110 Curly Hair Captions for Instagram for Your Crowning Glory

110 Curly Hair Captions for Instagram for Your Crowning Glory Whether you just got a brand new hairdo or you’re…

110 Curly Hair Captions for Instagram for Your Crowning Glory

Whether you just got a brand new hairdo or you’re just looking especially fab today, you know your beautiful tresses deserve to be shown off on social media! No Instagram post is complete without a caption that goes hard, and that’s where this massive list of curly hair captions for Instagram comes in.

Take inspiration from our caption ideas, or just copy/paste one-liners you love — either way, it’s cool with us!

How to Write Awesome Curly Hair Captions for Instagram

Is your curly hair your best feature? It’s probably the shining star of all your selfies, but there are definitely times when your hair stands out more than usual and it deserves the spotlight — including in the caption! If you’re a little lost for words, and you’re not sure how to give your curls the caption TLC they deserve, we can help!

Check out these tips to take your captions to the next level:

  • When in doubt, turn it into a funny pun! Whether you turn “love is in the air” into “love is in the hair,” or you play around with concepts relating to twists, coils, and springs, curly hair has so much untapped pun potential that it would be a shame to let it go to waste. Plus, everyone enjoys silly puns, so that’s a win for you on the like front.
  • Sometimes, hair is serious business. Did you always feel like you needed to tame your curls when you were growing up, or have you felt pressure to wear your hair in certain ways? Use your natural hair captions for Instagram to show the world that curly hair is beautiful just the way it is.
  • If you’re looking for an extra touch of sophistication and elegance, meaningful quotes are a wonderful way to create impactful captions that can linger in your followers’ minds.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with curly hair Instagram captions, and play around until you find your voice. You won’t always come up with the perfect caption on the first try, and that’s fine — but it’s still worth waiting until you’ve found the magic words. After all, Instagram posts with engaging and well-written captions that match the photo they’re posted with perfectly get up to 66 percent more likes and comments. Not too shabby, right?

Still can’t find the right words? We’re here to help! Scroll down and use our ideas in any way you want!

Curly Hair Instagram Captions for Selfies

1. Curly hair game strong, selfie game even stronger.

2. When in doubt, curl your hair out.

3. Sorry, I woke up like this — hairbrush not included.

4. But first, let me take a selfie showing off my beautiful curls.

5. It’s always curly hair o’clock when you’re me!

6. Curly hair, show it off with flair.

7. Life is too short for straight hair.

8. Letting my beautiful golden curls shine.

9. Curls, swirls, and a touch of magic.

10. Life ain’t perfect, but my curls tell a different story.

Funny Curly Hair Captions for Instagram

11. My favorite sport? Curling, obviously!

12. When I’m bored, my hair doubles as a slinky. What’s your superpower?

13. These curls have a mind of their own. If only they could do my homework.

14. My jokes are just like my hair, twisted but funny in their own way.

15. I’m just like my hair. Chaotic, messy, and impossible to boss around.

16. Sorry, but I’ll be washing my hair. See you next week!

17. They say every challenge hides an opportunity. Still rummaging through my curls to find it!

18. Dream big and dare to wear your hair in its natural glory.

19. Curly hair is just like a rollercoaster. It’s exciting and unpredictable.

20. Curly hair runs in my family. It’s currently training for a marathon.

Cute Natural Hair Captions for Instagram

21. Felt curly. Might delete later.

22. Just flexing my curls, how are you doing?

23. My curls, my rules, and my glam.

24. Curls, swirls, and a touch of magic.

25. Of course I woke up like this. I’m a Queen.

26. On Wednesdays, we wear curls. Oh, and every other day, too.

27. Life’s too short not to let your curls loose.

28. The sky’s the limit, but it’s not about the air. It’s about the hair.

29. Head in the clouds, love in the hair.

30. Chasing curly dreams and golden hair.

Sassy Curly Hair Instagram Captions

31. Sorry, but if my hair isn’t invited, I’m not coming, either.

32. It’s not about the destination, honey. It’s about the curls.

33. Sunkissed curls, dreamy views, and sassy attitudes.

34. With hair this beautiful, who could say no to me?

35. Slaying it, one curly hair flip at a time.

36. Fueled by pretty curls, but with an edgy touch.

37. Keep your scissors off my lush curls.

38. The secret to success? It’s all in the hair, baby.

39. Ballpoint pen broken? I’m pretty sure my curls are a great replacement for the spring!

40. Curling iron in one hand, selfie stick in the other — but don’t worry, I’ve still got room for sass, too.

Dreamy Curly Hair Captions for Instagram

41. Sweetheart, my hair is bigger than your dreams.

42. Floating through this dreamscape, where the curls of my hair are like the swirls of an optical illusion.

43. Feel free to stare, but prepare to be hypnotized by these swirls and curls.

44. Softer than velvet, stronger than steel. My hair and I are a match made above the clouds.

45. As my curls dance in the breeze, I smile, looking at the passing butterflies.

46. That sweet feeling when your curls bounce just the right way.

47. Lost in my dreams, found in my endless curls.

48. Spoiled with these curls, dreaming of wild nights.

49. Close your eyes, and you’ll see my curls in your dreams.

50. Where all dreams are tangled up, but I still find my way to you.

Natural Hair Captions for Instagram About Confidence

51. My curls are like the ocean, endless and beautiful. Yes, you can look, but you can’t touch.

52. Sorry, but my curls and I already have other plans.

53. Oh, these curls? They’re just the secret to my success, that’s all.

54. Finding confidence in every curl and happiness in my wild hairstyles.

55. Dancing to the rhythm of my curls’ gentle “boing, boing,” and having a blast.

56. Curls speak louder than words, and mine say, “Like this post.”

57. Flaunting my natural hair and I’m totally owning it.

58. When life gives you curls, go forth and be awesome. No straighteners here!

59. Embracing my natural hair, because you only get one head of hair.

60. Curls are the answer. The question doesn’t even matter.

Meaningful Curly Hair Instagram Captions

61. It took me a long time to embrace my natural hair, so I’m never taking it for granted ever again!

62. If you’ve got anything nasty to say about my curls, you’ll bounce faster than they do.

63. In a world of straight hair, be the curly hair everyone is jealous of.

64. Let your curls remind everyone that you spend two hours curling your hair every day.

65. Oh, this scent? It’s called “Coconut Oil and Fabulousness.” Want a whiff?

66. My hair is my canvas, and I’m painting it 50 shades of awesome.

67. These curls are my crown. Better bow down.

68. Blessed and curl-obsessed, but not stressed, so you won’t see any relaxer around here.

69. Big hair. Big dreams. Big plans. That’s me.

70. Shine brighter than your curly hair, and never stop smiling.

Curly Hair Captions for Instagram for New Hairdo

71. New hair, who dis?

72. Because I’m too fire for bad hair days.

73. Turning heads, making waves, and totally slaying it.

74. With curls this big, you better make sure you’ve got a super talented hair stylist!

75. Curls? Tamed! Kind of. What do you think?

76. I love the smell of hair salons and the look of awesomeness.

77. Rocking these curls, now with extra bouncing power.

78. Today’s forecast? 100% chance of a new hairdo, with spells of laughter.

79. Saying yes to the biggest curls and the sweetest hair.

80. Born with curls, destined to make them look epic.

Great Quotes for Curly Hair Instagram Captions

81. “Hair is jewelry. It’s an accessory.” — Jill Scott

82. “My curls defined me; even my personality was curly, bouncy, springy, and playfully twisted.” — Elise Allen

83. “The right hairstyle can make a plain woman beautiful, and a beautiful woman unforgettable.” — Sophia Loren

84. “Curly girl: It’s more than just hair, it’s an attitude.” — Lorraine Massey

85. “I was born with curly hair. It fits my personality, and it’s totally who I am. I am rough around the edges, and I am not a polished girl.” — Erin Wasson

86. “When God takes a shower, waterfalls come to life around the world. When I take a shower, my hair usually clogs the drain.” — Anthony T Hincks

87. “Natural hair fiercely poppin’ on purpose.” — Stephanie Lahart

88. “I keep my hair curly and natural because I really just wanna show who I am.” — Alessia Cara

89. “I think that the most important thing a woman can have — next to talent, of course — is her hairdresser.” — Joan Crawford

90. “You’re only as good as your last haircut.” — Fran Lebowitz

Short Curly Hair Captions for Instagram

91. My hair is my spirit animal.

92. With a spring in her step and a bounce in her curls.

93. Keep calm and love your curls.

94. Curly vibes only.

95. Live, laugh, and show off those curls!

96. Sometimes, curly hair is a nightmare.

97. Curly hair, here I come!

98. Love your curls!

99. Tangled and fabulous.

100. Curly and sweet.

Creative Writing Prompts for Curly Hair Captions for Instagram

Want to keep the caption bonanza going? These creative prompts will help you out! Just pick a sentence starter and finish it in a unique way that plays nicely with your beautiful picture.

101. Nothing says “I have curly hair” like…

102. My hair in three words: …

103. Curls: Because life just isn’t complete without a little…

104. My advice? Love your curls and…

105. My curls feel like a superpower, because…

106. Natural curls and beautiful…

107. When in doubt, just…

108. Curling my hair, because…

109. Me and these curls are ready for a party! Today, …

110. It’s a frizzy bizz, but…

FAQ About Curly Hair Instagram Captions

How can I make my curly hair captions for Instagram more engaging?

If you’re specifically hoping to get lots of comments, asking a question is a great way to do that. Don’t worry too much, though — any catchy caption is sure to get your followers talking!

How long should my curly natural hair captions for Instagram be?

Remember — Instagram captions are like “frames” for your photos. They should say just enough to add a little depth and context, and start a conversation. You’ll usually hit the sweet spot somewhere between 140 and 220 characters. Make it much longer, and your followers might not have the patience to read your caption all the way through.

Can you recommend any great emojis to include in my curly hair Instagram captions?

Sure! Before you choose the right emojis, just ask yourself how you feel about your curls right now — and then pick options that fit your mood. Emojis like 👨‍🦱 or 👩‍🦱 can work OK, but we far prefer more exciting ones like ❤️, ✨, or 🔥. Not loving your hair right now, or thinking about getting a haircut? In that case, ✂️ will shine!