100 Cat Instagram Captions to Melt Your Followers’ Hearts

If you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your friends’ Instagram feeds desperately hoping for someone to break the monotony…

If you ever find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your friends’ Instagram feeds desperately hoping for someone to break the monotony of selfies, beautiful moments, and delicious dinners with some feline antics to feed your heart and soul, you’re not alone.

To that, we say — be the change you want to see!

Some might poke fun at the idea that, with all the world’s information at our fingertips, we choose to spend our time watching funny cat videos, but not us! The truth? No second looking at cute cat pictures is wasted. Our cats make our hearts sing in all their quirky, sassy glory, reminding us what really matters in this world — love.

So, make your Insta followers smile or LOL with hilarious or snuggly kitty pics — and add context with these funny, cute, and deep cat captions for Instagram!

Funny Cat Captions for Instagram

Funny Cat Captions for Instagram

Your funniest pictures deserve to be adorned with fitting cats Instagram captions with an uncanny power to become a salve for all your Insta followers’ weary Wednesday morning souls. Your Insta feed will be purr-fect before you know it!

1. Feline happy today!

2. Paw-site vibes only, please. I’m doing yoga, and this pose is called “Cat-Cow” for a reason!

3. Cat-itude: On point.

4. Yeah, he’s the cat’s pajamas!

5. My meowster is a bad boy with attitude. Cat-astrophic consequences not optional.

6. Hiss-terical times with these two!

7. Sorry, my cat and I already made plans — to take over the world, muahahahaha.

8. “Hi, I’m a cat-apult,” this girl said to the water glass on my desk.

9. This kitty only likes cat-chy tunes!

10. My cat gives me a reason to get out of bed every day. (It’s food o’clock, baby!)

Funny Cat Instagram Captions for Selfies with Your Feline

Your cat’s the only one who makes photo-bombing look cool — but it’s not often she’ll happily take a selfie with you! Commemorate the moment with these hilarious cat Instagram captions for all those selfie moments!

11. Meow or never!

12. My kitty is purr-perfectly photogenic!

13. Guess the cat’s out of the bag.

14. Making hiss-tory with my cat!

15. My cat has his own selfie stick, and he takes better selfies than me!

16. Two souls, one heart.

17. When your cat insists on joining your selfie, it becomes a selfish affair!

18. My fur baby — always the center of attention.

19. Meow? More like Aaawwww.

20. She’s just purr-suading you to like this post!

New Kitten and Rescue Cat Captions for Instagram

That heartwarming moment when you first take your newly adopted cat home wouldn’t be complete without some memorable pictures! Make your followers’ hearts melt with these cute new cat captions for Instagram.

21. Wherever I sit, there I fit — because home is wherever the cat is!

22. Cute kitten alert!

23. Spoiler: We’ll live happily ever after.

24. Mice to meat you, he said.

25. My heart purrs for you!

26. A meow-velous new addition to the family.

27. Who’s my claw-ver girl?

28. My heart belongs to this old soul. Rescued and cherished forever.

29. “Paws” for a moment to take in this cuteness overload!

30. Kittens are medicine for the soul.

Cute Cat Instagram Captions

Cute Cat Instagram Captions

Once in a while, you somehow manage to snap pictures of your cat (or cats!) at their cutest — usually napping! Although your feline friend provides endless hours of entertainment, there comes a time to honor that absolute cuteness, too! When that happens, try these cute cat Instagram captions!

31. Kitty nap time: When you accidentally hit that “paws” button.

32. You won me over at “meow.”

33. All you need is a cat.

34. The road to my heart is littered with paw prints and cat treats.

35. Love you — meow and forever.

36. Just here for the cute cat pics? Me, too!

37. Keep calm and purr on.

38. This love is fur-ever.

39. Sorry I’m late. I had a cat on my lap!

40. Cat lady? Definitely. Crazy? You judge.

Deep and Sentimental Cat Instagram Captions About the Bond We Share

Cat haters just don’t understand — our kitties are so much more than a pet. They’re the family we fall in love with every day! Feeling all the feels? Drag out these sentimental cat captions for Instagram that highlight the role your cat plays in your life!

41. My cat: A perpetual-motion happiness machine.

42. These kitty cuddles are fuel for the heart.

43. You’re the only one who gets to steal my pillow, because the love you give me is worth all the neck pain in the world!

44. There’s no greater gift than a cat’s sweet love… and I’ll take those dead mice, too.

45. You’re the one who makes my house a home!

46. Thanks for sharing one of your nine lives to make mine complete.

47. I’d say my cat is always by my side, but that’s my keyboard right there.

48. The only home-wrecker I give my heart to.

49. Thanks for letting me share your house!

50. Cats talk if you care to listen.

Short Cat Captions for Instagram

Don’t want to force your followers to hit that “More” button as you sing all your cat’s praises? Go with short, snappy cat captions for Instagram that get straight to the point. Pick a short Instagram caption for cat photos for great results! Although obviously, nobody could ever get bored of your kitty!

51. If I fits, I sits. I sits in your heart.

52. Proudly knocking glasses off tables since 2024.

53. Purrs and snuggles.

54. Cat on keyboard.

55. My favorite purrr-son.

56. Give treats, or else.

57. Little nibble, sneaky bite.

58. Are you kitten me?

59. I love you fur-real.

60. You are mine!

Hilariously Relatable Cat Instagram Captions

Looking for Instagram captions for cat-itude photos? Everyone who’s ever been near a cat will recognize these moments — and fellow cat lovers will instantly take the like-bait!

61. You’ve already conquered everything else. You might as well have my heart.

62. Bye, favorite cup. Still love you anyway, cat.

63. No, really, my cat did eat my homework.

64. I knew I loved you as soon as you knocked over that vase!

65. Dancing on my keyboard is her favorite hobby, and she’s got some mean moves!

66. Decluttering is my cat’s favorite hobby.

67. His job? Clearing the table.

68. Radiator battles, round two!

69. “I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” —Bill Dana

70. You’re the only gift I need. You can keep the mice. And the hairballs.

Instagram Captions for Cats Who Teach Us Life Lessons

They say cats wouldn’t speak even if they could, but that’s not entirely true. They have plenty to say to those who listen — and you should ignore them at your peril! Try these cats captions for Instagram to share those life lessons!

71. Teaching me that patience is a virtue… one broken glass at a time.

72. Nap more, he said.

73. Every day is a new adventure.

74. He knows you’re never too old to play.

75. One purr-son who cheers you up can transform your entire life.

76. Look with your paws, not your eyes.

77. Express your love freely, without hesitation — but always follow it up with a scratch.

78. Lead by example: She’s been training me for my eating contest.

79. My cat’s version of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is a food bag torn open and an unwanted gift on my pillow.

80. Love is patient, love is kind, and love teaches you to forget about the trail of broken vases and ruined couches.

Funny Cat Instagram Captions From Your Kitty’s POV

Some of the best funny cat Instagram captions let your cat take charge — because, let’s get real, when don’t they? Write these cat captions for Instagram as if your cat was at your keyboard, because she probably is!

81. You’ll be my hostage, human.

82. I is hungry. Me wants food.

83. My human and I have so much in common. We’re both Zoomers.

84. Hooman? Stop playing dead and serve me!

85. How did the red dot escape? Please explain.

86. Human asks questions. Human doesn’t understand.

87. Still busy teaching my purr-son patience.

88. Dog says, “Wasn’t me.” Me? I take credit for all my actions.

89. Pets and cuddles. Now.

90. My daily workout starts at 3 am. My life, my rules.

Funny Cat Instagram Captions From Your Kitty’s POV

Seasonal Cat Captions for Instagram

Looking for the purr-fect Instagram caption for cats who don’t mind turning all your best holidays into a cat-astrophe? Melt your followers’ hearts with all these cheesy holiday wishes and seasonal greetings!

91. I wish you a Merry Kitty-Mass!

92. Time for a paw-some summer!

93. Mew year, new me.

94. Witch, please! I’m the purr-fect Halloween decoration! (Best for black cats, obviously!)

95. Spring cleaning is easier together!

96. Love might be in the air, but that comes with free cat dander.

97. Someone remind me to get my cat his own Christmas tree next year!

98. This cold stuff is snow fun.

99. We wish you a Meowy Christmas and a happy Mew Year!

100. Having a pine time, thanks for the new scratching post!

FAQ About Cat Captions for Instagram

What types of cat captions for Instagram are most popular?

The most cat Instagram captions reflect everything we love about our kitties! You can’t go wrong with funny, cute, or heartwarming captions to complete all your purr-fect cat pictures!

Why do I need a cat Instagram caption? My cat picture is already perfect!

We know your cat pictures are guaranteed to melt hearts, but clever cat Instagram captions add humor and give context. Adding a great caption is sure to shine a spotlight on your cat!

How can I write better, more unique cat captions for Instagram?

Consider context — the best cat captions for Instagram purr-fectly match the mood of your photo, but also capture your kitty’s uniquely sassy personality!

Should I add emojis to a good cat caption for Instagram?

Yes! Instagram is all about those emojis, and you’ll have no shortage of great options to pick from! Make sure your emojis reflect the moment, and have fun!

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