ng ilang minuto.

  • Makaka-apekto ba ang paggamit ko ng Twicsy sa pagiging banned ng aking account?

    Hindi. Alam ng Twicsy ang mga panloob na pagpapatakbo ng Instagram, at gugmagawa kami sa isang paraang nagsisiguro na ang pagbili ng malaking bilang ng mga like ay hindi lumalabag sa mga tuntunin ng Instagram o nagbibigay panganib sa iyong account. Nananatili kami sa tuktok ng anumang algoritmo ng IG o mga pagbabago sa patakaran nito upang matiyak na hindi namin inilalagay ang mga account ng aming mga kustomer sa anumang panganib o kung ano pa man.

    Kapag nakipagtulungan ka sa Twicsy, makikipagtulungan ka sa mga ekspertong alam kung paano protektahan ang iyong mga interes. Ginagawa na namin ito simula pa noong 2011 – at walang iba pang serbisyo ng mga like sa Instagram na maaaring gumawa ng pahayag na iyon. Tinitiyak ng aming karanasan ang kaligtasan ng iyong account.

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