100 Washington DC Instagram Captions to Brighten Your Feed

From iconic and world-famous landmarks to amazing museums and from beautiful architecture to cherry blossoms, there’s no doubt that DC…

From iconic and world-famous landmarks to amazing museums and from beautiful architecture to cherry blossoms, there’s no doubt that DC is an impressive city. It also takes a while to grow on you, so if you’re visiting, coming up with impressive Instagram captions that your followers won’t hesitate to like and comment on can be a little challenging.

That’s where this list of Washington DC Instagram captions comes in handy! Whether you’re on a business trip and exploring sights between meetings, or you came for a tourist vacation, you’ll find lots of ideas for your next caption right here.

How to Write Great Instagram Captions for Washington DC

Are you having some trouble coming up with memorable Washington DC captions for Instagram, but are you definitely not giving up until your photos have beautiful captions? Good — because Instagram captions deserve to be so much more than an afterthought!

Writing a winning caption can make all the difference between earning yourself a few lonely likes and sparking a genuinely interesting conversation on your feed. Here’s how to get started with Washington DC captions for Instagram that hit the right note:

  • Look beyond the obvious. Many Instagram users resort to describing the pictures they take (“Me at the Washington Monument!”), but that’s a waste of time, because your followers can see that. Make your captions more descriptive by sharing the sounds you hear, the scents you smell, and the atmosphere you feel.
  • Washington DC is a pretty popular travel destination. People write captions about it on Instagram all the time. Make yours unique by sharing your personal take on the city. You can only really impress your followers by injecting your captions with personality and flair, so don’t be afraid to make it interesting.
  • If you’re not sure what to say but you’re determined to come up with an attention-grabbing caption, aim for punny or humorous messages. A little fun goes a long way, and we’re sure all your photos have punnable potential. You just need to look for it!
  • Using famous Washington DC quotes is another great way to come up with a sophisticated caption. Although good, Insta-worthy quotes about the city are surprisingly difficult to find, we do have some nice options down below.

Still can’t think of anything? No problem. Just scroll down to explore our DC Instagram captions, and you’ll find great ideas for just about every occasion. Whether you’re visiting the National Zoo, walking around Georgetown, or you’re lucky enough to get to tour the White House (we’ve got White House Instagram captions, too), you’ll find inspo on this list.

For a more personalized approach, simply add your own thoughts and choose suitable emojis!

Washington DC Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Because selfies are better next to the Washington Monument.
  2. Washington DC vibes are good vibes.
  3. Can’t wait to explore the Smithsonian!
  4. Lost at the Smithsonian. Find me among the dinosaur bones.
  5. Why Washington DC? ‘Cause it’s better than therapy.
  6. So little time, so many sights.
  7. Welcome to Washington DC.
  8. Meet me where history and beauty intersect, and don’t look back.
  9. I followed my heart, and it led me to DC’s famous cherry blossoms.
  10. Keep calm and explore the soul of the nation.

Funny Washington DC Instagram Captions

  1. Washington DC is the city of fossils. Yes, I was talking about the Smithsonian.
  2. Lost in Washington, but I DC.
  3. No matter the question, sightseeing in DC is always the answer.
  4. Sorry boss, I’m too busy exploring Washington DC to reply.
  5. Dreams of tall buildings and taller tales…
  6. Me + my camera + my “I don’t know where I am” look. I think even the pigeons can smell that I am a tourist.
  7. Went to the National Mall, was very disappointed not to find a shopping experience.
  8. Uhh, what way to the Washington Monument again? I think I’m lost…
  9. Washington DC: Where the landmarks are so obvious you don’t even need GPS.
  10. Got my selfie stick and my fanny pack. DC, I’m ready for you!

Cute Washington DC Captions for Instagram

  1. Go where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and smile.
  2. Feet on the ground, head in the clouds, and dreaming of Washington DC.
  3. I’m having a monumentally good time in DC!
  4. Washington DC is my happy place, and I’m never going home.
  5. Lost in Washington DC, found in your embrace.
  6. Chasing sunsets and monuments.
  7. Love is in the air… or maybe that’s just these cherry blossom trees.
  8. Just a small-town girl exploring the nation’s soul.
  9. Find me at the National Zoo, saying hello to all the animals.
  10. On a date with the best city ever.

Inspirational Instagram Captions for Washington DC

  1. There’s nothing like standing next to the Washington Monument to make you feel small. Try to sometime!
  2. Living on the wild side of Washington DC.
  3. When life gives you a trip to Washington DC, don’t forget to go to the zoo. It’s the best thing here.
  4. Cherry blossom petals in my hair, don’t care.
  5. Keep calm and enjoy the cherry blossoms.
  6. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Cherry Blossoms and Power.” Want a whiff?
  7. Dream big. You never know. You might end up in the White House some day.
  8. Everything is greener in DC. Come smell the blossoms!
  9. Where dreams blossom and history is written every day.
  10. I could get used to this…

White House Instagram Captions

  1. Hello, Mr President!
  2. So close, and yet so far away!
  3. This is the closest I could get! If you squint, you can almost see it.
  4. Where the past meets the future and the world’s fate is shaped every day.
  5. It’s definitely white, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a house.
  6. Pure elegance.
  7. I’m dreaming of a white… house?
  8. Go where all the action happens.
  9. Touring the halls of power.
  10. Weirdest things on the list of items you can’t bring on a tour of the White House? Fireworks and flags.

Washington DC Instagram Captions with Friends

  1. Friends don’t let friends explore Washington DC alone.
  2. Don’t mind us. We’re just here for the cherry blossoms.
  3. Just casually strolling around the Capitol like we own the place.
  4. Lost in Georgetown, but loving every moment.
  5. Life ain’t perfect, but this trip exploring DC together sure is.
  6. Just me, my crew, and this stunning Washington DC view.
  7. Squad goals, Capitol Hill edition.
  8. Life is better in Washington DC.
  9. We’re in Washington DC, and we definitely don’t believe in keeping calm.
  10. The only thing better than visiting DC is visiting DC with friends.

Washington DC Instagram Captions for Sightseeing

  1. Meanwhile, on Pennsylvania Avenue…
  2. I’m in a masterpiece state of mind at the National Gallery of Art.
  3. You haven’t seen a real library until you’ve been to the Library of Congress.
  4. I don’t know which is more chaotic — Congress or the National Zoo. I do know which is cuter!
  5. Sometimes, dreams are made from cobblestone streets and fancy restaurants.
  6. I love all of the Smithsonian exhibitions, but air and space is my fave!
  7. It’s all Capitol Hill from here…
  8. Meet me at the Lincoln Memorial and pretend we’re starring in Scandal.
  9. Came for the cherry blossoms, stayed for the history.
  10. Whoever said that history is history has clearly never been to DC.

Great Quotes for Instagram Captions for Washington DC

  1. “Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm.” — John F Kennedy
  2. “You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog.” — Harry S Truman
  3. “It is better to be alone than in bad company.” — George Washington
  4. “Saw Washington Monument. Phallic. Appalling. A national catastrophe.” — Arnold Bennett
  5. “DC is not a city, and it’s not a state; it’s a state of mind.” — Bob Schieffer
  6. “Washington, DC is to lying what Wisconsin is to cheese.” — Dennis Miller
  7. Liberty and union, one and inseparable.” — Daniel Webster
  8. “You can practically smell the bills becoming laws. You can taste the sweet sugar of bureaucracy at work.” — Leslie Knope
  9. “I’ll be long gone before some smart person ever figures out what happened inside this Oval Office.” — George W. Bush
  10. “Washington, DC is 12 square miles bordered by reality.” — Andrew Johnson

Short Washington DC Captions for Instagram

  1. Radiate positive vibes and smell the cherry blossoms.
  2. DC, here I come!
  3. Meet me on Capitol Hill.
  4. DC hair, don’t care. (Get it?)
  5. I came, I saw, I fell in love.
  6. This is my new home.
  7. Today’s forecast: Museums and cherry blossoms.
  8. Let’s skip the politics and head straight for the zoo.
  9. Livin’ the Penn Ave dream.
  10. Surrounded by elegance and history.

Creative Writing Prompts for Washington DC Instagram Captions

Do you prefer to come up with your own unique DC Instagram captions, but is your creative flow letting you down at the moment? Not to worry — some good creative writing prompts will fix that for you in no time!

Explore a variety of sentence openers down below, let your mind wander, and finish your Washington DC story to craft a completely original Instagram caption that nobody else will ever use!

  1. My trip to Washington DC in three words: …
  2. Lost in a sea of cherry blossoms, I…
  3. My Washington DC bucket list includes…
  4. Looking at the Lincoln Memorial, I feel…
  5. Walking around Georgetown, getting ready to…
  6. When life gives you cherry blossoms, make…
  7. The best thing I saw at the Smithsonian? …
  8. My honest thoughts about the Washington Monument now that I’ve seen it in person? …
  9. In Washington DC, where the future is shaped and…
  10. Embrace the DC energy and…

FAQ About Washington DC Captions for Instagram

How long should my Instagram captions for Washington DC be?

We recommend short, catchy Washington DC captions for Instagram that give your friends and followers a little taste of your experience while also leaving them with questions they’ll stick in the comments. Whenever possible, leave a little to the imagination so that you can intrigue people enough to spark a conversation.

What are some good emojis for my Washington DC Instagram captions?

Good general Washington DC emojis include 🏛️, 🌸, 🇺🇸, 🚶‍♂️, 📸, 🍔, 📚, and 💼. Try to limit yourself to no more than three emojis per Instagram caption to ensure things don’t get too crowded, and don’t be afraid to tailor your emojis to your specific photos, rather than using general DC-related emojis. For instance, if you’re going to the zoo, you have lots of animal emojis to choose from!

Can you recommend some great hashtags for Instagram captions for Washington DC?

Sure! Try adding #washingtondc, #dcadventures, #dcfoodie, #nationalmall, #washingtonmonument, #dcblossoms, and #lincolnmemorial, based on where you’re going, and consider general hashtags that convey your mood, too.