100 Racing Captions for Instagram for Speed Devils

Want to win that other race — the popularity contest on Instagram — too? The quality of your pictures plays…

Want to win that other race — the popularity contest on Instagram — too? The quality of your pictures plays a huge role in the number of likes and comments you’ll attract, but there’s no question that well-written race captions for Instagram are important, too. A caption that frames your post well adds depth and context, making it infinitely easier to spark conversations.

Not sure what to say? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re after NASCAR captions for Instagram or you prefer bike races, horse racing, or any other kind of race, you’ll find a variety of caption ideas down below. Feel free to copy and paste them or tweak them to better fit your style!

How to Write Epic Racing Captions for Instagram

Do you have a beautiful, dynamic photo of a race in progress? Those awesome action shots are hard to come by, so your caption definitely deserves your full attention! Here’s how to write a hard-hitting caption that your followers will genuinely enjoy:

  • Zoom in on the feelings racing triggers for you — excitement, competition, and the freedom that going really fast unlocks for you, for example. Even people who don’t share your love of racing will be able to understand those underlying emotions, making them great caption material.
  • When in doubt, lean toward making your racing Instagram captions funny. Humor is always a great way to attract attention, and you’ve got lots of puns and jokes to choose from. We promise — nobody who laughs after reading your caption will refuse to like your post!
  • If you’re writing racing captions for Instagram after winning a race, balance your happiness and pride with a hefty dose of humility (unless, of course, you’re going the savage route). Your followers and fellow competitors will really appreciate it if you stay humble!
  • Are you looking for NASCAR Instagram captions because you’re watching the races on TV with friends or relatives? Don’t make it all about the race. You can also talk about the fun atmosphere that getting together with loved ones to enjoy NASCAR together creates. After all, everyone can relate to the joy of enjoying a passion together.

Above all, have fun writing your racing captions for Instagram! Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles as you find your voice, and definitely scroll down to explore our ideas if you feel you still need a little inspiration!

Racing Instagram Captions for Selfies

1. I’m a lean, mean racing machine and I’m here to win.

2. Making memories and kicking up dust.

3. Racing my way to a better future!

4. Racing isn’t just a hobby. It’s a whole mindset. One that always keeps me ahead.

5. One last selfie before the big race.

6. BRB. Just going to win this race real quick.

7. Living the dream with a helmet on my head and my feet on the pedals.

8. Be your own fiercest competition.

9. I’ve got my heart set on the finish line and I’m not gonna stop until I get there.

10. Winning is my fuel and I’m gearing up to beat everyone.

Funny Racing Captions for Instagram

11. I might just run on coffee, but at least I’m running.

12. I’m running… out of time. But at least I gave it my best shot!

13. Racing is cheaper than therapy, and more gratifying, too!

14. Put the pedal to the metal? More like pedal to the medal!

15. When in doubt, run like Chucky is chasing you.

16. To race or not to race, that definitely ain’t the question today.

17. Train like you’re scared to come in last. Race like there’s nobody behind you.

18. Well, I can tell you one thing. My heart is definitely racing.

19. Miles of smiles and years of cheers!

20. Race like a speed demon, smile like an angel.

Cute Race Captions for Instagram

21. Selfie game strong, speed game stronger.

22. Life happens. Adrenaline helps. Race on!

23. Race toward your dreams and smile.

24. Meet me at the finish line. I’ll be waiting for you there!

25. Never stop moving, and believe in yourself!

26. Nothing says “I love you” like buying me tickets to watch an exciting race.

27. Racing with you is a dream come true.

28. Eyes on the prize, victory on my mind, smile on my face, winner in this race.

29. Eat, sleep, and race your heart out.

30. Feet on the pedal, head in the game, and I’m in it to win it.

Cool NASCAR Instagram Captions

31. Came for the nachos, stayed for the nachos. I guess the racing was okay, too.

32. I’m here to spectate. I’m here to race to the concession stand.

33. NASCAR races so intense they make you drop your drinks.

34. I’m here to cheer for the winners and laugh at the losers.

35. Too busy watching NASCAR to hang out or give a damn. Sorry, not sorry.

36. It’s always NASCAR o’clock when you’re me.

37. Say yes to NASCAR and no to losing.

38. I’ll take one of every snack, please. It’s NASCAR time!

39. It’s a NASCAR thing. You wouldn’t understand.

40. Turning NASCAR into a food festival, one nacho at a time.

Inspirational Racing and NASCAR Captions for Instagram

41. Race like you have nothing to lose, and smile like you’ve already won.

42. Racing is my religion and I practice every single day.

43. Revving to the finish line and saying hello to victory.

44. Building my own road to success, one race at a time.

45. The race track: Where freedom meets adrenaline and speed meets winning.

46. Ready, set, go!

47. Putting you in your place, one race at a time.

48. Wake me up when NASCAR season starts.

49. Victory is my favorite flavor, and today is delicious.

50. Racing is my love language, but I’m also fluent in sarcasm.

Bike Racing Instagram Captions

51. Shifting gears and setting myself up to win.

52. I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride it where it goes — to the finish line!

53. All I need is my bicycle and a long road ahead. Two wheels, one heart, and a huge dream.

54. Life isn’t a race, but I still can’t wait to get there first.

55. Got my bike helmet on, my feet on the pedals, and I’m ready for the ultimate victory.

56. I cycle through hobbies, but mountain biking is here to stay!

57. I’m not here to win, I’m just here for the thrill, even if I am in last place.

58. Wind in my hair, winning spirit in my heart.

59. Keep moving forward, but a little faster.

60. Pushing limits and pushing the pedals harder than ever before

Horse Racing Instagram Captions

61. Horse racing is a team sport — and this beauty and I are here to win.

62. Eat our dust!

63. Don’t mind us. We’re just galloping toward a brighter future together.

64. Rise, grind, and feel the thunder!

65. Horse racing is more than a sport, it’s my passion, it’s my cardio, it’s my life.

66. Life ain’t perfect, but the feeling of pushing ahead with my horse sure makes it better.

67. Yeehaw! Just me and my best friend ready for the ultimate victory.

68. Fast, furious, and finished in first place!

69. Elegance in each gallop, glory in each race won.

70. Because adrenaline rushes are better on horseback.

Great Quotes for Racing Captions for Instagram

71. “If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti

72. “There are only three sports: Bullfighting, auto racing, and mountain climbing; all the rest are merely games.” — Ernest Hemingway

73. “The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car; it’s the one who refuses to lose.” — Dale Earnhardt

74. “Every time I go racing, I go to win.” — Lewis Hamilton

75. “Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.” — Enzo Ferrari

76. “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle.” — Richard Marcinko

77. “A racing car is an animal with a thousand adjustments.” — Mario Andretti

78. “In racing, they say that your car goes where your eyes go.” — Garth Stein

79. “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.” — Steve McQueen

80. “Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” — Hunter S Thompson

Short Race Captions for Instagram

81. Live, laugh, race!

82. The race is always short when I’m in it.

83. Keep calm and race on.

84. Living life in the fast lane.

85. Life’s short. Make sure you’re in the driver’s seat.

86. For the love of speed.

87. Faster, faster, faster!

88. Be your own best competition.

89. Tire tracks and dreams.

90. Hit the gas and chase the finish line!

Creative Writing Prompts for Racing Captions for Instagram

We hope you found some inspiration from browsing through our list of caption ideas! Having said that, we totally understand if you prefer to write your own, 100 percent unique captions about racing. These creative prompts will give you a nudge in the right direction, making the process much easier for you!

Here’s how it works. Pick a sentence that resonates with you, and finish it by saying the first thing that comes to mind. You can think of several endings for the same sentence, if you like. Pick the best one, tweak it to make sure you like the way it sounds, and post it to Instagram!

91. Crossing the finish line never gets old, because…

92. I’ve never met a race I didn’t like, but winning…

93. Racing: Because adrenaline is underrated and I…

94. Eat my dust and…

95. My mind is racing and my heart…

96. Tales of screeching tires and…

97. I’m here for the thrill of the race and…

98. It’s not all about winning, but…

99. Adrenaline is my favorite flavor, and I…

100. Where burning rubber meets… That’s where I’m home.

FAQ About Racing Captions for Instagram

How long should my racing captions for Instagram be?

Our advice? Always keep your racing captions short and make them catchy if you’re enjoying a race as a fan or spectator. You’ll find the sweet spot somewhere between 140 and 220 characters. If you’re participating, you can afford to make your captions a little longer — as long as every word adds value to your message!

Should I add any emojis to my race captions for Instagram?

Definitely! The emojis you pick add color and personality to your captions, and make them that little bit more eye-catching. Some of your best options include 🏆, 🚦, 🏁, and 🏎️, but you can’t go wrong with 😎 either. These emojis are best for NASCAR Instagram captions. Obviously, horse racing or biking captions need different emojis!

Can you recommend any good hashtags for my racing Instagram captions?

Some people only think of hashtags as a way to make Instagram posts more visible, but they also clarify your tone and add charm to your captions. You can’t go wrong with #speeddemon, #fastandfurious, #victorylane, #raceready, #racefan, #raceweekend, #finishstrong, or #driventowin.

How should I use this list of racing captions for Instagram?

We know how hard it can sometimes be to come up with fitting Instagram captions. This list of racing captions is there to make things a little easier for you, and you’re welcome to use it in any way you like. You could simply “steal” some of our captions if they fit your vibe, but you can also add your own unique thoughts or tweak them to better match the vibe of your photo.