110 Apple Picking Instagram Captions for Orchard Adventures

Apple picking is one of the most enjoyable fall activities to try! Couples, families, and friend groups can enjoy a…

Apple picking is one of the most enjoyable fall activities to try! Couples, families, and friend groups can enjoy a day in nature, getting their hands dirty and filling their baskets with bumper crops that will later turn into amazing apple pies, sauce, or cider.

If you’re planning a trip to the orchard this fall, bring your selfie stick and your phone along, because apple picking adventures make for amazing cottage-core photos that all your followers will go crazy over!

Need winning apple picking Instagram captions to complete your posts? We’ve got you covered! Scroll down, rummage through our list of  apple orchard Instagram captions, and pick the captions that best convey your mood.

How to Write Memorable Apple Picking Captions for Instagram

Apple picking has an inherently romantic feel to it, and your pictures will do most of the talking. However, you’ll still need amazing apple Instagram captions to add context and spark interesting conversations! Here’s how it’s done:

  • Feeling cute or funny? Remember that there are a ton of apple-related idioms and puns to play around with, and each one will help you take your apple captions to the next level!
  • Don’t fall into the trap of describing your photos when you write your apple picking captions, because your Insta followers can already see those! Instead, spice up the moment by using sensory language to describe the things your Instagram friends can’t see — the tastes, smells, temperature, sounds, and mood in the orchard!
  • If apple picking is part of an ongoing fall tradition for you and your family, describing what it means to you is a great way to make your captions more meaningful.
  • Instagram users who are specifically hoping for more comments can try finishing their captions with questions. Try “Who else fancies a nice apple pie?” or ask what you should do with all those apples.
  • Can’t think of anything to say? Pick a meaningful quote about picking apples, spending time with family, or the fall season to craft an elegant and engaging caption that your followers will love.

Still stuck? Well, that’s what our list of captions is for! You’ll find a huge collection of apple picking Instagram captions for couples and families below, covering a variety of moods and styles. Our captions are short enough to give you space to add your own thoughts at the end, so go with the flow and show your followers how much fun you had at the orchard!

Apple Picking Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. A selfie with an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  2. Take a bite out of this!
  3. Apple picking hair, don’t care.
  4. How about them apples?
  5. Cute to the core!
  6. Sweet, crunchy, and fresh!
  7. When life gives you apples, take lots of selfies!
  8. Feelin’ fruity today.
  9. Come give me a hand!
  10. Apple-y ever after.

Funny Apple Instagram Captions

  1. Apple picking — it’s as easy as pie!
  2. You’re the apple of my eye!
  3. Don’t mind me — I’m just grapplin’ with some apples.
  4. You’re looking at the cider of tomorrow.
  5. I like big apples and I cannot lie.
  6. Take this, Steve Jobs!
  7. Branching out into new hobbies!
  8. Grow with the flow, little apples!
  9. We’ve definitely got apple opportunity to pick some good ones here!
  10. We’ve done it! Time for a round of apple-ause!

Cute Apple Captions for Instagram

  1. If you were an apple, I’d definitely pick you!
  2. You’re the apple to my pie!
  3. Chasing Golden Delicious hours and pink sunsets.
  4. Just a girl and her basket full of red apples.
  5. Meet me at the orchard and help me reach the highest branches.
  6. Life’s short. Eat all those apples.
  7. Climb to the highest branch and smile.
  8. Will you come to the Gala with me?
  9. Livin’ life like a sweet little apple on a big tree.
  10. Apple picking is my love language, and this one is for you.

Apple Picking Instagram Captions for Couples

  1. Wild, free, and meant to be, because I’ll always pick you!
  2. You’re so a-peel-ing!
  3. Meanwhile, in the orchard of our dreams…
  4. Just you, me, and a basket full of sweet apples.
  5. Underneath the apple orchard sky, where the magic happens.
  6. Chasing dreams and picking apples.
  7. Take my hand, Pink Lady, and let’s run through the orchard together.
  8. You and me, as sweet as can be.
  9. Honey, we’re surrounded — by apple trees!
  10. We could apple-y do this all fall!

Apple Picking Instagram Captions Family

  1. The apple never falls far from the trunk!
  2. Only good apples in this sweet bunch!
  3. Childhood dreams and apple trees.
  4. Our little apples are having the time of their lives.
  5. We picked only good ones!
  6. Orchard daydreams and a pantry full of applesauce.
  7. We’re just shaking things up at the orchard!
  8. No matter the question, apple picking is always the answer.
  9. Sweet vibes and apple times.
  10. Hop in the car, kids! We’re going apple picking.

Meaningful Apple Picking Captions for Instagram

  1. Go where the air is sweet and the apples are fresh.
  2. Life’s too short not to climb up a tree and reach for the sweetest apples.
  3. When life gives you apples, make apple juice!
  4. If you think my basket is full, you should see my heart.
  5. Ready to spice things up!
  6. Don’t forget that every seed may one day become a majestic tree.
  7. Always look on the bright side, and never say no to apple picking.
  8. One apple is great, but one thousand apples are better.
  9. We’re just a bunch of busy bees looking for some sweet fruits!
  10. Keep calm and fill that basket!

Apple Orchard Instagram Captions with Fall Puns

  1. In the middle of the apple orchard, I realized I was falling for you.
  2. I only have apple pies for you, honey!
  3. Don’t leaf me yet! I’m having such a good time picking apples.
  4. I don’t be-leaf how many apples we managed to pick today!
  5. Our basket is filled to the brim. Let’s fall it a day.
  6. Orchard you glad to see me?
  7. I spy, with my apple pie, something sweet!
  8. We’ve got some great chemis-tree, wouldn’t you say?
  9. Don’t leaf me hanging! Come help me pick these apples!
  10. Apple picking is such a tree-t!

Great Quotes for Apple Picking Instagram Captions

  1. “Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” ― Henry David Thoreau
  2. “Oh! Happy are the apples when the south winds blow.” ― William Wallace Harney
  3. “Every seed I sow will grow into a tree. And someday there’ll be apples there, for everyone in the world to share.” — Johnny Appleseed
  4. “Every thought is a seed. If you plant crab apples, don’t count on harvesting Golden Delicious.” ― Bill Meyer
  5. “It’s unsettling to meet people who don’t eat apples.” — Aimee Bender
  6. “Good apple pies are a considerable part of our domestic happiness.” — Jane Austen
  7. “Yesterday, I staked off the ground on the hill for an orchard. I want to get 1,000 apple trees agrowing.” — Ezra Cornell
  8. “It is remarkable how closely the history of the apple tree is connected with that of man.” — Henry David Thoreau.
  9. “I love apples. I actually do eat an apple a day.” — Lawrence Wright
  10. “Give me juicy autumnal fruit, ripe and red from the orchard.” ― Walt Whitman

Short Apple Picking Captions for Instagram

  1. I pick you!
  2. Live, laugh, and pick apples!
  3. Keep calm and pick apples.
  4. Friends who pick apples together stay together.
  5. Sweet as pie!
  6. Good apples only.
  7. Apple picking? I’m in!
  8. Dreaming of apples and pies.
  9. My basket is overflowing!
  10. Chasing adventures and reaching for apples.

One Word Apple Instagram Captions

  1. Cider?
  2. Reach.
  3. Climb.
  4. Fall-tastic!
  5. Golden.
  6. Ripe.
  7. Juicy.
  8. Sweetest.
  9. Magic.
  10. Delicious.

Creative Writing Prompts for Great Apple Picking Instagram Captions

While we hope you found some inspiration for your apple orchard Instagram captions on our list, we understand if you prefer to write your own. After all, only you know what your pictures look like, and captions that are highly relevant to your photos are more likely to get lots of attention.

Try these prompts if you want to write a unique apple picking caption, but have no idea what to say. You’ll get the best results if you let your mind wander for a while and then write down whatever comes to mind. Once you’ve captured the mood, you can always tweak the words a little to make them rhyme or add a touch of poetry.

  1. Sometimes, you have to shake the tree a little to…
  2. Our apple picking trip in three words: …
  3. Now that I’ve picked apples, I’ll always… when I bite into one.
  4. When I was little, we’d always go to the orchard in the fall and…
  5. Apple picking is a little like… You always…
  6. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh apples and…
  7. I can’t wait to turn all of these apples into…
  8. Apple picking: Because if you want it done right, you have to…
  9. Rows of apple trees and…
  10. That feeling when you have more apples than you need, and you…

FAQ About Apple Picking Captions for Instagram

Help! I still don’t know what to say in my apple Instagram captions!

That’s OK! Apple picking is quite tricky to put into words. Why not talk about why you decided to visit the orchard, what you plan to do with all the apples, or how the experience compared to what you expected?

How long should my apple picking Instagram captions be?

It’s OK to write longer apple picking captions for Instagram if you have a special story to share, but keep your captions short if you just want to add a little context and personality to your photos. Most Instagram users appreciate short captions. If you keep yours under 140 characters, your followers won’t even have to tap the More button to read everything.

Can you recommend some good emojis for my apple picking Instagram captions?

Absolutely! Emojis will do a lot to make your captions come to life, and you have many cute ones to choose from! Our favorites are 🍎,🌳, 🍏, 🍂, 🍁, 🧺, and 🥧. Try to replace important words, like “apples,” “basket,” or “apple pie” with emojis, and spread them throughout your captions to make the biggest impact.

What hashtags should I use for my apple captions for Instagram?

Adding the right set of hashtags to your apple picking Instagram captions will allow others to discover your posts more easily, as well as infusing your post with personality. While you have a lot of options to choose from, some good ones include #applepicking, #orchardadventure, #harvesttime, #crispapples, #farmfresh, #appleseason, #fallfavorites, and #farmtotable.

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