110 Hawaii Instagram Captions for Aloha Moments

Hawaii isn’t just one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The state is also famous for its welcoming, relaxed…

Hawaii isn’t just one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The state is also famous for its welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to visit Hawaii, you’ll have a lifetime supply of Insta-worthy photos. Beaches, volcanoes, adventures, and resorts… whatever floats your boat, Hawaii has it all!

The only issue? Those chill Hawaiian vibes may relax you so much that you can’t think of any way to caption all those photos! Don’t worry and be happy, because we have you covered. Scroll down for a fresh batch of cool Hawaii Instagram captions that will make your vacay pictures stand out even more!

How to Write Memorable Hawaii Instagram Captions

Need a few pointers on writing unique Hawaii Instagram captions that your followers will enjoy, like, and comment on? Maybe you’re about to start your vacation, and you’d like to have some caption ideas ready — so you can post your stunning snapshots without having to waste time on social media!

Here are some pointers to get you started!

  • Allow that Aloha spirit to wander freely! Nope, it’s not just a simple greeting. Aloha is all about love and being one with the land. Beautiful surroundings and relaxed, friendly people are enough to convince you Hawaii should be your second home, so lean into it while you can.
  • You just can’t post Hawaii Instagram captions without making comments about the stunning views. No matter how you choose to spend your vacation, you’ll be immersed in a real-life paradise — so make sure to use vibrant language to give your Insta followers a taste.
  • Make your captions more authentic by adding some Hawaiian words to your messages. Even if your Instagram followers don’t know what they mean, they’ll get the point. Adventure called, and you answered — but you’re never too busy to share your fun with your family, friends, and followers!
  • While immersing yourself in the Hawaiian spirit comes totally naturally, don’t forget to allow your own unique voice to shine in your vacation captions, either! If you’re normally sassy and high-energy, it would be odd to suddenly skip the snark and become one with the water.
  • Finally, emojis matter. The best Hawaii-related emojis include 🌺, 🌴, 🏝️, 🌊, 🌅, 🌞, 🌸, and 🍸️. Have fun and let loose!

Still lost? Grab your inspiration below! We’ve got Instagram captions for Hawaii for nearly every occasion, and you’re sure to find a few that would look great on your feed somewhere on the list!

Funny Hawaii Captions for Instagram

  1. When life gives you pineapples, Aloha!
  2. As the famous Hawaii saying goes, a coconut a day keeps the doctor away.
  3. Hi from HI is Aloha.
  4. Came for the weather, stayed because relaxation is infectious and I can’t be bothered to go home.
  5. Hawaii: Where round-trip tickets go to be reborn as one-way tickets.
  6. Hawaiian hiking: Walk to the beach. Hawaiian adventures: Trying every food stall and then some.
  7. Hawaii, I lava you.
  8. Living on island time, where the only watch you need is watching the sunset.
  9. Hawaii is fire — just look at all the volcanoes!
  10. Hawaii relationship status: Committed to sunscreen.

Relaxed Hawaii Captions for Instagram

  1. Hawaii: The only place I don’t get judged for my pineapple pizza habit. I think I found my Ohanu!
  2. Chillin’ like it’s nobody’s business, because it ain’t.
  3. Mahalo, Hawaii! I’ll never get enough of these views.
  4. Sandy toes and beautiful sunsets.
  5. Flip flop adventures on the Aina of Hawaii. Life is sweet. Real sweet.
  6. Aloha hair and too relaxed to care.
  7. Hawaii vibes mean more fun and less worry.
  8. Sunsets, pupus, and good times. Do I have to go back?
  9. Hawaii is my happy place, and I want to stay here forever.
  10. Sorry, boss, I found myself a new full-time job — slathering on sunscreen and finding the best view ever.

Instagram Captions for Hawaii with Friends

  1. Aloha vibes only here.
  2. ‘Cause friends don’t let friends visit Hawaii alone.
  3. You had me at Aloha, bestie.
  4. We got 99 problems less than before we landed.
  5. Flip flops and cocktails. That’s the vibe!
  6. I don’t care what they say, hon. You’ll always be the pineapple to my pizza.
  7. We’re dancing to the rhythm of the Hula and dreaming of staying forever.
  8. Every sunset promises a new beginning, but our friendship is forever.
  9. Coconut mocktails, good vibes, and great friends.
  10. Find us by the beach and bring your sunscreen.

Hawaii Instagram Captions for Couples

  1. Found in love, lost in paradise. Aloha!
  2. Riding the waves of love, one beach day at a time.
  3. Love grows underneath the palm trees.
  4. Exploring the Aina with my love, hand in hand and heart to heart.
  5. Aloha kisses and ocean breezes. We’re home!
  6. Gone to the beach. A hui hou, Insta fam!
  7. From Hawaii with love (and seashells).
  8. Sweet but salty… our kind of flavor.
  9. Meanwhile, in Hawaii…
  10. Lost in paradise with my bae.

Aloha Captions for Instagram

  1. Chasing sunsets and spreading Aloha vibes wherever I go…
  2. Pau Hana vibes on the island mean Aloha everywhere.
  3. Aloha finally quenched my thirst for adventure… I think I’ll stay!
  4. Aloha isn’t a greeting. It’s a mindset, a vibe, and a destination.
  5. Aloha means a heart full of love and a camera roll full of memories.
  6. Friyay on Hawaii is Aloha.
  7. Find what you love, and then go do that. Aloha!
  8. Dance like Aloha surrounds you, and nobody’s watching.
  9. Tan lines, flip flops, and Aloha spirits.
  10. Aloha to all my followers! Dancing to the rhythm of the beautiful beaches!

Maui Instagram Captions

  1. Go where every sunset is infused with Maui magic.
  2. I’m really waterfalling for you, Maui.
  3. Love and Aloha from Maui!
  4. Maui’s sunsets are like poetry in the sky.
  5. Came for the waterfalls, stayed for the rhythm.
  6. Maui is Mai Tai kind of vibe.
  7. Home is wherever the Mai Tais taste best.
  8. Keep calm and don’t worry… you can always stay longer.
  9. Keep calm and eat that poke.
  10. Find yourself reborn in the salty breeze.

Luau Instagram Captions

  1. Poke bowl dreams and hula hoop memes.
  2. You’re the pine to my apple!
  3. Food, food, and more food. That’s the luau life!
  4. Eat, drink, nap, eat, flowers, repeat.
  5. Meet me on the beach and bring a Mai Tai.
  6. My heart sings to the rhythm of the luau.
  7. Happy hour? More like happy life!
  8. Hawaii is my favorite flavor, especially Kalua Pig.
  9. Luau means magic — dancing by the shore, drowning in good vibes, and experiencing a flavor explosion.
  10. No culinary journey through Hawaii is complete without lomi lomi salmon!

Kauai Instagram Captions

  1. Exploring the garden isle in style… flip flips only.
  2. Kauai, where good food goes without saying, and everything’s green.
  3. A trip to Kauai might not be cheaper than therapy, but it’s definitely better!
  4. That Kauai state of mind: Waterfalls, volcanoes, lush green, and a ton of fun.
  5. Aloha from Kauai, where everything is beautiful.
  6. Lost on Kauai, hoping I’ll never be found…
  7. Young, wild, free, and Kauai.
  8. Kauai sunsets are like a million beautiful sparkles condensed into one perfect moment.
  9. Mountains reach for the sky, waterfalls go with the flow, and I? I think I’ve found my happy place.
  10. Kauai: Where dreams stop being dreams and umbrellas are optional.

Great Quotes for Hawaiian Instagram Captions

  1. “Hawaii is a paradise born of fire.” — Rand McNally
  2. “Aloha. It meant welcome and homecoming. It meant love.” — Clemence McLaren
  3. “Coming to Hawaii is like going from black and white to color.” — John Richard Stephens
  4. “Hawaii is paradise. It sounds cheesy to say it, but there’s music in the air there.” ― Bruno Mars
  5. “Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.” — Paul Theroux
  6. “I feel very honored that the Hawaiian spirits chose to contact me.” — Steven Magee
  7. “I once heard a grouty northern invalid say that a coconut tree might be poetical, possibly it was; but it looked like a feather-duster struck by lightning.” ― Mark Twain
  8. “You don’t have to live in Hawaii — or even be Hawaiian — to embrace the Aloha spirit.” — Mark Ellman
  9. “Hawaii’s spirit of Aloha is captured in the essence of its sea and sky, the fragrance of its precious flowers, and its rich, volcanic terrain.” ― Andrew Pacholyk
  10. “Beating the drums for Hawaii is not hard to do. The place just grows on you.” — James MacArthur

Short Hawaii Captions Instagram Followers Will Love

  1. Unwind and find that Aloha state of mind.
  2. Miles of smiles on these isles.
  3. Aloha from Hawaii!
  4. Tropical party mode: Activated.
  5. Ice teas, palm trees, and endless seas.
  6. It’s a pineapple pizza kind of day.
  7. Pineapples, coconuts, and all things Aloha.
  8. Life’s an ocean. Ride those waves!
  9. Chilling like it’s lit.
  10. No worries, just hulas!

Creative Writing Prompts for Hawaii Instagram Captions

Do you still need more Instagram captions for Hawaii photos and videos? Your best vacay snapshots deserve special captions, and because we can’t see your photos, you’re best off crafting those yourself! Want to make it as easy as a Mai Tai on the beach? Try these creative writing prompts! Pick the sentence that speaks to you, and finish it in any way you like!

  1. Waking up in Hawaii feels like…
  2. Hawaii, where have you been all my life? I’m finally…
  3. I don’t care how others define it. To me, Aloha means…
  4. If my tip to Hawaii had a theme song, it would be…
  5. All the food is good here, but my favorite Hawaiian dish is…
  6. My trip to Hawaii in just three words: …
  7. Hawaii vibes and…
  8. You don’t know… until you’ve visited Hawaii and…
  9. Hawaii, where every day begins with…
  10. The thing I’ll always remember about my trip to Hawaii? …

FAQ About Hawaii Instagram Captions

What uniquely Hawaiian words can I add to my Hawaiian captions for Instagram?

Great question! Adding local words instantly makes your Hawaii captions for Instagram more interesting and authentic. You could add mahalo (thank you), aina (land), pono (balance, in a spiritual sense), pupu (snacks), and pau hana (after work) to your captions!

How can I make my Hawaii Instagram captions funny?

Adding humor to your Instagram captions is always a good idea, but you’re not limited to Hawaii-related puns when you write funny captions! Share your most hilarious vacation anecdotes to make your trip come alive for the “viewers at home.”

What are some good hashtags to add to Hawaii captions for Instagram?

Hawaii captions Instagram followers can easily fall in love with are a great start if you’re looking for attention, but you’ll also need some great hashtags. They’ll make it easier for others to discover your vacation posts, but hashtags also add to the mood!

Some of our favorite options include #hawaiiadventures, #alohastate, #paradisefound, #islandlife, #islandescape, #bigislandmagic, and #hawaiiansunset.