100 Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions for That Country Vibe

Captioning your Instagram posts can be quite tricky, but you know the drill — if you want to say it…

Captioning your Instagram posts can be quite tricky, but you know the drill — if you want to say it with heart, say it with country!

Morgan Wallen is renowned for more than his unique voice and modern country/rock sound. The country artists also makes blunt and profound observations about just about any situation you can come up against in life. That, in turn, makes for great Instagram captions!

Whether you’re looking for memorable Morgan Wallen concert Instagram captions or you simply want to borrow his words to adorn your Instagram photos, we’re here to help! Find the best Morgan Wallen lyrics for Instagram captions on this list, and watch the likes and comments come in!

Great Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. “It don’t matter how far I run, you’re the one that I can’t run from.” — Sunrise
  2. “Looks like I’m learnin’ the hard way again.” — Wasted on You
  3. “Traded angels for my demons.” — Me + All Your Reasons
  4. “Must’ve done somethin’ right in another life.” — More Surprised Than Me
  5. “If I see the sunrise, it’s ’cause I stayed up all night.” — Livin’ the Dream
  6. “I’m a Jack of all trades but man I gotta say, that’s one book I didn’t write.” — I Wrote The Book
  7. “Don’t cuss around my mama, got some words you’ve never heard.” — The Way I Talk
  8. “That’s what I do when I’m drinkin’ ’bout you.” — Dangerous
  9. “Guarded by a picket fence, perfect ‘til I drove by.” — Neon Eyes
  10. “If I see the sunrise, it’s ‘cause I stayed up all night.” — Livin’ the Dream

Romantic Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions

  1. “I wouldn’t trade your kind of love for nothin’ else.” — Last Night
  2. “Kinda girl, once you’ve had her, you can’t stand to lose her.” — Somebody’s Problem
  3. “Home was a dream, one that I’d never seen ’til you came along.” — Cover Me Up
  4. “Yeah, I bet your daddy’s so proud of how his little girl turned out. Think she dodged a bullet of a good old boy like me.” — 7 Summers
  5. “So, girl, hang your dress out to dry, we ain’t leavin’ this room. ‘Til Percy Priest breaks open wide and the river runs through.” — Cover Me Up
  6. “Thinkin’ ‘bout them tan lines and I’m thinkin’ damn, I’d love to drown in them heartbreaker blue eyes.” — Somebody’s Problem
  7. “Thought a drink would get you off my mind. I ain’t sayin’ I love you, but I might. “ — 865
  8. “Girl, our mamas are best friends and so are we. The whole town’s rooting for us like the home team.” — More Than My Hometown
  9. “She likes ridin’ on them windin’ roads. The smell of sweet pine in the air.” — Tennessee Fan
  10. “Can’t tell you no, can’t say goodbye. Can’t hold a little bit back even if I tried, ‘cause when I look in your eyes…” — Not Good At Not

Morgan Wallen Lyrics for Instagram Captions About Heartbreak

  1. “I know a breakup ain’t supposed to be fun but I’m here at happy hour, happy ours is done.” — Happy Hour
  2. “Don’t wanna think about her. Or wear a ring without her. Don’t wanna hit the karaoke bar. Can’t sing without her.” — Whiskey Glass
  3. “But why you gotta be so heartless? I know you think it’s harmless.” — Heartless, Diplo ft Morgan Wallen
  4. “It’s a beautiful day, she’s been cryin’ all night. Aw, there’s tears in her blues, bloodshot in mine.” — Flower Shops, ERNEST ft Morgan Wallen
  5. “I’ma need a double shot of that heartbreak proof, and see the world through whiskey glasses.” — Whiskey Glasses
  6. “Don’t feel bad for you but I feel bad for him and all the hell you gon’ be puttin’ him through.” — Thinkin’ Bout Me
  7. “Friday night, we went out on the town. Saturday, we should have burned it down. Sunday morning came and now you’re gone.” — Heartless, Diplo ft Morgan Wallen
  8. “Every time you close your eyes, tell me, who do you see?” — Thinkin’ Bout Me
  9. “And you’d leave us in a cloud of dust. Can’t you see what you’re doin’, girl? You ruined damn near everything I love.” — Everything I Love
  10. “Girl, since you left me, been tryin’ to forget we ever became what we were. And I poured some whiskey on places you kissed me.” — Bandaid On A Bullet Hole

Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions About Friends

  1. “’Cause I’m from a small town, southern drawl crowd. We’re sippin’ clear, drinkin’ beer on a Friday night.” — Still Goin Down
  2. “Go drinkin’, same friends on Friday.” — 7 Summers
  3. “I know you’re from a different town, but you’re here for now. So whatcha say we get on out and see where this night leads?” — If I Knew Me
  4. “If tomorrow I lost it all and everything that I have was gone… When there’s nobody else to call

Would you stand by me? Would you stand by me?” — Stand By Me, Lil Durk ft Morgan Wallen

  1. “Sorry, y’all, my mamaw called me, I’ll, I’ll be right back, hello?” — Mamaw’s House, Thomas Rhett ft Morgan Wallen
  2. “Ain’t that some back home, buddies in the field, mud on the wheels. Ain’t that some C-O-U-N-T-R-Y, sh*t we been doin’ since we was yea high.” — Ain’t That Some
  3. “We were never gonna be two kids on a farm.” — Hope That’s True
  4. “’Cause I just wanna do country-a$$ sh*t with my country-a$$ friends.” — Country A$$ Shit
  5. “I found myself in this bar, makin’ mistakes and makin’ new friends.” — This Bar
  6. “Yeah, I’ve been away way too long, but tonight I’m headed back home ‘cause when I need to find me.” — Rednecks, Red Letters, Red Dirt

Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions About Celebrations and Parties

  1. “Can turn this parking lot into a party. With an ice chest, dancing, cold beer.” — Up Down
  2. “Turned the bar, yeah, upside down. Just lookin’ for somethin’ that does it. I’d give ’em all my money.” — You Proof
  3. “She said I’m too drunk and crazy, she don’t like the way I dance. I said, ‘You don’t have to join in,’ she said she’d take a chance.” — Broadway Girls, Lil Durk ft Morgan Wallen
  4. “She said ‘Don’t cowboys drink whiskey?’ So we drank bottom shelf.” — Sand In My Boots
  5. “Spin you around, and around this dance floor.” — Spin You Around
  6. “Where the sun don’t rise, rodeo for one night. Love you like a mustang.” — Cowgirls, Morgan Wallen ft ERNEST
  7. “Too drunk to be hungover. Last night still on my breath.” — Devil Don’t Know
  8. “God didn’t make no place to go when she breaks your heart, so man made a bar.” — Man Made A Bar, Morgan Wallen ft Eric Church
  9. “There’s all-day thinkin’ time and all night drinkin’ time.” — Quittin’ Time
  10. “Couldn’t wait to turn twenty-one. The day I did, I got too drunk. Spinnin’ round dizzy on the patio. Found out real quick how to take it slow.” — This Bar

Meaningful Morgan Wallen Lyrics for Instagram Captions

  1. “You never know the plan. You never know what’s going to happen. We are not even promised tomorrow.” — Morgan Wallen
  2. “The days when we raged, we flew off the page. Such damage was done but I made it through, ‘cause somebody knew.” — Cover Me Up
  3. “Yeah, you win some, you lose some, it ain’t always home runs. And that’s just the way life plays.” — ‘98 Braves
  4. “I know I got me some problems, about a thousand memories I gotta forget, but if I’m gonna solve ‘em, baby, I’ll take all the help I can get.” — One Thing at a Time
  5. “Oh, kinda slow like the Mississippi roads, it’s the only way I know. Man, it ain’t my fault.” — The Way I Talk
  6. “Tonight, we’re gonna raise a whole lot more than cane. ‘Cause there’s money in the bank and tomorrow’s Saturday.” — Up Down
  7. “But I know I’m gonna let you win again and when I do, it’s gonna hurt like hell.” — Heartless
  8. “I wish we woulda rolled around in some old cab and chased them city lights, and hit bars I don’t like.” — Everything I Love
  9. “Aw, but I’ve seen this scene before, like the lights on a liquor store, pretty soon, they’ll go dark.” — Neon Eyes
  10. “Twenty-one and lookin’ thirty but actin’ half my age. Bound to hit a wall before I ever hit the brakes.” — Dying Man

Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions About Drinking

  1. “I don’t always wake up in the mornin’, pour myself a strong one. Aw, but when I get lonely I do.” — Wasted On You
  2. “It’s been nights that start with whiskey and days that end in ‘why.’” — Days That End In Why
  3. “2 am at a Broadway bar, she’s puttin’ her number in my phone. Two Bud Lights deep, and she’s sayin’ things she don’t mean.” — Broadway Girls, Lil Durk ft Morgan Wallen
  4. “Been chasin’ songs and women, makin’ some bad decisions. God knows I’m drinkin’ too much.” — Thought You Should Know
  5. “Last night, we let the liquor talk. I can’t remember everything we said, but we said it all.” — Last Night
  6. “Yeah, I’ve been throwin’ down the whiskey. I oughta get my money back. Someone said it drowns the memory. Aw, but it ain’t doin’ jack.” — You Proof
  7. “Poor me, pour me another drink. ‘Cause I don’t wanna feel a thing no more, hell nah.” — Whiskey Glass
  8. “I’m just sittin’ here with a beer and my jeans tucked.” — He Went To Jared, HARDY ft Morgan Wallen
  9. “Somebody pour me a double shot. Been gettin’ better by the day, but tonight I drink.” — One Thing at a Time
  10. “Try another liquor, try another brand.” — 865

Nostalgic Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions

  1. “I know how a goodbye sounds when it’s pedal down in taillight glow.” — Days That End In Why
  2. “Somewhere where the summer lasted all year ’round. Probably got a big ol’ diamond on your hand right now.” — 7 Summers
  3. “Boy gets a guitar and starts writin’ songs. ‘Bout whiskey and women and gettin’ too stoned. He got all three at the first show he played. Hometown said, ‘I don’t think Jesus done it that way.’” — Don’t Think Jesus
  4. “Every start has an end, every first has a last, every now has a then, every future has a past, and sometimes you want it back.” — Quittin’ Time
  5. “Does it ever make you sad to know that was seven summers ago?” — 7 Summers
  6. “The way I talk, I guess I got it from my pops. Product of some kneelin’ down in a town where the doors don’t lock.” — Still Goin Down
  7. “She asked me where I’s from, I said ‘Somewhere you’ve never been to, little town outside of Knoxville.’” — Sand In My Boots
  8. “Slipping through the moon to the river bend. Wasn’t very long I was jumping in, jumping in.” — Chasin’ You
  9. “It’s got a touch of the town where I grew up, something in it them California girls love.” — The Way I Talk
  10. “They beat us every damn year. It’s been a minute since we pulled out a win. I loaded the truck down with beer.” — Tennessee Fan

Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions About Life

  1. “That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me must’ve finally made their way on through, I thought you should know.” — Me + All Your Reasons
  2. “We live it up, down, up, down. We live it up, down here.” — Up Down
  3. “What’s goin’ on, Mama? Somethin’ just dawned on me. I ain’t been home in some months.” — Thought You Should Know
  4. “She’s somebody’s problem, somebody’s goodbye. Somebody’s best day, somebody’s worst night.” — Somebody’s Problem
  5. “A heart on the run keeps a hand on a gun, can’t trust anyone.” — Cover Me Up
  6. “Those little smoke glass fancy cars sure go fast but never got you where you wanted to go.” — Talkin’ Tennessee
  7. “Just talkin’ ‘bout life, goin’ sip for sip. Yeah, you, you know you love to fight.” — Last Night
  8. “When it comes to hitchin’ the boat up, backin’ down the ramp in my old truck to find a bunch of logs to catch a bunch of hogs… Yeah, I wrote the book.” — I Wrote The Book
  9. “You’re looking like you probably get a little tired of all this attention that you’re getting when you go to the bar.” — If I Knew Me
  10. “I never believed in angels ‘til one believed in me that night.” — Dying Man

Short Morgan Wallen Instagram Captions

  1. “Chasin’ that freedom, chasing’ that feeling that got gone too soon.” — Chasin’ You
  2. “Puttin’ in that overtime and comin’ up with nothin’.” — Quittin’ Time
  3. “If I was your bartender, I’d talk you out of leavin’ me.” — Bartender
  4. “Boy’s all alone, got no one to turn to. He figures he’ll pray, ‘cause what else could he do?” — Don’t Think Jesus
  5. “Mama don’t pray for my success anymore. But mama still prays for me.” — Livin’ the Dream
  6. “All of the these sorries I don’t owe you honey, all of these miles on this Chevy, and prayers in a pew.” — Wasted On You
  7. “Wanna hold my hand, let me be your man.” — Stand By Me, Lil Durk ft Morgan Wallen
  8. “Maybe it’s the quarter moon, maybe it’s the quart of wine.” — Not Good At Not
  9. “They say we ain’t got a pot to piss but I thank God for this.” — Ain’t That Some
  10. “You’re my sunrise, you keep comin’ up.” — Sunrise

FAQ About Morgan Wallen captions Instagram Will Love

How do I choose the best Morgan Wallen lyrics for my Instagram captions?

Although it’s great if the song you’re quoting matches the vibe you’re going for, it’s OK to take lyrics out of context if you can’t otherwise find a great match. If your followers also love country music, they’ll understand what you’re going for!

Should I use lyrics for Morgan Wallen concert Instagram captions, too?

If you can find the right words! Otherwise, just share how you feel being there, or describe the vibe. Not every caption about Morgan Wallen has to include lyrics!

What hashtags can I add to my Morgan Wallen Instagram captions?

Great question! All Morgan Wallen captions Instagram followers love shine that little bit more brightly with the right set of hashtags. Plus, adding relevant hashtags makes it easier for other people to discover your Instagram posts!

Some good options include #morganwallenmusic, #whiskeyglasses, #dangerous, #7summers, #wallenwednesday, and #country.