110 FYE Instagram Captions to Make Your Followers Laugh

No matter how entertaining your photo or video is, your FYE posts simply aren’t complete without fun, lighthearted, and super…

No matter how entertaining your photo or video is, your FYE posts simply aren’t complete without fun, lighthearted, and super enjoyable captions! They’re what transforms a good pic into a coherent post that your followers can laugh about and be magnetized by, after all!

Can’t think of anything especially funny or entertaining to say? Consider this your FYE Instagram captions crash course. Depending on the kinds of pictures you’re planning to post, you may or may not find the perfect caption on this list — but either way, we guarantee that you’ll be entertained and inspired!

Dive in and discover what it takes to make your Instagram captions entertaining!

How to Write Epic FYE Instagram Captions

So, you’ve discovered that entertaining your Insta friends and followers is the key to a busy feed filled with laughter, comments, and likes? You’ll want to hop on the FYE train and ride it until the end! Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Your captions must be eye-catching to be FYE. They can be hilarious, super cute, a little savage, very silly, or super relatable, but they have to be “in your face.” Take your boldest self to the party and go wild!
  • Yes, that means your unique personality isn’t optional, but very much mandatory. Your followers aren’t looking for generic entertainment, after all, but for the funny moments only you can offer.
  • Make sure that any FYE captions for Instagram labeled in the hashtags focus purely on entertainment. The topic doesn’t matter — it can be food, mishaps, beautiful vacations, cute moments with your pets, or whatever — but captions labeled FYE should not primarily be serious or inspirational.
  • As always, make very sure that the FYE Instagram captions for guys and girls that you post complement the pictures they go along with. Irrelevant captions that have nothing to do with the photos or videos they’re posted with might be entertaining, but never in the right way.

Don’t forget to have fun, and definitely experiment to your heart’s content! You’ll discover what makes your particular crowd of followers laugh soon enough. In the meantime, you’ll find lots of creative inspiration down below.

FYE Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. But first, let me take a selfie… because priorities, right?
  2. BBQ sauce in my hair, don’t care. This burger was worth the mess.
  3. ‘Cause weekend shenanigans start on Thursday, obviously.
  4. Finding paradise in my own personal crisp bag heaven. Don’t ask questions. Just smile.
  5. Sunsets, positive vibes, and endless selfies. Just because I can.
  6. Can I be the reason you smile today?
  7. Fall head over heels in love, even if it means someone has to catch you.
  8. That feeling when you go shopping for an extra soap and come back with two bars of chocolate, some random plastic thing, and a pair of sunglasses. And oh wait, you forgot the soap.
  9. Everyone’s got a face, but mine looks extra silly today. Enjoy!
  10. Sweet DIY dreams are made of duct tape and a Stanley knife.

Foodie FYE Captions for Instagram

  1. Food is my religion, and I pray every day — but sometimes, it gets a little messy.
  2. I’m that guy who takes the last slice of pizza every time. Sorry, not sorry, but enjoy the show anyway!
  3. Food comas are my love language, so I gotta share this moment with you.
  4. Radiate positive energy and eat all the Indian food in sight.
  5. My eyes wanted more, but my stomach was full…
  6. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried fried grasshoppers at least once. Enjoy!
  7. Me, trying out all the exotic dishes… so you don’t have to!
  8. Life’s a culinary journey, and the destination is everything.
  9. Food isn’t the answer. It’s the question, and the answer is always yes.
  10. Finger foods and good moods.

Travel & Adventure FYE Instagram Captions

  1. Smile big, wander far, and be silly wherever you go.
  2. Because that sunshine state of mind just isn’t complete without a camera FYE.
  3. Yes, I’m lost. What of it? Enjoy watching me run around like a headless chicken.
  4. Life’s twists and turns always get better with a little dancing, especially abroad.
  5. When adventure calls, make sure you answer with a silly song.
  6. Always take the scenic route and if there isn’t one, strike poses instead.
  7. Chasing sunshine and adventures, all FYE.
  8. If you lose the road map, your inner clown will guide you to the best parties.
  9. Do it for the views.
  10. Make every day count, and count every like.

FYE Captions for Instagram About Pets

  1. Purrfect, fat, and sunkissed. Whatever this kitty does, she does it FYE.
  2. That feeling when your cat has the zoomies and you rush out to find your phone.
  3. Happiness is a purring cat and a warm cup of tea. Change my mind.
  4. Life is better when you can always play fetch with your best friend.
  5. 99% good boy, but I capture the 1% shoe-eating devil just FYE.
  6. If you can’t afford a home cinema, get a couple of ferrets instead. Here’s your case study.
  7. This spider only has eyes for you. All eight of them.
  8. Me: Hi! Is this place pet friendly? Shop: Yes! Me: Turns up to the shop with my pet tarantula, FYE.
  9. The world is our dog park and we’re never done playing.
  10. Slay all day, chew seeds all night. Life is better with parrots.

FYE Instagram Captions for Guys

  1. Goofy is my middle name. I changed it just FYE.
  2. Work hard, fish harder. It was THIS big!
  3. Who needs filters when you’ve got chocolate?
  4. Life is a BBQ, but I don’t know how to turn on the grill.
  5. Look sharp, but act silly.
  6. Never stop adventuring. Even in the seafood aisle.
  7. Mischief makes my eyes sparkle, but just to put a smile on your face.
  8. Not even my mission to entertain you can make leg day any better.
  9. It’s always question mark o’clock when you follow me on Insta.
  10. Meet me there? I’ll be the one who can’t dance, but does it anyway.

FYE Instagram Captions for Girls

  1. Do it for the FYE vibes, even if it looks silly.
  2. I put the fly in FYE and you can’t change my mind.
  3. Finding warmth in every cup of coffee, with a bit of milk for extra luck.
  4. Ever thought that pile of laundry you left in the corner of your room was a burglar? Relatable, am I right?
  5. Fly fishing like it’s my dream job.
  6. I don’t need your approval, I just need you to be entertained.
  7. I’m a whole lot of chaos mixed with a pinch of darkness.
  8. A bag of chips, a movie, and you.
  9. When life gives you birds, show Instagram all the swearwords they learn.
  10. I have hella heart eyes for a bagel with cream cheese. Yes, please!

FYE Captions for Instagram About DIY Adventures

  1. All you need is love and hot glue. A lot of hot glue.
  2. The instructions weren’t even in Swedish…
  3. My dream has always been to successfully assemble an IKEA product without losing any screws. Will I do it this time? Vote in the comments below, FYE!
  4. Instruction manuals are for losers, and you can’t change my mind.
  5. This is one giant FYE moment waiting to happen. Do it for the Gram, right?
  6. Adventure called, so I bought a hot glue gun and went to town.
  7. Paint brush in one hand, selfie stick in the other. What could go wrong?
  8. Stay tuned for total disaster (and stay on hand to call 911)! Now loading: New IKEA bookcase!
  9. Livin’ out my wildest super glue and cardboard dreams, just use your imagination!
  10. We stick together like nails and walls, don’t we? Anything is possible with duct tape and a dream.

FYE Instagram Captions About Fitness

  1. I’d run a marathon just to skip leg day.
  2. Do you even lift, bro? Yeah, I lift food into my mouth.
  3. That feeling when you bench press a hamburger.
  4. Keeping it real and skipping leg day, but just FYE, I swear.
  5. When life gives you a gym membership and you don’t know how to use the machines, just record it for Insta.
  6. Hey, at least I’ve got arm day down.
  7. They told me to go big or go home, so it’s couch time.
  8. The whole gym experience is just a giant FYE moment waiting to happen.
  9. Surround yourself with people who skip leg day.
  10. Working out and lounging about. HBU?

OOTD FYE Instagram Captions

  1. Got a black dress, high heels, and a bold attitude to match.
  2. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but this one is worth just three — FYE.
  3. I look good in a suit. What’s your superpower?
  4. I call this look “just abducted by a UFO.” FYE, of course.
  5. Do you aspire to acquire the attire you require like never before? Me too!
  6. Sculpting looks and turning heads.
  7. Life ain’t perfect, but it helps to dress like it is.
  8. Shh!!! A sneak peak for later.
  9. If it isn’t FYE, why even bother?
  10. When life gives you clothes, make lemonade.

Short FYE Captions for Instagram

  1. Keep calm and FYE.
  2. Everything you see here, I owe to FYE.
  3. When in doubt, add more coffee.
  4. Livin’ life like it’s my own reality show.
  5. Dress for the beach, and you might just end up there.
  6. Cookies, cream, and good vibes.
  7. For your eyes and your entertainment.
  8. Add snacks, and you’re good to go.
  9. Cream cheese, crackers, and one hell of a picture.
  10. Sharing french fries and good vibes.

Creative Writing Prompts for FYE Instagram Captions

So, you want to keep the FYE vibes going? It’s time to write some of your own highly entertaining captions! This list of sentence starters will give you a gentle nudge in the right direction, so do your worst and show your Insta followers what you’re made of!

  1. Because FYE posts simply aren’t complete without…
  2. You do you, and I’ll, …, but just FYE, of course.
  3. When in doubt, just…
  4. The quirk is strong with this one, and…
  5. I’m all personality and no skills. Look at me…
  6. Nothing says FYE like…
  7. Food pics are better with…
  8. Tapping into my inner… and…
  9. It’s always… o’clock when you’re…
  10. Sparkle, shine, and…

FAQ About FYE Captions for Instagram

Why post FYE Instagram captions?

That one’s simple — because FYE posts bring a smile to your followers’ faces. That’s nice for them and also good for you, because they’ll like and comment on your Instagram posts like never before. Let’s be honest. There’s enough drama on Instagram already. If you can make someone’s day just a little better, that’s always a big win.

What hashtags can I use with my FYE captions for Instagram?

Besides the obvious one (#fye, of course), you can also consider #foryourenterainment, #funtimes, #enjoytheshow, #laughoutloud, #smilemore, and #happinessiscontagious.

What are the best emojis to include in my FYE Instagram captions for guys or girls?

Your best emoji options depend on the context, but ones that definitely amplify the entertainment vibes include 🔥, ❤️, ✨, 🎉, 🤣, 😍, 😂, and 🤩.