100 Chilling Instagram Captions for Your Laid-Back Moments

Stress isn’t a disease, but it sure sucks! Unfortunately, there’s plenty of that to go around in today’s fast-paced world…

Stress isn’t a disease, but it sure sucks! Unfortunately, there’s plenty of that to go around in today’s fast-paced world — and those serene moments where “enjoy life” is the only item on your to-do list are worth celebrating!

Whether you’re sharing chill moments with friends, pictures of lazy Sundays, or mood posts to inspire your followers to relax more, you’ll obviously need chilling Instagram captions to complete your wonderfully easy-going posts.

The thing about that? Coming up with great Instagram captions takes work — and you’re trying to chill. Sit back and relax, because we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a list of ready-made chillin captions for Instagram to add a personal twist to (or use as-is), but we also come prepared with tips to craft your own chilling Instagram captions — without putting in much effort!

How to Write Super-Relaxed Chilling Instagram Captions

Writing chill captions for Instagram is all about creating a relaxing, easy-going vibe on your feed. Whether you want to share your snuggliest, laziest weekend moments or you hope your followers will use your next  chill Instagram caption to take a break, you’re still in that chill zone, right?

The first rule of captions that really send chill vibes into cyberspace? Don’t be a try-hard. If it takes you half an hour to come up with the perfect message, you’re not chilling. You know the drill. Keep calm and… use these tips to write super chill Instagram captions!

  • Keep your chill vibes captions simple. You don’t have to write a novel, and you definitely don’t have to take a poetry course. Say what you have to say and be done with it.
  • Add emojis to your chillin captions for Instagram to make sure your followers can feel that vibe!
  • Use relaxing words like “relaxing,” “chilling,” “lazy,” “taking it easy,” or “weekend vibes.”
  • Keep your followers in mind, too. You know what kinds of posts they’re likely to enjoy. Lean into that mood.
  • When in doubt, use quotes. Quote captions are very popular on Instagram. That’s not just because great writers inspire people and beautiful song lyrics are incredibly relatable. It’s also because, by borrowing someone else’s words, you can sit back, relax, and share a chill message without having to write it yourself. You snapped that photo, right? That’s plenty of work if you’re chilling!

Above all, don’t sweat it too much. Short chill captions for Instagram say plenty. And, of course, you can just steal ours if you don’t feel like writing your own!

Chill Vibes Captions for Instagram

1. Keep calm and do nothing.

2. Chill pills are the best pills.

3. Nothing better than chilling with a hot cup of cocoa.

4. Food + couch + TV = yes.

5. Netflix and Chill isn’t an ice cream flavor. It’s my life motto.

6. Just chilling, HBU?

7. Life’s too short to refrain from eating nachos in bed.

8. Warm blanket + cat = my idea of heaven.

9. Don’t worry, be chill.

10. Chill mode activated.

Chill Vibes Captions for Instagram

Chill Instagram Captions for Laid-Back Moments with Friends

11. Let’s do nothing together.

12. Pizza solves every problem.

13. I live for these moments.

14. My kind of crowd. No stress, just love.

15. Just making the most of my day off.

16. Friends who help themselves to the food in your fridge and just let you sit around are the best.

17. Chill beats, great company.

18. Just chillin’ with my favorite people.

19. Friends make every lazy day better.

20. My couch potato crew.

Chilling Instagram Captions for After a Long Work Day

21. My plans? IDK, I’ll ask Netflix.

22. Work hard, play hard? More like work hard, zonk out on the couch with a bag of chips.

23. Good book, fluffy cat, perfect matcha tea.

24. But first, kick up my feet and relax.

25. I need my beauty sleep!

26. Chilling like it’s winter.

27. Sorry, I’m too busy doing nothing at all.

28. Your zen is just a cup of coffee and a good playlist away.

29. Yoga pants on, work smile off.

30. Dare to be bored.

Weekend Vibes + Chill Captions for Instagram

31. The weekend is my favorite hobby, and I like to spend it with Netflix.

32. All-day breakfast in bed? My idea of a perfect weekend.

33. Shameless couch potato.

34. Chill! Tomorrow is Sunday!

35. Don’t worry about how soon the weekend will end. Enjoy every moment.

36. Everything feels better on Fridays.

37. Now available on a couch near you: Doing nothing all weekend.

38. Ah, that sweet feeling of freedom.

39. Weekends are my spirit animal.

40. Lazy hair, don’t care.

Chill Instagram Caption Ideas for Relaxing Nature Pics

41. Slow down long enough to enjoy the view.

42. Finding my zen in the crisp winter air.

43. Can’t chill? Go on a hike in freezing weather and take your coat off.

44. Nothing recharges my batteries like a people-free zone.

45. Best stress buster ever.

46. Let the gentle whisper of the trees melt your stress away.

47. If all else fails, sit by a stream and listen to its music.

48. Nature: The peace that’s always available.

49. Keep calm and breathe the fresh air.

50. Chill and talk to plants.

Self Care & Relaxation Chilling Captions for Instagram

51. Relax & reset.

52. Just taking care of myself today.

53. Spa day, chill day.

54. Scented candles, bubbles, and yoga. What could be better?

55. Remember to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. A message from your flight attendant for today.

56. Sometimes, self-care looks like staying in bed all day. So what?

57. Take it easy! You deserve it.

58. Now charging.

59. When there’s nothing better than nothing, do nothing.

60. Chill time means eating the whole tub of ice cream alone.

Great Quotes for Chill Vibe Captions for Instagram

61. “Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” —William Burroughs

62. “I think best in a hot bath, with my head tilted back and my feet up high.” ― Elizabeth Jane Howard

63. “Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is relax.” — Mark Black

64. “For every moment of concentration, there is an equal moment of relaxation.” — Derren Brown

65. “It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.” ― Paulo Coelho

66. “Work. Don’t Think. Relax.” ― Ray Bradbury

67. “Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.” ― Bryant McGill

68. “Content, relaxed, creating, and focused on watering my own garden.” ― Robin S Baker

69. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” —  Robert Brault

70.  “Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” ― Jane Austen

Short Chill Captions for Instagram

71. Taking a chill pill.

72. Chill vibes only.

73. Never feel guilty about relaxing.

74. Life’s too short to stress.

75. May the chill be with you.

76. Life is better when you dare to take breaks.

77. Just stay in and order takeout.

78. Chill vibes only.

79. And remember… breathe.

80. Find your bliss.

Short Chill Captions for Instagram

One Word Chill Captions for Instagram

81. Pause.

82. Zen.

83. Unbothered.

84. Whatever.

85. Relax!

86. Tranquility.

87. Freedom.

88. Stress-free.

89. Simple.

90. Peace.

Creative Writing Prompts for Chilling Instagram Captions

We hope our chillaxing list of caption ideas for Instagram inspired you to relax and write your next laid-back caption for that lazy moment that’s just too good not to be shared. If you share a lot of chilling moments on Instagram, you’ll be back to square one (looking for another chill caption for Instagram) before you know it, though!

When that happens, these creative writing prompts can help you relax as you pen your next caption. All you have to do is complete the sentence to share your most easy-going snapshots with your Instagram followers!

91. My chill tool kit isn’t complete without…

92. Chilling like… [Make a super relaxing analogy here! You might be chilling like a cat after a good meal, for instance!]

93. Keep calm and…

94. When life gets chaotic, I find my peace in…

95. Letting go of the week’s stress by…

96. My ideal escape from the world’s noise is…

97. The soundtrack to my chill weekend is…

98. There’s nothing like relaxing after…

99. I relax by…

100. My idea of a perfectly relaxing day is…

FAQ About Chilling Instagram Captions

How do I make my chillin Instagram captions stand out?

Let’s be honest here — your photo can do most of the work for you! When you’re trying to get a chill vibe across, it’s crucial not to make your Instagram captions too complicated. If it looks like it took a lot of work to write, it probably did. That’s not very chill, is it?

Keep your Instagram captions about relaxing short and to the point, and allow your followers to immerse themselves in authentically laid-back vibes.

What kinds of photos work well with a chill Instagram caption?

Your chilling Instagram captions don’t all have to accompany photos about lazy weekends and relaxing with friends. Travel, food, and relaxing cafe photos all work well with a relaxing caption as well. If it inspires chill vibes, go for it!

How often should I post chill captions for Instagram?

Everyone loves to relax, but your followers won’t enjoy a total snooze fest! Strike a balance and post a combo of active and relaxing posts.

What are some great hashtags to add to my chill vibes captions for Instagram?

Great question! Adding the right hashtags can contribute to the overall mood of your Instagram captions while also making your posts more discoverable. Although the best hashtags to include in a particular post depend on your photo and caption, some great options are #chillvibes, #relaxmodeon, #easyliving, #peacefuldays, #chillout, #staycalm, and #serenitynow.