100 Witchy Instagram Captions to Add Magic to Your Feed

Do you plan to dress up as a convincing witch for Halloween or another kind of costume party? This classic…

Do you plan to dress up as a convincing witch for Halloween or another kind of costume party? This classic costume choice will never go out of style — and, in fact, it’s been the fourth most popular Halloween costume choice for years in a row now!

The beauty of dressing up as a witch is that you can put your own unique twist on it. You’ll look great whether you want to be a cute, evil, creepy, zombified, or classic witch, and you’ll get lots of Insta-worthy photos along the way.

The best way to write witchy Instagram captions your followers can’t resist? Really get into character! We’ll show you how it’s done in this guide. Scroll down for lots of examples of magical witch captions you can add straight to your feed or tweak as you want, and grab some tips to help you write more engaging captions while you’re at it.

How to Write Magical Witch Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

The Halloween costume you choose can actually say quite a lot about you, so we’ll assume you’re excited to bring your inner witch out to play. The striking snapshots you’ll end up with deserve enchanting witch Instagram captions — perhaps with a touch of creepy? Here’s how to get it right:

  • Start by picking a central theme for your witchy adventures. Are you going to take the role of a classic witch, a cozy cat lady, a TV witch, a cute, spicy witch, or will you bring a whole coven of witches to the party? Get in character before you start writing your captions, and talk like you’re really a witch.
  • It can help to brainstorm a list of witchy words, like broom, spell, wand, spellbook, potion, cauldron, black cat, moon, bat, and so on, and royally sprinkle them into your captions. These words will make your witchy captions for Instagram feel more alive and authentic.
  • When in doubt, cast a humor spell on your Instagram followers! Play around with the fact that “witch” is just one letter off the “B word,” for example, talk about “broommates” if you’re dressing up as witches together, or deploy other witchy puns.
  • Still not sure what to say? By using famous quotes from TV shows and movies as your witchy captions for Instagram, you’ll instantly get a great caption that will resonate with your followers, and you won’t even have to be that creative!

Have fun writing your witch captions for Instagram, and don’t be afraid to steal some of our ideas if you’re a little stuck. After all, the best witches help each other out!

Witchy Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Exploring the world on my broom, black cat in tow.
  2. Ready to cast a spell on you.
  3. Just me and my army of spiders.
  4. Just my resting witch face.
  5. A point hat and an all-black wardrobe? Now that’s my vibe!
  6. But first, let me brew some potions.
  7. Bubbling water and cauldrons. Witch and learn.
  8. Witchy hair, don’t care.
  9. Witch, please…
  10. There’s something enchanting about this look.

Funny Witch Instagram Captions

  1. I’m as cold as a witch’s kiss.
  2. Don’t mind me. I’m on a witch hunt to find the Halloween-themed snacks.
  3. Let me just witch into something more comfortable…
  4. Not all witches have broomsticks. Some drive swiffers.
  5. Warning: If I don’t like you, I’ll turn you into a frog.
  6. Caution: Black magic in progress.
  7. Witch way to the food?
  8. You can be the black cat to my witch.
  9. My crystal ball predicts a whole lot of spooky fun tonight!
  10. Spooky, scary skeletons seldom let you snooze.

Cute Witch Captions for Instagram

  1. Not your basic witch.
  2. Crazy spell incoming.
  3. Tales of black cats, scary bats, and pointy hats.
  4. Keep calm and cast spells.
  5. Think fast! I’m about to throw a potion on you!
  6. Witchy vibes and scary times.
  7. Wild, free, and ready for a potion spree.
  8. Brewing mischief and casting spells.
  9. 90% treat, 10% trick.
  10. Pick your poison.

Savage Witchy Captions for Instagram

  1. Casting spells and lookin’ wicked.
  2. Slay all day, cast spells all night. Warning: I might break your heart.
  3. I’m fluent in sarcasm, but if you’ve got a problem with that, don’t worry. I’ve got a potion for you.
  4. Hex on fleek. Better stay away.
  5. Moonlit dreams and savage screams. That’s my brand of witchy.
  6. I’d cast a spell of disappointment on you, but you don’t seem to need any help in that department.
  7. Who needs love potions when you’re naturally fabulous?
  8. Witch, I dressed up like this, and I still look better than you.
  9. Slaying like a witch. Who needs broomsticks when you’ve got looks?
  10. If you were an ingredient in my potions, you’d ruin the whole brew every time.

Creepy Witch Captions Instagram

  1. I witch you a very dark and scary Halloween!
  2. A very witchy Halloween to my broommates!
  3. Is it witchful thinking, or are you ripe for my love potion?
  4. All I need is my broom and my black cat.
  5. Sparks fly from my little eye.
  6. Bewitching you, one fly-filled potion at a time.
  7. In a Halloween party full of princesses and zombies, dare to be the classic witch.
  8. I eat eyeballs for breakfast and cute boys for dinner.
  9. Sorry, my black cat and I already have other plans.
  10. Roaming the skies with my broom, silently watching you through your window…

Witchy Instagram Captions with Friends

  1. But tonight, the coven gathers to cast out enemies…
  2. Flying high, ready to take over the sky.
  3. Friends don’t let friends come up with scary potions alone.
  4. We’re the pointy hat crew. Wanna join? Here’s your broom.
  5. Why are we witches again this year? Duh, because we’re magic.
  6. Take a walk on the witchy side with us.
  7. ‘Cause life is no fun without a little darkness…
  8. We’re all about broomsticks and brews tonight.
  9. Tremble in fear, the witches are here.
  10. All you need is a little magic, a great costume, and a lot of great friends!

Romantic Witchy Instagram Captions

  1. Together, we’ll soar high above the sky on our broomsticks.
  2. How do you know I didn’t cast a spell on you?
  3. This crazy black cat lady has her heart set on you and her bag full of potions.
  4. Spellbinding moments in your arms.
  5. Will you be the bride to my broom?
  6. No need to cast a spell. I’m already in love with you.
  7. Fly high with me!
  8. Will you be the trick to my treat?
  9. Falling off my broom just for you.
  10. I’ll haunt you for the rest of your life.

Spooky Quotes for Witch Instagram Captions

  1. “Relax … it’s only magic.” — Sarah Bailey, The Craft
  2. “A witch out never be frightened in the darkest forest… because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.” — Terry Pratchett
  3. “This witch had been crafted from the darkness between the stars.” — Sarah J Maas
  4. “You have witchcraft in your lips.” — William Shakespeare
  5. “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light; I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” — Sarah Williams
  6. “The day we found magic, I thought we were going to change the world.” — Charmed
  7. “Never put your faith in a prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch.” — Catherine M Valente
  8. “This witch had been crafted from the darkness between the stars.” — Sarah J. Maas
  9. “For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now.” — Roald Dahl, The Witches
  10. “There’s a little witch in all of us.” — Alice Hoffman

Short Witchy Captions for Instagram

  1. Live, laugh, and be very spooky.
  2. Witch, please!
  3. With her wand in one hand and her spellbook in the other.
  4. Come fly with me.
  5. Meet the Wicked Witch of the West.
  6. Witching you a spooky evening.
  7. I’m brewing this one just for you.
  8. Creeping it real and picking the spooky route.
  9. Magic and Chill.
  10. I’ll park my broom right over here.

Creative Writing Prompts for Witchy Instagram Captions

We hope you had fun reading our witchy Instagram caption ideas — and that you found a couple that would look spooktastically good on your feed! Here’s the thing, though. Some photos are so good that they deserve a little extra attention. The only way to totally nail the vibe is to write your own Instagram captions, and this creative exercise will help you cast a spell on your Instagram page. Just finish the sentences and see where your broomstick takes you!

  1. Warning: It just takes a gentle flick of my wand to…
  2. I come to life when the sunsets, and I’m brewing…
  3. If I could cast a spell on you, it would be…
  4. I dance with black cats, ride away on my broomstick, and…
  5. This black heart screams out for…
  6. I’m all trick this Halloween, and I’m ready to…
  7. Bad to the core and…
  8. Keep calm, get ready for the witching hour, and…
  9. Some spells can…
  10. As she plays with the twilight, she…

FAQ About Witch Instagram Captions

How long should my witch captions for Instagram be?

That depends. While it’s generally good to try to keep your captions short, you might want to give a shout-out to whoever organized the party, mention the venue, tag your friends, and share a little more about your Halloween event.

If you made your costume yourself, or a talented friend did your makeup and you want to say thank you, your captions will get quite long quite quickly. That’s OK, as long as you have something to say!

What are the best emojis for my witchy captions for Instagram?

Some of our favorite emojis for witchy Instagram captions are 🔮, 🌙, 🕯️, 🧹, 🌹, 🖤, and 🌟. Mix and match, and the magic will really come to life on your feed!

Can you recommend some good hashtags for witch captions for Instagram?

Of course! Try adding #witchyvibes, #magicalmoments, #covengoals, #spellbound, #witchyfashion, #spooky, and #halloween to your captions to add personality and charm.

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