110 Charleston Instagram Captions to Add Southern Charm to Your Posts

Charleston is a beautiful history city in South Carolina — and, if we may say so, it’s an underrated tourist…

Charleston is a beautiful history city in South Carolina — and, if we may say so, it’s an underrated tourist spot, too! Whether you want to come face to face with history, explore Charleston’s charming architecture, fall in love with Southern cuisine and Southern hospitality, or go paddleboarding, Charleston has a bit of everything.

You know what that means, right? Plenty of photo opportunities — and lots of Insta-worthy pictures! You’ll need exciting southern captions for Instagram to complete the vibe, and that’s where this list comes in. Explore our caption ideas, and find the right caption for your cute photos!

How to Write Memorable Charleston Instagram Captions

So, you’re having a great time in Charleston, and you’re snapping fantastic pictures along the way? Don’t neglect the captions! If you write an engaging, genuinely interesting message below your pic, your post will get up to 66 percent more attention. Who could say no to all those likes and comments?

If you need some tips to get started, here’s how it’s done:

  • Always make sure that your captions complement your pictures perfectly — and try to capture the unique vibe beyond visuals alone. Describe Charleston’s charming atmosphere in vibrant words and touch on the aromas, sounds, and weather, too.
  • You can’t go wrong with silly puns or other forms of humor when you’re writing your South Carolina Instagram captions. Let your pictures lead the way, and see what punnable things you can spot to put a smile on your followers’ faces (and encourage them to hit that like button, of course!).
  • If you want, share a little more about the history of the sights you’re visiting in Charleston and highlight the best parts of your experience. This turns your Insta page into a handy travel journal that your followers might be inspired by if they’re ever in Charleston.
  • Finally, if you still can’t think of a good way to caption your photo, you could always consider incorporating a meaningful quote about Charleston. (You’ll find some of those on our list, too.)

Good luck writing your Southern Instagram captions, and don’t forget to have fun! Of course, you can also make things a whole lot easier for yourself by scrolling down and picking a caption from our list. These captions are short enough to add your own thoughts and impress your followers.

Charleston Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. But first, let me take a South Carolina selfie in the heart of Charleston.
  2. Got Southern energy in my blood and I’m ready to make some unforgettable memories.
  3. Wind in my hair, don’t care.
  4. Losing myself in the wonder of Charleston’s architecture. Don’t come find me.
  5. Packing my bags for a wild time in Charleston. See you later!
  6. Wandering the scenic Battery neighborhood and feeling at home.
  7. Come find me at the Waterfront Park, where I’ll be busy admiring the pineapple fountain.
  8. Heaven? Nah. I want to stay in Charleston forever, instead.
  9. Don’t mind me, I’m just taking a horse carriage tour through this breathtaking city.
  10. When life gives you Charleston, a selfie stick. There are too many good photo opportunities here to miss!

Funny Southern Instagram Captions for Charleston

  1. Forget about work! I’ll be on this horse carriage ride all day.
  2. Don’t ever go to Charleston, it’s a trap. You arrive feeling fine and you leave with a full stomach and extra bags of food in your hand.
  3. Saying hi to the ghosts of Charleston. I wonder if they’ll ever reply to my offer of taking a selfie with them…
  4. Resting beach face: Charleston edition.
  5. You don’t like Charleston? Oh, bless your heart.
  6. I like big Charleston boat tours and I cannot lie.
  7. Sea you later, I’ll be at Folly Beach!
  8. Spiraling out of control at the Nathaniel Russel House Museum!
  9. Oh, Charleston, you’re so amazing. You deserve a shell-ebration.
  10. Can I hang out with you today? Nope, I’ll be spending the whole week in Charleston. Sorry, not sorry.

Cute Charleston Captions for Instagram

  1. Chasing sandy beaches and exploring vibrant streets in Charleston.
  2. Lost the key to my heart, but I found it at Rainbow Row.
  3. Walking through Charleston’s cobblestone streets and loving every single moment.
  4. Nothing is sweeter than exploring all of Charleston’s sights on a horse-drawn carriage.
  5. Meet me in the Isle of Palms Country Park, where I’ll be soaking in that warm Southern sun.
  6. Got sand in between my toes, a bright smile on my face, and adventure in my heart.
  7. Appreciating every little thing Charleston has to offer, from colorful streets to lush gardens.
  8. Making memories that last a lifetime on this Charleston boat cruise.
  9. Finding beauty in the history of White Point Garden.
  10. Every second in Charleston makes me love the place even more.

Romantic Southern Captions for Instagram

  1. Lost at Waterfront Park, always found in your embraces.
  2. Couples who travel to Charleston together stay together.
  3. Just you, me, and this striking Sullivan’s Island view.
  4. Got a trip to Charleston for two and a romantic night planned for you.
  5. Time seems to fade away so fast whenever it’s only you and me in Charleston.
  6. Nothing says “romance” quite like a trip through Charleston on a horse-drawn carriage with you.
  7. We’ll take two of your wildest Charleston cocktails, please.
  8. Southern love is in the air, and so is sweet tea.
  9. I’ve got 99 problems, but being in Charleston with you solves all of them.
  10. Underneath the South Carolina sky with you, everything feels exciting and new.

South Carolina Instagram Captions for Friends

  1. My besties and I visiting all the fishies at the South Carolina Aquarium.
  2. Next time, bring your friends…
  3. Friends don’t let friends travel to South Carolina alone!
  4. When you’re in Charleston with your friends, the chaotic vibes never end!
  5. Squad Goals, Charleston edition.
  6. Cheers to our friendship group and this amazing Charleston trip.
  7. The laughter never stops at Rainbow Row, especially when you’re with your besties.
  8. The best part of South Carolina? Well, it’s really hard to beat the scenic beaches and the cobbled streets, but traveling with my friends was totally the cherry on top.
  9. Going sunbathing with my squad at Folly Beach, where everything is perfect and serene.
  10. The wildest journeys involve going to Charleston with friends.

Southern Captions for Instagram About Adventure

  1. The map of my heart points to Charleston’s exciting hiking trails.
  2. If the Angel Oak Tree could talk, its stories would fill a whole history book.
  3. Boone Hall is 50% beauty and 50% excitement. You could say it’s a real boon.
  4. Who says that this cute Southern city isn’t full of hidden adventures?
  5. A trip to Charleston isn’t the answer. It’s the question, and the answer is yes.
  6. I think horse-drawn carriage rides in Charleston are my new cardio.
  7. When you get bored of the Southern hospitality, just chill on the beach.
  8. Wander where the tea is sweet and the beaches are chill.
  9. Where to next? I don’t know, it’s all biscuits and gravy here.
  10. Came for the Southern vibes, stayed for the Southern vibes.

Charleston Instagram Captions for Famous Sights

  1. Every view in Charleston is so picturesque, it could be a postcard.
  2. Rainbow Row: Where color touches history, and my heart is on fire.
  3. When life gives you a trip to the Charleston Tea Garden, enjoy a taste of history.
  4. Charleston? Yes! Do it for the guided kayak tours.
  5. Retail therapy, Charleston edition. I love Charleston City Market!
  6. It’s a backwater swamp kind of day. Cypress Gardens, here I come!
  7. Paddleboarding my way to pure bliss at Folly Beach.
  8. You’re a real angel, Angel Oak!
  9. H. L. Hunley was the first ever combat sub! Pretty cool, no?
  10. Wander where the WiFi is weak and the Southern vibes are strong.

Charleston Captions for Instagram About Food

  1. Enjoying my time in the Holy City and praying to the gods of Charleston cuisine.
  2. Will you be the shrimp to my grits?
  3. Lowcountry boil? I call it heaven!
  4. Come explore King Street and soak up the Southern aromas.
  5. Stop waffling, and start eating!
  6. Cheese straws? Just another reason to love Charleston.
  7. Was in the mood for shrimp pie. Might delete later.
  8. Keep calm and eat fried oysters.
  9. Come grab a quick bite in King Street with me…
  10. All I need is love and crab cakes. OK, maybe coffee, too.

Great Quotes for Charleston Instagram Captions

  1. “If South Carolina isn’t the essence of Southern hospitality, I don’t know what is.” — Espn Gameday
  2. “I’m going back to dignity and grace. I’m going back to Charleston, where I belong.”— Rhett Butler (Gone With The Wind)
  3. “Charleston is a place that has its own rhythm, its own special kind of beauty.” — Stephen Colbert
  4. “Charleston has something for everyone, rain or shine.” — Thomas Gibson
  5. “Charleston is one of the best built, handsomest, and most agreeable cities that I have ever seen.” — Marquis de Lafayette
  6. “Walking the streets of Charleston in the late afternoons of August was like walking through gauze or inhaling damaged silk.” ― Pat Conroy
  7. “South Carolina is in the spring a paradise, in the summer a hell, and in the autumn a hospital.” — Eliza Lucas Pinckney
  8. “If any city could truly be called timeless, it is Charleston.” — Patricia Altschul
  9. “I don’t think you ever think of a big city as sweet or community, but there are cities that I think of as charming and particular and interesting cities. I live in one now, Charleston.” — Anne Rivers Siddons.
  10. “Charleston understands tradition and giving back.” —Bill Murray

Short Charleston Instagram Captions Your Followers Will Love

  1. I might could stay in Charleston forever.
  2. Live, love, laugh, and tour Charleston in a horse-drawn carriage.
  3. Charleston is my happy place.
  4. When life gives you lemons, add them to your sweet tea.
  5. Charleston? I’m in.
  6. Meet me where Southern charm and paddleboarding collide.
  7. My stomach likes King Street, but my wallet doesn’t agree.
  8. Southern vibes only.
  9. Charleston is my new home now.
  10. This place has got soul. I think I’ll stay.

Creative Writing Prompts for Charleston Instagram Captions

Do you have a camera roll full of exciting pictures from your trip to Charleston? They’ll all need Instagram captions — and you might like to try writing your own. These prompts will get your creative juices flowing in no time, so just finish the sentences by adding your own twist!

  1. My Charleston to-do list includes…
  2. Because no trip to Charleston is complete without…
  3. If there’s one thing I love about Charleston, it’s…
  4. Charleston makes me want to…
  5. Charleston’s… turned me into a real foodie, because…
  6. Packing… and … for my trip to Charleston.
  7. Charleston: It’s better than…
  8. Southern hospitality is best served with a side of…
  9. Falling in love with Charleston, because…
  10. If you want to…, try going to Charleston.

FAQ About Charleston Instagram Captions

How long should my Charleston Instagram captions be?

Your Southern Instagram captions should be short, snappy, and interesting to read. Unless you’re using your Instagram page as a travel blog (so your captions are basically mini-blogs — which can be very interesting), keep your captions to around 140 to 220 characters to make the biggest impact.

Do you have any good emoji suggestions for my Charleston, South Carolina Instagram captions?

Sure! Charleston offers a nice mix of foodie experiences, history, beach fun, and outdoorsy activities, so some great emojis include 🏖️, 🌞, 🗺️, 🦐, 🧇, 🏛️, 🍹, and 🌴.

What are some good hashtags for my Southern captions for Instagram?

Hashtags add personality and charm to your captions, as well as making it easier for others to discover your posts. Some of the best ones include #charlestonsc, #holycity, #southerncharm, #charlestoneat, #travelsouth, #charlestonviews, #historiccharleston, and #lowcountrylife.