100 Zoo Instagram Captions to Make Your Feed Roar

A trip to the zoo is a bunch of fun, and you’re always bound to end up with a camera…

A trip to the zoo is a bunch of fun, and you’re always bound to end up with a camera roll of amazing photos! There’s something about all the animals that never fails to melt everyone’s heart.

The trouble? If you’re getting ready to share those striking and cute photos with your Instagram crowd, you might discover that it’s surprisingly hard to write good captions for trips to the zoo. That’s where this list comes in handy.

We’ve prepared a list of cute, funny, and snappy zoo Instagram captions for you to use or modify in any way you like. Get brainstorming and wow your followers with great captions!

How to Write Memorable Instagram Zoo Captions

Instagram might be the world’s most visually oriented social media platform, but although pictures play a starring role, you really do need good captions to attract likes and comments. Social media research has shown that photos with any caption get significantly more engagement, and if you manage to write a really great caption, you can count on an explosion of likes and comments.

Unfortunately, upping your caption game is harder than it seems — and capturing your trip to the zoo with a great one-liner is quite tricky. Try these tips to get better results:

  • Some Instagram users default to describing the photos they post in their captions. Don’t do it. Your followers can see the picture, too, after all! Instead, talk about everything that’s left out of the picture. That could be something interesting that happened moments before or after you took that shot, but it could also be the sounds, smells, and mood.
  • If you’re stuck, turn to humor. Silly puns and cute stories are a tried-and-trusted way to bag those likes and comments. Explore animal-related expressions and idioms like “see you later, alligator” and try to match them to the actual animal they refer to when you post captions.
  • You could also just highlight the favorite parts of your visit to the zoo and describe how those moments made you feel. Coming face to face and getting up close and personal with a wild animal can be a profound experience.
  • Another option is to use great quotes to caption your zoo pictures. If you’re lost for words, famous authors and animal experts can do the talking for you. A nice bonus? A quote will instantly make your captions look more sophisticated.

Have fun, and write authentic zoo captions for Instagram that align with the caption style you usually post. Need more inspiration? No problem! Just scroll down to find zoo captions Instagram followers will love, and enjoy the attention you get!

Zoo Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. It’s all monkey business here.
  2. Ready to take a walk on the wild side!
  3. Meet my new best friend — he tried to steal my phone!
  4. Life ain’t perfect, but a great day at the zoo can be!
  5. Beast, meet beauty!
  6. I’m roaring to meet all these animals!
  7. See you later, alligator!
  8. Wandering through Noah’s Ark in real life.
  9. Is there ever a bad day to forget about the daily grind and enjoy nature’s beauty?
  10. Came for the animals, stayed for the awesome selfies.

Funny Zoo Captions for Instagram

  1. I came to the zoo to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, know what I’m saying?
  2. Something fishy is going on in this aquarium!
  3. A little birdie told me to come to the zoo…
  4. It’s all monkey see monkey do, here at the zoo!
  5. We’re having a whale of a time here!
  6. The zoo: Because my home is too small to keep a tiger.
  7. We’re having a pawesome time with these tigers!
  8. These bison are just moo-ving forward!
  9. Our trip to the zoo? Let’s just say it was a howling success.
  10. Why did nobody pay attention to this guy? He was just crying wolf.

Cute Instagram Zoo Captions

  1. Keep calm and know the alligator is safely tucked away on the other side of the glass.
  2. Today’s forecast: An explosion of cute animals.
  3. Go where Bambi will lick your hand.
  4. Give in to the cuteness and smile.
  5. Adventure called, so I went to the zoo.
  6. Meet me by the lions and go wild.
  7. The zoo — still just as magical as it was when I was little!
  8. If you’re already planning to go for a walk, why not do it where cuteness overflows?
  9. Chasing birdsong and penguins.
  10. Help! I’m being spied on by an army of meerkats!

Clever Zoo Instagram Captions

  1. It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room…
  2. When life gives you zoo animals, take the cutest pictures you can!
  3. I wonder if they think they’re here to watch us be cute.
  4. That moment when you come face to face with a wild animal, but you realize you’re just staring in the mirror.
  5. So many animals, so little time! We’ll just have to come back another time!
  6. Just getting a bird’s eye view of all the feathered guys here!
  7. Unleash your inner wild animal!
  8. Me? I’m just on a mission to find Nemo.
  9. Zebras? I’m a simple girl. I see everything in black and white.
  10. Don’t feed the animals, they said. Wonder why there’s a cafe?

Zoo Captions for Instagram with Friends

  1. Look! We’re the Queens of the jungle!
  2. Monkeying around with my besties? Sounds like squad goals!
  3. Friends who go to the zoo together have a blast together.
  4. Just me and the crew visiting the lion’s den.
  5. We’re the coolest crew in the zoo, not including the tigers, of course!
  6. That feeling when you go from urban jungle to actual jungle in two seconds flat. We’re having a great time!
  7. The zoo: Where we feel right at home, and our faces look sillier than the monkeys’.
  8. I hope we get to pet something fluffy today!
  9. Chasing zoo memories and making silly animal noises.
  10. Dancing to the rhythm of absolute cuteness here today!

Instagram Zoo Captions for Couples

  1. Just a couple of lovebirds exploring the zoo…
  2. ‘Cause you always awaken my inner animal, baby!
  3. The zoo is our happy place, and we go as often as we can!
  4. Don’t mind us. We’re just a couple of silly monkeys.
  5. Our love story is a wild adventure. You could even say it’s a safari!
  6. Us at the zoo cafe: Just a couple of zebras foraging for food!
  7. Let’s get wild, baby!
  8. Our love story, inspired by penguins. They stay together for life!
  9. The zoo, of course. Because you’re my animal!
  10. Making sweet memories and living wild dreams.

Zoo Instagram Captions for the Whole Family

  1. We’re taking the concept of monkey bars to a whole new level here!
  2. The neighbor said my bunch belonged in the zoo, so I took them there!
  3. In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…
  4. WiFi off, adventure on.
  5. Just my kids, running around like wild animals and having the time of their lives.
  6. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Roaring Laughter.” Want a whiff?
  7. No matter the question, the zoo is always the answer in our family.
  8. Just a mama bear visiting the zoo with her cubs.
  9. Live, laugh, roar, repeat. That’s what we’re all about!
  10. Running wild and living free, just like it was meant to be.

Great Quotes for Zoo Instagram Captions

  1. “I believe the happiness we feel in relation to animals is immensely significant. I believe it is absolutely central to our physical, psychological, and spiritual well-being.” — Linda Bender
  2. “I think the discomfort that some people feel in going to the monkey cages at the zoo is a warning sign.” ― Carl Sagan
  3. “Animals are such agreeable friends ― they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ― George Eliot
  4. “Animals are my friends… and I don’t eat my friends.” ― George Bernard Shaw
  5. “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.” ― AA Milne
  6. “An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” ― Martin Buber
  7. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France
  8. “I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.” ― Winston S Churchill
  9. “Zoo: An excellent place to study the habits of human beings.” ― Evan Esar
  10. “Lions are neither predators nor killers. They just go hunting like kings, because they are the kings!” ― Munia Khan

Short Zoo Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

  1. Life’s a zoo. Embrace the vibe.
  2. I followed my heart, and it led me to the zoo.
  3. Keep calm and pet all the animals you can.
  4. When in doubt, stare into the eyes of pure cuteness.
  5. The ostriches are my favorites!
  6. Just exploring my wild side!
  7. My cat’s larger cousin.
  8. Radiate wild vibes and take great pictures.
  9. Simply adorable!
  10. The best kinds of fun have fur.

Creative Writing Prompts for Zoo Instagram Captions

Are you still looking for zoo Instagram caption ideas that match your vibe and are highly relevant to your photos? Sometimes, writing your own caption is the best way to get the job done! These writing prompts make that super easy. Just pick a sentence and finish it in style!

  1. Monkeying around at the…
  2. That feeling when your genealogy research doesn’t go back far enough, and you want to…
  3. My trip to the zoo described in three words: …
  4. When life gives you lions, …
  5. Take a walk on the wild side, and…
  6. My favorite animals today were…
  7. When in doubt, take a trip to the zoo and…
  8. Chasing wild vibes and…
  9. Snapping memories with… and…
  10. We’re thrilled to get to see…

FAQ About Zoo Captions for Instagram

How long should my zoo Instagram captions be?

Our advice? Most of the zoo captions Instagram followers will respond well to are going to be short, snappy, and either cute or funny. You’re just trying to capture the mood of your visit, and you won’t need more than 220 characters to do that. If you manage to keep your captions to 140 characters or less, your Insta followers won’t even have to tap the More button to read the entire thing!

What are the best emojis to use in my Instagram zoo captions?

It’s best to tailor your emojis to the content of your photo. You’ve got a ton of animal emojis to choose from, including 🦁, 🐯, 🐻, 🐵, 🐘, 🦒, 🦓, 🦍, 🐍,  and the list goes on! But you can also include heart emojis, 📷️, 😎, 🌞, and other fun emojis that add context to your experience.

Can you recommend some good hashtags for Instagram captions for the zoo?

Sure! Hashtags are a great way to infuse your captions with personality and humor, and, of course, they also make it easier for other people to discover your wonderful photos! Some great options include #zoolife, #wildencounters, #roarandexplore, #zoofun, #zoolife, #wildandfree, and #animalkingdom.

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