110 Dark Instagram Captions to Intrigue Your Followers

Social media users often compete with each other to see who can show off the most perfect, most polished, and…

Social media users often compete with each other to see who can show off the most perfect, most polished, and most beautiful life — but if we’re honest, it’s a lot more fun to play around with darkness, isn’t it?

The dark Instagram captions you’ll find on this list are designed to work well in a wide variety of contexts. From nightly picnics to starry skies and from goth outfits to mysteriously dark home décor choices, there are photos that inspire you to play with dark concepts. These captions are for those moments!

How to Write Mysterious Dark Instagram Captions Your Followers Will Love

So, you want to level up your social media game, and you’ve decided that a touch of mystery and darkness is the best way to intrigue your followers? We totally agree — and we think you’ll have a lot of fun in the process, because we sure did. Here are some tips to help you tap into that infamous dark side:

  • First off, make sure that your photo and caption match up nicely. Captions about darkness don’t complement pictures of butterflies on bright days or cute cats rolled up on warm blankets. Also, unless your photos make it clear that you’re being playful, some dark captions may just cause your followers to wonder if you are depressed. Be careful!
  • Choose vivid words that make your dark vibe come to life. Some of the best ones include void, abyss, night, dusk, murky, gloomy, dimness, twilight, shade, eclipse, mystery, and solitude — but feel free to experiment with other gloomy words that aren’t part of your everyday vocabulary!
  • If you can’t think of anything to say but you have a perfect picture of a bright moon on a very dark night (or a similarly dark vibe), another great approach is to look for dark quotes from famous people. We’ve posted some below to get you started!

Have fun, and let your creative side loose! If you need some extra inspiration for dark captions for Instagram, or you’re just looking for an easy win, you can also simply scroll down. We’ve written a ton of dark aesthetic captions for Instagram that you can simply copy/paste or modify to better match your personal style.

Dark Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Letting my dark side win, one evil grin at a time.
  2. Finding the shadows in the light is my superpower.
  3. Goth hair, don’t care.
  4. With a black cloak and a mysterious vibe…
  5. When the sky turns dark, will you?
  6. Gloomy nights and dark vibes. That’s where I’m at home.
  7. I’m the shadow haunting your Instagram page.
  8. By the moonlight, at midnight…
  9. You’ll find me wandering through a mysterious forest at night.
  10. Shrouded in darkness, embracing the struggle.

Funny Dark Captions for Instagram

  1. My sense of humor matches my taste in coffee. Double espresso, please. No milk. No sugar.
  2. Black is the new black, and you can’t change my mind.
  3. Come to the dark side. We have cookies here.
  4. Deadpan is my favorite kind of pan.
  5. Shh. Be quiet. I’ll be at your window watching your every move. Can you see me? I can see you.
  6. I rise like a phoenix from the ashes every morning. I call it “waking up.”
  7. Because light bulbs are for losers.
  8. If you can see me, it isn’t dark enough.
  9. Yes, but the reserve is also true. Where there is light, there must also be shadows.
  10. If you get sucked into a black hole, rejoice because it’s all spaghetti in there.

Dark Aesthetic Captions for Instagram

  1. Welcome to my void of despair. I mean, my room.
  2. I call this vibe “Haunted House” meets “90s goth kids.” Nailed it?
  3. Meet me where solitude meets darkness.
  4. Because my inner light is hidden somewhere below spider webs and Halloween props.
  5. I call this scent “Abyss.” Take a whiff, and you might just get lost.
  6. Close your eyes and hear the sound of the darkness within.
  7. I feel at home in the darkest corners and the comfort of the whispers of solitude.
  8. Stars: Because even night owls need a little sparkle.
  9. I collect old keys that open doors long forgotten. What do you do for fun?
  10. Let your heart shine like the stars, and your smile lead you to the darkness.

Savage Dark Instagram Captions

  1. Think you got a killer stare? Try to see through this.
  2. No, I’m not hiding. I’m discovering the hidden depths. Why so shallow?
  3. Dripping with dark ink and not afraid to explore my creativity.
  4. No. If horror was my favorite genre, I’d enjoy looking at your pictures.
  5. You do glitter and unicorns. I’ll stick to classic black, thanks very much.
  6. Sorry, I was too distracted by your fake positivity to pay attention to anything you said.
  7. Sarcasm thrives in the shadows. Meet me there.
  8. Chasing darkness is my favorite type of therapy. I guess I need to go to therapy for that.
  9. If you can’t handle dark humor, you might just be afraid of the truth.
  10. Throwing shade and extinguishing hope.

Deep Dark Instagram Captions

  1. If you find yourself surrounded by darkness, be the light.
  2. Shadows come and go, but mysterious whispers are forever.
  3. Because the darkest souls often have the biggest hearts.
  4. Even on the brightest days, you’ll still find corners of darkness if you look hard enough.
  5. Silence is the most powerful form of sarcasm, and I’m killing it.
  6. Meet me at dusk and hunt the skeletons in the closest with me.
  7. I am but a rumor of a shadow.
  8. Child of the night, you might find me howling at the moon.
  9. Everyone loves the light, but only some can dance in the darkness.
  10. Embrace the deepness within, and don’t be scared.

Dark Captions for Instagram About the Night

  1. Every night must eventually end and make way for the blinding light of the day.
  2. Find me as the sun sets, admiring the dawn of a fresh night.
  3. In the dead of the night and the calm before the storm… That’s where I’ll be.
  4. I find solace in the quiet of the night, and feel most at home when the bats and owls come out to play.
  5. Between those bright, burning stars, that’s where the dark matter, the nothingness, hides.
  6. Underneath the night sky, my dark side will meet with me.
  7. Lost in the night sky, following the darkness into a wild adventure.
  8. Rise from the shadows and know that every night has its end.
  9. She preferred the blackest coffee and the darkest nights…
  10. Many love the stars. I live for the spaces between.

Light vs Dark Instagram Captions

  1. Will you be the moonlight that brightens the night sky?
  2. Like an endless swirl, the light always bleeds into the darkness, and the darkness always overcomes the light.
  3. Darkness is always accessible. You just have to close your eyes.
  4. You’re the yang to my yin, the sun on a cloudy day.
  5. There is no light. There is no dark. There are only shades of gray.
  6. Ignite your light, but accept that it cannot illuminate everything.
  7. The moment you realize the light within can conquer the darkness without is priceless.
  8. I hunger for the light but find solace also in the quiet of the dark.
  9. Darkness is where the brightest ideas come into existence.
  10. With a touch of sunshine and a veil of clouds…

Inspiring Dark Captions for Instagram

  1. I just might, in the middle of the night…
  2. Chase the light, but rest also in the shadows.
  3. If you want to glimpse the shadows, shine bright.
  4. When the darkness within takes charge, look for the light.
  5. Choose classic black in a world filled with color.
  6. Meet me where the sun meets the moon, and the magic of the universe inspires curious tales.
  7. Life is too short not to break the rules a little bit.
  8. Taking life one shadow at a time.
  9. Find the shadows hiding in plain sight and know you have the power to cast them out.
  10. Will you let your darkness swallow you whole, or will you take charge of the abyss within you?

Ominous Quotes for Dark Instagram Captions

  1. “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche
  2. “I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real.” ― Oscar Wilde
  3. “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” ― Terry Pratchett
  4. “What makes night within us may leave stars.” ― Victor Hugo
  5. “It was the possibility of darkness that made the day seem so bright.” — Stephen King
  6. “Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.” ― William Shakespeare
  7. “When you light a candle, you also cast a shadow.” ― Ursula K Le Guin
  8. “When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. “What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle.” ― Rumi
  10. “We are all like the bright moon, we still have our darker side.” ― Khalil Gibran

Short Dark Instagram Captions

  1. Embrace your darkness.
  2. Who turned off the lights?
  3. Within the abyss.
  4. Welcome to the void.
  5. I think most clearly in the darkness.
  6. Dark thoughts and bright ideas.
  7. Let the night guide you to the light.
  8. Life begins at midnight.
  9. Mysterious whispers…
  10. Who knows what his dark smile concealed?

Creative Writing Prompts for Dark Instagram Captions

Do you know the famous Tolstoy quote from Ana Karenina — “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way?” Instagram captions are a little like that, too. All bright and happy captions are alike, but every dark caption is dark in its own way.

Although we hope you had as much fun exploring our dark Instagram captions as we had writing them, we understand if you prefer to write your own. After all, every great photo deserves a beautiful frame, and on Instagram, that frame takes the shape of an intriguing caption.

These prompts will kick your creativity up a notch — and if you see a sentence you like, you can finish it in any way you like!

  1. As darkness falls and laughter echoes through the…, we are…
  2. Guided by nothing but a flicker of moonlight, I…
  3. Let the shadows dance around you, and…
  4. Listen to the mysterious whispers within and…
  5. Deep in the shadows, where adventure lives, I…
  6. Get lost in the darkness, but not so deeply that…
  7. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and…
  8. Meet me where darkness falls, and…
  9. Secrets whisper of…
  10. In the solitude of the night, I…

FAQ About Dark Captions for Instagram

How long should my dark Instagram captions be?

Keep them short and sweet! The shortest captions can often make the biggest impact. If you stay under 140 characters, your followers won’t have to tap the More button — but any caption up to around 220 characters has a good length.

What are some fun emojis for dark aesthetic captions for Instagram?

This is an excellent question, because your emojis will do a lot of the talking. Unless your emojis make it clear what type of vibe you’re going for, you risk concerned messages from your followers. Some of our favorite options are 🌑, 🖤, 🌙, 🕷️, 🔮, 🦇, 💀, 🦉, 🧛‍♂️, 🗝️, and 🏰.

Can you recommend some good hashtags for dark Instagram captions?

Sure! Some good choices include #darkaesthetic, #mysteriousvibes, #gothicbeauty, #shadowserenity, #whispersinthedark, #twilight, #gloomandglamour, and #moonlit.

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