100 Raw Instagram Captions to Add a Touch of Authenticity

Do you ever feel like you’re “curating” a life you don’t really live on Instagram? Do you wish you could…

Do you ever feel like you’re “curating” a life you don’t really live on Instagram? Do you wish you could break through the barriers of fakery so often associated with social media, and just say what you really think? Do crave genuine connections with your Insta followers, whether you know them IRL or not?

Raw Instagram captions are a great way to start, and this guide dives into the meaning of these genuine, authentic messages that keep it real and let your followers see the you beneath the social media facade.

Join us for a look at raw caption examples, and learn how to find your own authentic voice.

How to Write Genuine, Raw Captions for Instagram

Raw captions for Instagram start with the idea that genuine connections are based on real feelings. These captions aren’t overly polished, and they definitely don’t pretend to be something they’re not. Beyond that, raw captions don’t have a particular style — because they’re really nothing but an honest reflection of your mood or the photo you’re posting.

Want to give raw captions for Instagram a go? Here’s a look at how it’s done (and how it isn’t).

If you want to write raw Instagram captions, do:

  • Make sure that everything you write is genuine. That doesn’t mean all raw Instagram captions fall into the TMI genre or that you can’t carefully pick and choose your words, but it does mean there’s a piece of you in every caption.
  • Ask yourself if you really want to share that before you post it. There’s a fine line between raw captions and oversharing, and the latter can lead to heaps of regret.
  • Wonder what kind of impression your caption leaves before you post it.
  • Remember that not all raw Instagram captions focus on sadness, imperfections, or other unpleasant emotions. Raw captions can also be very happy! This vibe is all about keeping it real.

On the other hand, don’t:

  • Force yourself to write things you think sound raw but don’t have any meaning to you personally.
  • Try to look vulnerable for the sake of it. It’s only real if it’s real.
  • Turn to overused quotes or sayings you see all over Instagram. Even if they are meaningful to you, these sayings lose their power after a while. Absolutely nobody is going to read “It’s not about the destination, but about the journey” and think, “Oh, wow, so raw.”

To sum it up, raw captions for Instagram are authentically yours.

Where does that leave you if you came here for copy/pastable caption ideas, you wonder? Well, as always, you’re absolutely free to take any of our caption ideas and paste them to your Instagram feed if they resonate with you. However, this list of raw Instagram captions will work best if you simply use them as inspiration.

Scroll down to get a feel for what Instagram captions that keep things real, and even show you being vulnerable, can look like. Then, go forth and post your own captions — because when they’re authentically yours and leave fakery at the door, you create space for genuine connections with everyone who reads them.

Raw Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Sharing is caring — even on bad hair days.
  2. Slay the day? Nah. It’s a “stay in bed” kind of day.
  3. Pushing through and moving past.
  4. Well, I guess even a step back is a step, and exercise is always healthy.
  5. Love yourself, even if you don’t love your selfie.
  6. Today’s good mood is sponsored by chirping sparrows. You gotta find joy in the small things!
  7. Holding myself together with a couple of strings and some duct tape.
  8. Nope, it’s not a new skincare routine. I’m in love!
  9. I might not be perfect, but at least I’m me. Sorry, not sorry.
  10. Mondays happen. Coffee helps, but never enough.

Raw Captions for Instagram About Personal Growth

  1. That feeling when you come back home and everything is the same, but you’ve moved on. I guess time travel is real, after all.
  2. Yes, it’s a phase. Life is just a series of phases, when you really think about it. Who would want to stay the same forever?
  3. Hate the process, in it for the results.
  4. Sometimes, it turns out that therapy is the best kind of therapy, and that’s OK.
  5. Someone tell me to keep going. I really need to hear it today.
  6. Surrounded by people but feeling alone today. I hope tomorrow will be better.
  7. I go to the gym for the way I feel after, but man, it’s a struggle every day.
  8. I think I’ve come full circle, but I’m still not back where I started because I’m a different person now.
  9. I reached my goal, but now it feels kind of anticlimactic. What’s next?
  10. Today, the only personal growth I’m doing comes from the chips I’m eating.

Emotional Raw Instagram Captions About Sadness

  1. The thing about filters? They’re not real, but puffy eyes after crying are.
  2. There are days I still can’t believe my beloved dog is gone, and I expect to see her happy face and wagging tail when I come home.
  3. Sure, smile because it happened, but why not also cry because it’s over?
  4. So tired of looking on the bright side. Sometimes, you just have to break down before you can pick yourself back up.
  5. You know that feeling when you want to talk about it but you’re scared nobody wants to listen?
  6. Yes, I’m strong, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt.
  7. Jog in the park or sad music on loop? I should pick the jog, right?
  8. Because pretending it’s not real doesn’t make it go away.
  9. If one more person says, “At least you still have…,” I think I’m going to scream.
  10. Looking on the bright side is a mission for another day.

Happy and Positive Raw Instagram Captions

  1. It’s a beautiful day, and I don’t need any other excuse to play happy music loudly!
  2. We closed on our dream home today! I don’t think I’ll ever stop smiling. I never thought we’d get there one day!
  3. The last chapter of the book of my life sucked, but this one is a great read so far!
  4. Feeling exhausted but happy. There’s nothing like getting through a tough job with your team.
  5. My Pothos cuttings succeeded, and I’m ridiculously happy to see them thrive. If I can grow plants, I can grow me, too, right?
  6. Spring might come every year, but the budding flowers and chirping birds never fail to lift my mood.
  7. I’m not where I planned to be, but it’s turning out to be awesome.
  8. Plot twist: With new friends, the city I felt so lonely in is suddenly absolutely amazing.
  9. Sometimes, happiness is a cup of tea and a muffin after a long day.
  10. Hey, those problems will still be there tomorrow. Let’s enjoy this beautiful day.

Raw Captions for Instagram About Friendship

  1. Friends come and go, but at least memories last forever.
  2. It’s all about late night heart-to-hearts with your favorite people.
  3. Friendship is my favorite filter, and nothing else matters right now.
  4. When life gives you good friends, make sure you never take them for granted.
  5. Most of the time, friends who make you laugh are better than therapy.
  6. Thanks for forcing me to go hiking the other day. It was just what I needed.
  7. Good company makes every moment just that little bit better.
  8. Let’s be real. There aren’t many people I’d share my embarrassing stories with, but you guys are the best.
  9. Good friends know about the skeletons in your closet. Best friends make them dance.
  10. Beautiful friendships are laughter served with a side of blunt honesty.

Raw Instagram Captions About Romance

  1. That feeling when a touch that lasted a split second makes you smile all day. Love is electrifying!
  2. Love? What’s that? Well, right now, it’s my cat wishing me good morning with a purr. (I’m pretty sure she’s just asking for breakfast.)
  3. You know it’s for real when your other half doesn’t complain about your long hair clogging the sink every time.
  4. There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing the love you feel reflected in someone else’s eyes.
  5. From daydreams to long walks hand in hand, I’m so glad we found each other.
  6. I still can’t believe you like me back!
  7. There’s music playing in my head, and the world suddenly looks so much brighter.
  8. Like, a date? A date-date? You’re asking me? OMG! I’ve only been dreaming of this moment forever.
  9. Is that love in the air, or is it just the wonderful lasagna you made me?
  10. When you find that one special person who’s weird in exactly the same way as you, hold on tight and dance through life together.

Raw Captions for Instagram About Breaking Up

  1. Shards of heartbreak glitter in the corner, but inside, I just feel numb.
  2. Shattered dreams and broken futures. Well, this sucks.
  3. The person I was pretending to be loved the person he was pretending to be, but it wasn’t enough.
  4. Thanks for breaking the limbo and getting it over and done with. Our relationship already felt like a ghost town.
  5. Oh, well, I guess I can eat this comfort food all by myself, all alone.
  6. Love is no longer in the air. Only the smell of burned toast and bitter arguments remains.
  7. It hurts, but I’m relieved. But it still hurts.
  8. How can something you know is so necessary hurt so much?
  9. I miss you even as you still stand there, but I know it’s been over for a while already.
  10. Falling out of love with you is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Raw Instagram Captions About Nature

  1. I can see the budding spring leaves out of my office window, and I wish today was a day off.
  2. Because the calming sound of this stream beats traffic noises every time.
  3. Nah, I don’t know anything about birds. I just like to listen to their songs.
  4. Yes, I talk to my houseplants. I don’t know if it makes them happy, but it sure makes me happy.
  5. One day, when I’m old and gray, I want to live in a witchy little cabin in the woods.
  6. Nature and good food collide where a wasp steals the eggs right off your egg-fried rice. De-appetized but amazed.
  7. She wished she was wandering through a lush forest, but she changed her home screen to a photo of a lush forest, instead.
  8. If you can call the wildflowers sprouting through this urban sidewalk nature, I guess you could say I spend a lot of time in nature.
  9. Tired of city life and longing for the country. I want backyard chickens.
  10. Don’t tell anyone, but yes, I sometimes feed the pigeons.

Hard-Hitting Quotes for Raw Instagram Captions

  1. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” ― Dr Seuss
  2. “Some humans would do anything to see if it was possible to do it. If you put a large switch in some cave somewhere, with a sign on it saying ‘End-of-the-World Switch. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH,’ the paint wouldn’t even have time to dry.” ― Terry Pratchett
  3. “One ought to hold on to one’s heart; for if one lets it go, one soon loses control of the head too.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
  4. “One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.” ― John Lennon
  5. “True love is not a hide and seek game: in true love, both lovers seek each other.” ― Michael Bassey Johnson
  6. “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.” ― JRR Tolkien
  7. “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.” ― Oscar Wilde
  8. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” ― Robert Frost
  9. “Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel.” ― Jean Racine
  10. “The past is a candle at great distance: too close to let you quit, too far to comfort you.” ― Amy Bloom

Short Raw Captions for Instagram

  1. Well, today wasn’t awesome.
  2. I’d get up and do stuff, but I don’t want to disturb the purring cat on my lap.
  3. It’s a great day to get takeout.
  4. Even when truth hurts, it’s still truth.
  5. Some moments just can’t be captioned.
  6. That feeling when you want pizza, but have salad.
  7. Laugh so loudly the neighbors complain.
  8. Sure, I want to hang out with you, but I also really want to watch Netflix.
  9. Life isn’t an inspirational saying. Deal with it.
  10. So, I rewatched my favorite movie, and it actually really sucked.

FAQ About Raw Captions for Instagram

Is there such a thing as TMI in raw Instagram captions?

You bet! Raw captions are all about sharing real emotions, but that never means you have to lay everything out for the whole internet to see. Few people are going to enjoy reading a selfie caption that says, “I don’t think the UTI meds are working yet…,” for example! Raw captions capture the real you, but sharing everything that comes to mind probably isn’t a great idea.

How long should my raw captions for Instagram be?

There are no hard and fast rules, but shorter captions tend to be most impactful on Instagram. If you want people to read your whole caption, try to keep it brief.