105 Beautiful Instagram Captions for Nature

Many of us are so used to concrete jungles — traffic jams, offices, endless streams of people — that we…

Many of us are so used to concrete jungles — traffic jams, offices, endless streams of people — that we forget how powerful quality time spent in the vastness of nature can be. The benefits of spending time in the great outdoors, including improved sleep, reduced stress, and a better sense of connection to the world, run deep. It’s almost as if we were made to be one with nature!

In fact, research found that our longing for the natural world runs so deep that we can reap some of those same benefits just by surrounding ourselves with fake houseplants. It’s no stretch to assume, then, that the awe-inspiring beauty of nature photos might also have the power to nourish people’s souls.

Next time you’re wandering through a lush forest, gazing at a serene lake, or pondering the meaning of life atop a mountain, don’t just take amazing photos to share with all your Instagram followers.  Adorn those pictures with beautiful nature captions for Instagram, too.

It’ll do more than inspire your audience to like and comment on your posts! They might feel the undeniable call of the great outdoors and set off on their own adventures!

You’ll find a diverse collection of Instagram captions for nature here, as well as tips to craft captions that perfectly match the mood of your nature photos!

Nature Walk Captions for Instagram

What’s better than combining your love of nature with your passion for fitness? Whether you explore adventurous nature trails or just enjoy a leisurely stroll through the forest, around the lake, or anywhere else, nature walks are a great way to “touch grass.” If you’re taking photos for all your followers, you’ll need a great natural Instagram caption to immerse them in the vibe!

1. If you ever get out of breath during a nature walk, close your eyes and inhale deeply. Let the wonderful aromas of the world, like the smell of old leaves after the rain, inspire you to keep going.

2. The Goldilocks zone of nature trails — not too long, not too short, but just right for today’s adventure!

3. Don’t get lost in the beauty of the wild.

4. When your boots are made for walking, follow them to the most beautiful corners of the Earth.

5. A brisk walk among the trees, birds, and mushrooms is the only natural remedy I’ll ever need.

6. Nature walks are proof that you can get fit and find relaxation at the same time.

7. Count bugs, butterflies, mushrooms… not steps. They’ll come naturally!

8. Go on! Take a walk on the wild side!

9. Walk in nature, and you’ll never be alone.

10. Walk until you find a place without WiFi.

Nature Walk Captions for Instagram

Forest Captions for Instagram

The forest is filled with lush greenery, mystery, and tiny creatures you might be lucky enough to encounter and snap if you’re quiet and patient enough. These natural Instagram captions accentuate the undeniable, mystical power of the forest.

11. Leave only footprints, take only memories.

12. Trees: It’s hard to believe life-support machines can be so beautiful.

13. The forest: A timeless witness to all the world’s stories. Find your meaning in its whispers.

14. There are more trees on Earth than stars in the Milky Way. Dare to be a “terranaut”!

15. Who needs WiFi when you’ve got this?

16. Surrounded by the wisdom of trees and the hustle and bustle of tiny bugs, you can’t help but feel alive.

17. It’s “Hug a Tree” Day!

18. Love nature like you love yourself.

19. My new home.

20. Go to the forest. You’ll never have anything better to do.

Beautiful Greenery Captions for Instagram

Have you decided to focus your next set of nature photos on the greenery you encounter on your nature walks? From giant trees to stubborn little wildflowers, there’s a lot to capture! These outside captions for Instagram are all about the plant life that does so much to inspire us — if we bother to look and listen.

21. If only we could take all this greenery with us… I guess we’ll just have to move here!

22. Nature is my oxygen.

23. Thank you all, from the tallest trees to the tiniest little seedlings!

24. 50 shades of green.

25. There’s always room for more greenery in our hearts.

26. Plants are my love language!

27. You don’t have to go to a museum to discover fine art.

28. Plants have tenacious little spirits. Let them inspire you.

29. Go where the canopy of green ensures you won’t bump into another human.

30. Grow and glow, little ones!

Inspiring Natural Beauty Captions for Instagram

The best nature beauty captions for Instagram don’t just highlight the physical features of the landscape we’re privileged enough to surround ourselves with. They also convey a broader sense of awe and inspiration. The captions in this section are all about the relationship we, tiny little humans on a vast planet, have with nature.

31. And just like that, one step at a time, a world of boundless wonder unfurls.

32. Exploration looks like good boots, a sketch pad, and an open mind.

33. Go where there are no deadlines, no schedules, and no plans, but take a compass.

34. Nature is always there for you.

35. Start now, because life is short and the world is big.

36. If you give to nature, it always returns the favor.

37. Nature’s calling. Will you answer?

38. Getting lost in nature is the best way to find yourself.

39. Dare to be as free as the wind, fly as high as the birds.

40. No, really. Touch grass. Just don’t stop there.

Inspiring Natural Beauty Captions for Instagram

Instagram Nature Captions About Serenity

The best nature captions Instagram followers will love tap into the fact that nature inspires us to find inner peace in a chaotic world. We’ve tried to capture those feelings in these captions!

41. It was the chaos of people, not nature, that drove me wild.

42. Sit with a tree, gain some perspective.

43. Every step in nature is one toward good health.

44. Nature is my happy place.

45. Nature doesn’t ask questions. Nature understands.

46. Nature sings to you if you stay silent long enough to listen.

47. To find your zen, all you have to do is open the door.

48. There’s nothing more humbling than realizing how little you matter, and how privileged you are to get to be part of nature’s tapestry anyway.

49. As free as a bird.

50. “Pick up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile.”

Nature Instagram Captions About Weather

You might think “landscape” is about nature photography, but weather is one of the most dynamic elements of the natural world. Whether you capture the last sun rays of the day playfully hitting the lake, or you capture the dark, chaotic essence of a brewing storm, these pictures are a great way to discuss powerful emotions. These nature captions for Instagram for girls and boys show how the weather can change our mood.

51. Find peace in the eye of the storm.

52. Rainy days are my favorites!

54. Open the windows of your heart to let the sunshine in.

55. My longing for adventure blows with the wind…

56. I love the rhythm of the pouring rain.

57. Let the sunshine… let the sunshine in!

58. Sunsets: The gentlest goodnight kisses.

59. Every step in a world freshly blanketed in snow leaves a fleeting mark on perfection.

60. Ah, the hazy world of morning fog — where everything feels like a dream.

Short Nature Captions for Instagram

Not all your outside Instagram captions have to be long or deep — succinct captions that get straight to the point are a great way to get more views and likes! These captions skip straight to the essence of your nature-filled days.

61. Keep calm and discover nature.

62. Love the outdoors.

63. Find joy in nature’s gifts.

64. Immerse yourself in the natural world.

65. One with the world.

66. Be free.

67. Explore nature with all your senses.

68. Nature: A love letter to the world.

69. Heaven is real.

70. Forget everything else.

Artful One Word Nature Captions for Instagram

Artful One Word Nature Captions for Instagram

Some of the most powerful Instagram captions nature lovers can connect with are even shorter. One word nature captions for Instagram force you to get creative, and these are some of our favorites!

71. Divine.

72. Breathe.

73. Harmony.

74. Green.

75. Life.

76. Essence.

77. Complete.

78. Whispers.

99. Embrace.

100. Pristine.

Creative Prompts for Instagram Captions About Nature

We did our best to craft a wide variety of different Instagram captions about nature for every mood, in the hope of inspiring you to create wonderful captions of your own (or just copy/paste some of ours if they’re a good fit for your photo). There’s no question that captions written specifically for the pictures they’ll adorn are the most powerful way to connect with your audience, though!

So — you’ve got terrific nature photographs, but you’re not sure how to caption them? Follow these creative prompts to get you there!

101. Start by writing a straightforward, descriptive caption to describe your nature photo. Then, rewrite it to focus on the emotions the scene evokes for you, challenging yourself to avoid using words like “tree,” “butterfly,” or “lake.”

102. For earthy Instagram captions, zoom in on a tiny detail — one leaf, one seedling, a little piece of moss, or a tiny patch of dirt — and tell a short story from its perspective.

103. Turn your Instagram caption into a haiku!

104. Forget about the view — thanks to your photo, your followers can immerse themselves in it! Describe the smells, sounds, and temperature.

105. Share a life lesson the natural scene around you could teach.

FAQ About Instagram Captions for Nature

How long should my nature Instagram captions be?

That depends on your personal “brand” — if your followers are used to longer captions and love them, feel free to dive deeper. Generally speaking, fairly concise Instagram captions for nature work best — try keeping yours to about 220 characters or so.

How do I use my Instagram nature captions to engage my followers?

You’ll attract plenty of attention by sharing inspiring personal anecdotes or wisdom that sparks conversation. Frankly, asking questions often distracts from the wonder of nature — so just let your caption speak for itself!

What are good hashtags to use in Instagram captions for nature?

Popular nature-related hashtags you could add to your nature Instagram captions include #natureofinstagram, #naturelovers, #forestvibes, #hikingadventures, #intothewild, #natureonly, #bestnatureshot, and #naturephotography.