100 Instagram Captions for Sisters That Deepen the Bond

Sisters — you can’t live with them, but you definitely can’t live without them either, right? They know all your…

Sisters — you can’t live with them, but you definitely can’t live without them either, right?

They know all your dirty secrets, right down to those cringe ponytails you wore in second grade and the way you used to wet the bed. They get under your skin like nobody else, and they manufacture drama as quickly as they make a cup of coffee. And yet, sisters are always there for you when you need them most. Plus, they make you laugh like nobody else could ever dream of.

Sisters — worlds apart, but nothing can ever come between you.

Of course, if your sister plays a starring role in your life, she’s going to photobomb your Instagram feed like a pro! You’ll need funny, savage, cute, and heart-melting Instagram captions for sisters on the daily.

Worried that she’ll misinterpret your next caption and nearly turn it into World War III? You better be! These sister captions for Instagram offer fresh, new inspiration that might just help your sisters understand how much you care (deep down).

How to Great Write Sisters Instagram Captions

The Instagram captions you dedicate to your sister can be hilarious, cute, or even brutal. Whatever tone you aim for, your next sister Instagram caption should ultimately express love and appreciation, highlight beautiful shared memories, or remind her of that unique bond you share.

Not all sister Instagram captions are alike — and yours will entirely depend on the personalities at play. Remember, your other Instagram followers may find your sister captions relatable, but you miss the mark unless your sister understands that you’re trying to be nice.

All Instagram captions are better if you post them with a specific audience in mind, in other words, and in this case, your sister is the shining star!

You’ll find a collection of Instagram captions for sisters that some sisters will appreciate right here, but it’s up to you to pick and choose captions, or elements of captions, that help you nurture your unique bond with your sister.

Remember — post these captions at your own risk. After all, nobody knows your sister quite like you do!

How to Great Write Sisters Instagram Captions

Cute Funny Sister Captions for Instagram

1. Sisters stick together like superglue.

2. My first and best friend. Thanks, mom and dad!

3. We’re not sisters. We’re partners in crime. What kind of crime, you ask? Sorry, that’s a secret!

4. Of course my sister is the “she” to my “nanigans.” What else is new?

5. You’re the Anna to my Elsa, so, “Do you want to build a snowman?”

6. But my sister is the cutest of them all!

7. Two peas in a pod.

8. Together, we’re unstoppable.

9. Double trouble.

10. We’re like cookies and chocolate chips.

Savagely Funny Sister Captions for Instagram

11. If you think cats are high maintenance, you should see my sister.

12. You’re not my best friend. You’re my sister. I’ll come to bail you out, but don’t ask to borrow that dress.

13. We argue, bicker, and fight, but are always there to raid each other’s fridges at night.

14. Sisters are the roomies you never got to choose.

15. Sisters let sisters plagiarize each other’s homework.

16. It’s good you’re my favorite sister, because I’m everyone else’s.

17. Sisters: Because who else knows your biggest secrets and most annoying habits, and puts up with you anyway?

18. Sister’s level of sarcasm: Guinness Book of Records.

19. If friends are the family you choose, what are you? The friend I had no choice but to pick?

20. Love ya, hate ya, always be there for ya.

Annoying Sister Captions for Instagram

21. Drama Queen!

22. I can’t believe I made it through 12 years of sharing a room with you.

23. Sisters are the definition of frenemies. Seriously. Look it up in the dictionary.

24. Me + my sis = crazy good times. Emphasis on crazy.

25. Sisters… can’t live with them…

26. I’m the best gift our parents ever gave you, and you know it.

27. So, about that glam outfit I borrowed a few months ago… I kinda ruined it. Maybe.

28. They fight, they bite, they fight, they bite, they bite. Fight, fight, fight! Bite, bite, bite! The Itchy and Scratchy Show!

29. How can I love someone who annoys me this much, that much?

30. Friends come and go, sisters are eternal. See you in hell!

Short Sister Captions for Instagram

31. Better together. No questions.

32. Sisters by birth, besties by choice!

33. Love you! P.S.: Can I borrow that dress and grab something to eat from your fridge?

34. You’re my favorite.

35. Where it all began…

36. Two bodies, one big heart.

37. Think I’m weird? Look at her!

38. Sisters before misters.

39. My sister made me!

40. Pillow fight time!

Big Sister Captions for Instagram

41. She’ll always be my role model, whether she knows it or not.

42. I’m only second place in the family birth order, and that’s your fault.

43. Sister sandwich!

44. Not pet friendly, you say? This is just my sister.

45. Sisters by blood, besties by choice.

46. Life with you is always an adventure.

47. This is my big sister. Yes, I meant she was born before me.

48. She was my first memory. I’ll probably be her last.

49. I won the jackpot in the sister lottery!

50. She’s worth a million friends.

Little Sister Captions for Instagram

51. Little, fierce, and the best sister ever.

52. Hurt her, and I’ll never forgive you.

53. We argue like it’s a hobby, but if anyone else insults my little sis, they’re done for.

54. Forever just kidding.

55. Thanks for always keeping the childhood magic alive!

56. I guess I’m stuck with you. I don’t mind.

57. Thanks for showing me a glimpse of world domination, sis, though the days you’d listen to everything I said are in the past.

58. Why, yes! I do have the sweetest little sis in the world.

59. Sorry for cursing me with all those hand-me-downs, little sis!

60. I’d go to hell and back for you. You better believe it.

Little Sister Captions for Instagram

Twin Sister Captions for Instagram

61. Are they twiiiiiiiiiiins? Yup.

62. Together since before day one.

63. Twinsies for life!

64. Whatever your question is, the answer’s always the same. It wasn’t me! It was her!

65. Enjoy this little convoy.

66. Crazy runs in the family. At least we’re insane in all the same ways.

67. Lucky to have been born with a bestie.

68. We’re a package deal.

69. Best two for one deal!

70. My evil twin. Literally.

One Word Sister Captions for Instagram

71. Memories.

72. Forever.

73. Rival.

74. Love.

75. Unbreakable.

76. Storm.

77. Treasure.

78. Connection.

79. Always.

80. Soulmates.

Beautiful Quotes for Sisterhood Instagram Captions

81. “Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?” —Alice Walker

82. “When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?”— Pam Brown

83. “Sisterhood is a funny thing. It’s easy to recognize, but hard to define.” — Pearl Cleage

84. “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”— Carol Saline

85. “It isn’t what you ordered, but it’s better than fries.” — Cheekface

86. “Sister, we don’t know what the future holds, but we always know we are there for each other.”— Catherine Pulsifer

87. “I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything. It’s hard. I love her too much. That’s what counts.” —Venus Williams

88. “Nobody fights you like your own sister; nobody else knows the most vulnerable parts of you and will aim for them without mercy.”— Jojo Moyes

89. “A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” — Marion C. Garretty

90. “What are sisters for if not to point out the things the rest of the world is too polite to mention.”
― Claire Cook

Beautiful Quotes for Sisterhood Instagram Captions

Creative Writing Prompts for Sister Instagram Captions

Are you having trouble coming up with sisterhood Instagram captions, but are you absolutely determined to warm your sister’s heart with a message uniquely crafted, by you and for her? All you need to get started is… a collection of creative writing prompts that get your ideas flowing!

Use these prompts, and you can go in any direction. Whether you want to make your sister Instagram captions funny, sweet, savage, or inspiring, you just have to finish the sentence (and see where your mood takes you)!

91. You’re the yang to my yin, because…

92. My first memory of my sister is…

93. The moment I realized exactly how lucky I was to have you as my sister was…

94. Whenever we argue, the thing that fixes all our issues is…

95. The wisest piece of advice from my sister…

96. Whenever she’s around, never (but I mean NEVER!)…

97. Sorry, sis. I’m still not sorry that I…

98. Good friends bail you out. Best friends go to jail with you. But sisters…

99. Even when we’re old and gray, we’ll still…

100. Sisters. Because who else would…

FAQ About Sister Instagram Captions

How do I write sister Instagram captions to express my love?

It depends on your relationship, but when in doubt, leave the savagery and sarcasm behind and go straight for the sweet stuff. Unless you’re sure your sister will interpret cute captions sarcastically, it’s your best bet!

Should I include in-jokes in my sister captions for Instagram?

Go for it! It’s OK if nobody else understands what you’re talking about. Your followers will still get the gist — you’re talking about an unbreakable bond with your sister that outsiders aren’t able to come close to.

Should I use Instagram caption ideas for sisters in my posts?

Yes! If you post about your sister a lot, exploring sister caption for Instagram lists like this one can arm you with a fresh supply of inspiration. Adding new ideas to your repertoire keeps your sister on her toes, and it can break a tired caption cycle you’ve fallen into. Unless you want to keep your captions short and sweet, we’d recommend you add a personal touch to any of the sister Instagram captions you find here. Make her feel special!

What are some cool hashtags to add to sister Instagram captions?

You have so many great options, and it really depends on your post. Some timelessly great hashtags for sister captions on Instagram include #sistersforever, #sisterlove, #sistersquad, #bestsister, #sisterbond, and #foreverconnected.

We also like more general hashtags, like #cute, #family, #instagood, #happy, #girls, and #smile for captions about sisterhood and sisterly love.

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