110 Back to School Instagram Captions for Exciting First Days

As hard as it is to kiss the freedom of summer goodbye to embark on a whole new school year,…

As hard as it is to kiss the freedom of summer goodbye to embark on a whole new school year, those first days are always exciting, too! From fresh books to the chance to catch up with old friends, there’s always something to share on social media!

All those epic back to school pics deserve first day of school captions for Instagram — because that’s where the magic comes to life! Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, your captions are the secret sauce that helps you bring in tons of likes and comments.

Are you suffering from the back to school blues, and do you have no clue what to write? That’s where we come in! Discover the best school captions for Instagram on this list!

How to Write Epic First Day of School Instagram Captions

So, you want to write first day of school captions Instagram followers won’t hesitate to like and comment on? You could take your captions in several different directions:

  • Lament the fact that summer — and all the freedom it brought — has come to an end. You’re now stuck in an endless loop of work and responsibilities, and you’re not happy.
  • Talk about how tired you are now that you have to get up early again. Mention coffee. A lot.
  • Showcase your cute first day of school outfit.
  • Be positive about the opportunities the new year will bring when you write your school Instagram captions, and share how excited you are about what’s ahead!
  • Celebrate the fact that the start of the new school year allows you to spend more time with your friends. Talk about catching up.
  • Use your captions to motivate your followers to do well in school that year.

All of these angles can work for older students and teachers alike! Things are a little different if you’re a parent, though, especially if you’re posting first day of kindergarten Instagram captions. In this case, you’ll probably have something to say about the next step in the grand journey of childhood, about how quiet your home is with your little one gone all day, or about how proud you are!

Back to School Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. New school year, new me.
  2. Too cool for school?
  3. Rise and grind, it’s time for a new school year!
  4. Because every summer has to end.
  5. Bye bye, summer! Hello, homework!
  6. Ready to slay the day in this outfit.
  7. Back in the saddle and ready for anything.
  8. Need. More. Coffee.
  9. Rest in peace, summer vacation. Survived by bereaved student.
  10. The school year equivalent of the Monday Scaries.

Funny  First Day of School Instagram Captions

  1. Lost in a daydream about summer vacations.
  2. Now starring in Class Clown: Season 8, Episode 1.
  3. Hit the books, hit the coffee.
  4. Too glam to cram.
  5. Outfit? A for effort!
  6. Don’t mind me. Just taking a crash course in staying awake.
  7. Today’s forecast: Gossip and books.
  8. Proof that one outfit can change the world.
  9. Because more coffee makes me look like I know what I’m doing.
  10. Study hard, nap harder.

Cute School Captions for Instagram

  1. Style and a smile. That’s all I need to conquer the school.
  2. Let’s slay this year! Who’s with me?
  3. Early mornings, late nights, and fun times. I’m ready!
  4. The best chapters are yet to be written.
  5. Outfit game strong, brain game stronger. Ready to ace this year!
  6. Got 99 books. Who’s gonna help me carry them?
  7. I followed my heart, and it led me to the cafeteria.
  8. School bells ring and hearts sing. I’m here for it.
  9. Watch and learn. That’s what I’m all about.
  10. I’m just here for the amazing memories. Bring it on!

Savage Back to School Captions for Instagram

  1. Nope, I don’t study for fun. I do it so I can be your boss later.
  2. I’m the Queen of the school. Bow down!
  3. If knowledge is power, I rule.
  4. Oh, these papers? They basically grade themselves, that’s how good they are.
  5. Find me in the library, studying harder than you.
  6. Don’t get me wrong, I love fluffy animals. It’s just teacher’s pets I don’t like.
  7. I’ll hit the books while you hit the snooze button on your alarm.
  8. My secret? Pure awesome with a splash of caffeine.
  9. Me? I’m just here to be better than you.
  10. I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to make my dreams come true.

School Instagram Captions with Friends

  1. Here’s to memories that last a lifetime and forgotten assignments languishing at the bottom of our backpacks.
  2. Back to school and better together!
  3. Our secret? Together, we’re unstoppable.
  4. Trust the ones who make you better… and count on those who make you laugh.
  5. Don’t mind me. I’m just here for the gossip.
  6. Crazy days and endless nights. This is what we live for.
  7. Squad goals: Stay awake.
  8. When life gives you a new school year, grab your crew and raise the roof.
  9. Radiate positive vibes and look awesome.
  10. Attitude on fleek, friendship game strong.

Motivational First Day of School Captions for Instagram

  1. Don’t think, just grind. We can do it!
  2. Embrace the fun, work hard, and shine bright.
  3. Let’s go get our passport to the future, squad!
  4. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Coffee and Success.” Want some?
  5. Eyes on the prize, head in the books.
  6. My motto? Better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow.
  7. School: Where dreams become a reality, and friends become family.
  8. Every success story starts with determination. What are your goals this year?
  9. School isn’t just a building. It’s a mindset, and I’m here to learn.
  10. Let’s aim for progress. Perfection will follow.

Back to School Instagram Captions for Parents

  1. “Yeah, I know, mom! See you later.”
  2. I already know he’s going to be great… at making everyone laugh.
  3. Keep calm and don’t be sad about how fast they grow up.
  4. Forced my kid to smile for this first day of school pic. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. This princess is ready to rock the new school year!
  6. Go forth and make your dreams come true, little one!
  7. Saved by the bell!
  8. Sipping on silence. It’s glorious.
  9. Times flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
  10. Back to school hair, don’t care.

First Day of Kindergarten Instagram Captions

  1. Dream big and make waves!
  2. Big heart, huge backpack, cute smile.
  3. Ready for brand new adventures.
  4. He doesn’t need his mommy anymore.
  5. Wonder always. Wander not.
  6. Today’s mission: Lunch hard, worry a little.
  7. Step into the world with confidence, my little superhero.
  8. Little kid, wide open world.
  9. Big time Kindergarten vibes!
  10. Prognosis: Will make trouble before the day is over.

Great Quotes for Back to School Captions for Instagram

  1. “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” — Taylor Swift
  2. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao Tzu
  3. “School bells are ringing loud and clear; vacation’s over, school is here.” — Winifred C Marshal
  4. “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” — Oscar Wilde
  5. “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” — Plato
  6. “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ― Albert Einstein
  7. “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.” — CS Lewis
  8. “The beginning is always today.” — Mary Shelley
  9. “The most important day of a person’s education is the first day of school, not graduation day.” — Harry Wong
  10. “You can drag my body to school but my spirit refuses to go.” — Bill Watterson

Short First Day of School Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

  1. Oh, summer, how I’ll miss you.
  2. I’m the CEO of Trouble and I’m ready for the new school year.
  3. Barely awake.
  4. Work hard, play harder!
  5. Can’t wait for lunch.
  6. Born to nap, not to get up at the crack of dawn.
  7. First day blues.
  8. No matter the question, lunch is always the answer.
  9. Ready to slay the year. But first, let’s take a selfie.
  10. Let the adventure begin!

Creative Writing Prompts for Back to School Instagram Captions

We hope you found some great caption ideas on our list! Although you can tweak them to your heart’s content, some might prefer to write their own first day of school captions for Instagram. Still need help? No problem! Let’s craft great captions together! In these writing prompts, we’ve started the sentences so you can finish them in your own unique way! (Make sure your caption complements your picture well as you complete the story!)

  1. My main mission this school year? …
  2. The one thing I’m most excited about is…
  3. Yes, I had to get up crazy early. On the plus side, …
  4. If this backpack could talk, it would probably tell you to…
  5. My to-do list? … and nap.
  6. My ultimate back to school playlist includes…
  7. With a squad like this, who needs…?
  8. If school was cool, it would…
  9. You had me at…
  10. The best thing about going back to school is…

FAQ About First Day of School Instagram Captions

How long should my back to school captions for Instagram be?

You’re planning to post lots of pics, right? Don’t scare your Insta followers off with huge walls of text, and keep your school Instagram captions short and simple. The ideal caption length is somewhere between 140 and 220 characters, and most Instagram users will be thrilled if they don’t have to hit the More button to read your entire message.

What should I keep in mind if I’m writing first day of kindergarten Instagram captions?

Instagram posts are a great way for parents to keep their friends and relatives updated on big milestones in their kids’ lives, and few milestones are as important as starting K! Keep these captions lighthearted and humorous, and remember that your child will probably want to see your posts, too — so don’t get too embarrassing.

Should I add emojis to my first day of school captions for Instagram?

Of course! Emojis will make your captions come to life, and replacing important nouns and verbs with cute emojis is a great way to secure more likes and comments while also shortening your captions.

Some of the best back to school emojis include 📚, 🎒, and 📅 — but don’t be scared to use general emojis that add context and flair to your captions.

What are the best hashtags for my first day of school captions for Instagram?

Some of the most obvious hashtags include #backtoschool, #schooldays, #schoollife, and #backinsession. You can also try #backtoschoolstyle, #schoolfashion, #schoolsquad, #bffsinclass, and #schoolfam.