110 Blessed Captions for Instagram to Share on Beautiful Days

Are you grateful for life’s simple joys, and would you love to spread the positive feelings you’ve been blessed with?…

Are you grateful for life’s simple joys, and would you love to spread the positive feelings you’ve been blessed with? Good for you! Sometimes, it can seem like people on Instagram compete for perfection — and nothing is ever enough. By shining a light, you’ll touch your followers’ hearts and make their days a little more blessed, too.

If you try your best to share your joy and gratitude every day, coming up with fresh ideas for blessed captions for Instagram can be a little tricky sometimes. We hope this list will give you new inspiration as you try to bless other people’s days!

How to Write Memorable Blessed Captions for Instagram

Whether you’re spontaneously feeling incredibly blessed today or you make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything beautiful that comes your way, there’s no doubt that joy and gratitude are contagious. Simply writing a few simple lines can impact the way someone else’s day is going positively.

How do you do it? Perhaps these tips will give your ideas some direction!

  • If we’re not careful, it’s easy to start taking things for granted. Were you joyous about a simple moment today? Perhaps it was a delicious lunch (ideally made by someone else), birds singing outside your window, or running into an old friend on the street? Highlighting these moments can cause others to take more pleasure in these everyday moments!
  • Remember that humor is a powerful way to connect with people, and you can absolutely inject some puns or jokes into your blessed Instagram captions without cheapening your message. Give it a try!
  • You don’t necessarily have to include the words “blessed” or “blessings” in your Instagram captions to get the message across. Focusing on ideas like gratitude and joy, which non-religious people will also enjoy, can help you find a wider audience for your captions.
  • Simply be authentic and write short blessed captions for Instagram whenever you manage to capture a joyful moment that fills you with gratitude on camera. It’s a great way to spread positivity!

Don’t be scared to experiment with different caption styles. It may take you a while to find out which kinds of captions resonate with your follower base, but you’ll find your voice in time. In the meanwhile, please feel welcome to use any of our blessed caption ideas if they resonate with you. That’s why we wrote them!

Blessed Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. It’s a beautiful day and I’m feeling blessed.
  2. Counting blessings, not likes.
  3. Choosing love, joy, and a sprinkle of blessed energy this morning, because you can always choose to have a happy day.
  4. Feeling blessed, might delete later.
  5. When the sun rises, it marks the start of a new beginning and a new, blessed you.
  6. You can never go wrong with an attitude of gratitude.
  7. Blessed with love and happy to spread the joy.
  8. Today’s good mood is sponsored by Jesus.
  9. Sharing all my extra positivity with my followers. There’s a bit for everyone!
  10. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Feeling blessed.

Blessed Captions for Instagram for Everyday Moments

  1. That feeling when you think you’re out of coffee but you discover another pack hiding in the back. Feeling blessed and caffeinated.
  2. Happiness is a purring cat and a prayer.
  3. Blessed with good Wi-Fi, thank you Internet Gods!
  4. Just unwinding in the park. Watching the bees pollinate beautiful folowers. It’s everyday moments like these that leave me feeling so blessed.
  5. Skipping leg day and feeling blessed.
  6. Chasing dreams of creamy spaghetti… Jesus really chose to bless me today!
  7. Nothing makes me feel blessed faster than a wonderful meal cooked by someone else!
  8. Blessed, because it’s never hard to find something to smile about.
  9. Every day is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.
  10. Small miracles are still miracles. My Amazon shipment arrived on time today!

Blessed Instagram Captions About Nature

  1. My new pothos cuttings are thriving and I’m feeling so blessed!
  2. Happiness is… a brand new puppy! Isn’t he adorable?
  3. There’s nothing like going camping to remind you how awesome the universe is.
  4. Blessed to wake up to this view of the river every day.
  5. I feel blessed every time I hear these baby birds chirp!
  6. Hands in the dirt, head in the clouds. Gardening is my happy place.
  7. Picking apples from my apple tree, I guess my apple tree is feeling blessed today. TY!
  8. Watching busy bees pollinate my Tilia tree? Pure bliss!
  9. Overflowing with gratitude while admiring the flowing river.
  10. Finding harmony in every bloom, and peace in every leaf on the trees.

Blessed Captions for Instagram About Family & Friends

  1. Those moments around the dinner table? Absolutely priceless!
  2. Love, laughter, and moments that turn into memories. Color me blessed.
  3. A heart full of love and a table full of smiles. Life is good!
  4. That feeling when your sister flies over and everything is suddenly brighter.
  5. A little stressed, but with friends like these, also definitely blessed!
  6. The key to a happy life? Hiking with your family!
  7. It’s all fun and (board) games when you’re blessed with a large family!
  8. Life’s literally a walk in the park today, and we’re having a grand time.
  9. My wonderful husband cleaned up the entire house today and I’m feeling so blessed!
  10. Radiate positivity and laughter, because life’s blessings include popcorn and cinema tickets!

Cute Blessed Instagram Captions

  1. Chasing beautiful sunsets and feeling blessed.
  2. Embracing life’s struggles and keeping the faith. He never gives us more than we can handle!
  3. Shine and sparkle, because it’s a beautiful day!
  4. Picking love, happiness, and a sprinkle of fun!
  5. Blessed with cuteness and a touch of sarcasm.
  6. Living the blessed dream. Waking up to the gorgeous sunlight shining through my window!
  7. Fluffy cuteness and a side of feeling blessed. Life is better with cats.
  8. Lazy Saturday mornings always make me feel blessed.
  9. Happiness is spelled “pizza with friends,” and nobody can tell me otherwise! Even little things have got me feeling blessed.
  10. Feeling blessed to have the world’s cutest niece! Her smiles and giggles mean the world to me.

Positively Blessed Captions for Instagram

  1. Turning ordinary days into blessed adventures, one wild turn at a time!
  2. Blessed to have a job I love. Nothing ever feels like work!
  3. My succulents are feeling positively blessed and pest-free! Give a cheer for the little guys in the comments below!
  4. Feeling blessed to be spending the weekend fishing with my best buds. Let’s see who can get the biggest catch!
  5. I always find a reason to be positive. What’s your superpower?
  6. Just spotted the first Red Admiral butterfly of the year and feeling blessed!
  7. Blessed, not stressed, and Danish pastry obsessed!
  8. When life gives you blessings, don’t count them. Multiply them!
  9. Perfection doesn’t exist. Feel blessed with what you have.
  10. Oh, me? I’m just embracing the present, living my best life, and feeling blessed!

Inspirational Blessed Instagram Captions

  1. And remember — there’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.
  2. There’s never a bad moment to talk to Jesus! He’s always there for you.
  3. Fueled by faith and powered by positivity. Life is good, and I’m here to enjoy all of it.
  4. Feeling so blessed to see my favorite band in concert! This is amazing.
  5. I might fall short, but I try my best every day, and I feel blessed throughout it all.
  6. Finding harmony in every spoon full, this curry is delicious!
  7. My heart sings with joy on this beautiful day!
  8. It’s a beautiful day to be grateful for all life’s blessings.
  9. Here’s to blessings that become moments, and moments that become amazing memories.
  10. Got 99 blessings, and who’s counting problems?

Seasonal Blessed Captions for Instagram

  1. I feel most blessed while watching the leaves turn orange and sipping on a Pumpkin Spiced Latte.
  2. Spring is in the air, and I’m counting my blessings.
  3. Paradise found and feeling blessed. Best summer vacay ever!
  4. Enjoying a wonderful tomato soup on a cold winter’s day? Now, that’s what I call blessed!
  5. Watching the whole family laugh and joke together around the Christmas table and feeling so very blessed.
  6. Spring showers me with joy, blessed vibes, and pollen!
  7. Easter egg hunt mode? Activated and feeling blessed!
  8. Blessed with the best family ever and so grateful to get together for Thanksgiving.
  9. Snowflakes + ice skates + friends = pure bliss.
  10. Jingle bells, jingle bells, I feel blessed all the way!

Beautiful Quotes for Blessed Instagram Captions

  1. “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.” — Roy T Bennett
  2. “Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.” ― Albert Camus
  3. “Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful.” — Prince
  4. “We are treasure chests with more jewels inside than we can imagine.” ― Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
  5. “Stand in awe of Him, and be grateful for each and every thing that God has blessed you with.” Robert Woeger
  6. “Count your blessings. A grateful heart attracts more joy, love, and prosperity.” — Cheryl Richardson
  7. “Faith in God will elevate you to next level blessings.” ― Germany Kent
  8. “Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
  9. “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” — Abraham Joshua Heschel
  10. “A man who can laugh at himself is truly blessed, for he will never lack for amusement.”

― James Carlos Blake

Short Blessed Captions for Instagram

  1. Count your blessings and smile.
  2. My garden is my happy place and I’m feeling blessed.
  3. Here’s to good friends and laughter, life’s biggest blessings.
  4. Count your blessings, and the problems will take care of themselves.
  5. Live, laugh, and stay blessed.
  6. No matter the question, Jesus is always the answer.
  7. I followed my heart, and it led me to the biggest blessings anyone could ask for.
  8. I’m the CEO of Feeling Blessed.
  9. Today is enough. So blessed.
  10. If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart.

Creative Writing Prompts for Blessed Captions for Instagram

Want to keep the blessings flowing? Try completing these prompts in your own unique ways to craft completely unique captions!

  1. Blessed like a… and wild like a…
  2. When Jesus gives you…, you know it’s a beautiful day!
  3. Bathed in golden hour positivity and…
  4. It’s always the little things that…
  5. Smiles and tiny hands. I’m feeling…
  6. There’s nothing like a wonderful meal with the people you love most to…
  7. Strolling through the park, I feel…
  8. Blessed, grateful, and…
  9. … because sometimes, the universal smiles at you.
  10. Whenever I’m alone, I remember to feel blessed because Jesus …

FAQ About Blessed Instagram Captions

How long should my blessed captions for Instagram be?

Short blessed captions for Instagram usually work best. You’re sharing a fleeting moment in time, and there will be many more. Spread gratitude and positivity one catchy one-liner at a time! The best recipe for success? If you keep your captions to around 140 characters, your followers won’t have to tap the More button to read your entire message!

Do you have any other tips for writing blessed captions for Instagram?

Just one — always double-check to make sure your caption doesn’t sound boastful. After all, bragging is the fastest way to ruin the message, and we can sometimes unintentionally sound that way if we’re not careful.

What are the best emojis to include in my blessed Instagram captions?

That’s a good question, because emojis can add visual appeal to your captions that makes your followers pay more attention. Our favorites are 😇, 🙏, ✨, 🌞, 🥰, ❤️, 😊, and 🌱, but we’re sure you can find plenty more that match your caption perfectly!