110 Powerful Hippie Instagram Captions for Positive Vibes

The Hippie movement — and its inspiring messages of peace, love, and spirituality — might have originated way back in…

The Hippie movement — and its inspiring messages of peace, love, and spirituality — might have originated way back in the 1960s, but its spirit very much lives on until this day. Whether you love hippie music, tie-dye t-shirts, Volkswagen vans, or any other aspect of the movement, hippie-themed pictures make for wonderful conversation starters on Instagram.

Would you like to spread those groovy vibes far and wide? Every beautifully flower-powered picture deserves a fitting hippie Instagram caption. If you need some inspiration to get you started, we’re all about that love and peace! Scroll down to find great hippie-themed caption ideas for Instagram. Sharing is caring, so, of course, you’re very welcome to add these far out messages straight to your Instagram feed!

How to Write Authentic Hippie Captions for Instagram

So, you want to embrace the flow of the hippie subculture? Although your photos will do most of the talking, Instagram captions play a critical role in getting your followers to talk. Well-written captions that hit the nail on the head and speak directly to the pictures they accompany can boost your engagement rate on the platform by up to 66 percent. Who wouldn’t want to spread positive messages?

Here’s how to get your hippie captions for Instagram just right:

  • Start with love and peace, and let everything else flow from there. The hippie subculture was very much centered on love and peace. Its other messages about exploring the world, experimenting with deeper understandings of the world, communal living, and vegetarianism all really come from there.
  • Use authentic hippie slang from the 1960s to breathe life into your hippie Instagram captions. This includes words and phrases like “far out,” “groovy,” “flower power,” “mood child,” “man,” “go with the flow,” “aura,” and “mellow.”
  • Add a unique twist to your captions by talking about why you embrace life as a modern successor to the hippie movement. The 1960s may be over, but the messages the original hippies shared with the world are still very relevant.
  • When in doubt, consider sharing a hippie quote. These quotes can come from lyrics or people who were part of the hippie movement. General quotes about love and peace can also fit the vibe very well.

Writing groovy hippie captions for Instagram should be easier if you keep these handy tips in mind, but don’t worry if you’re still a little stuck. We will help you find the right words for your hippie-themed Instagram photos! Just scroll down and discover a far out swirl of sections. There’s a caption for everyone, and in the spirit of the hippie movement, we’re all about sharing.

Hippie Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Flowers in my hair, don’t care.
  2. Far out, man.
  3. Simply groovy!
  4. I dig this look. What about you?
  5. Go with the flow and embrace your destiny, man.
  6. I almost cut my hair. It happened just the other day.
  7. When in doubt, mellow out.
  8. Make love, not war.
  9. Spreading good vibes and hoping to blow your mind.
  10. Inhale weed, exhale peace.

Funny Hippie Captions for Instagram

  1. Wild heart, free love, terrible jokes.
  2. Sorry, me and my herbs already have other plans.
  3. Go with the flow and let it show.
  4. Tie-dye is my favorite flavor, and I’m just going with the flow.
  5. Lost in the rhythm of the music, found in the smoke’s embrace.
  6. Hippie vibes and chill times.
  7. Lost in a universe of swirling colors. Join the ride.
  8. The best dreams are made of stardust and Volkswagen vans.
  9. Stay trippy and be a hippie.
  10. When life gives you lemons, thank nature for its hard work and peace out, man.

Cute Hippie Instagram Captions

  1. Flower power, every hour.
  2. No matter the question, love is always the answer.
  3. Oh, sweet child of the moon.
  4. Let the good vibrations flow and be happy.
  5. Escape your cage and fly high, my friend.
  6. Meditating my way to paradise, one love-filled day at a time.
  7. Add herbs to taste and soar.
  8. Where love and dreams meet in colorful swirls that dance to the beat of the universe.
  9. Wild, free, and always easy.
  10. Cosmic vibrations with a twist of flowers. That’s how I roll. Groovy!

Hippie Instagram Captions About Peace

  1. Peace out, everybody.
  2. All I need is my Volkswagen van and my adventurous spirit.
  3. Life is too short to fight, man. Peace all the way.
  4. Meet me where peace signs and swirls intersect, and have a drag.
  5. My peaceful vibes are fueled by solar energy.
  6. Shoot for the stars, don’t shoot people.
  7. Find me becoming one with the universe where wildflowers bloom.
  8. Just make peace with it all and go with the flow.
  9. I followed my heart, and it led me to love, peace, and music.
  10. When you can’t make peace, at least eat peas.

Hippie Captions for Instagram About Love

  1. Love unites us all. Let’s dance!
  2. No problem is so big love can’t solve it.
  3. Let’s feast on this meal of love. Pig out and dig it!
  4. Be the wildflower in the sea of topiaries, and love the world.
  5. Born to be free, destined to love, here to smile.
  6. Just love, man. That’s all.
  7. Harmonious, peaceful, and loving. Just the way it’s supposed to be.
  8. Love is a wild trip. Let’s travel!
  9. Flower child, stay wild and love free.
  10. Imagine what we could be if we all just loved each other.

Inspiring Hippie Instagram Captions

  1. You can’t spell “peace” without “love,” man.
  2. The flowers are beautiful, lovely, and peaceful. Be more like the flowers.
  3. The only secret is love, man.
  4. Find your groove and make all the moves. Life is too short to stuff yourself into a box.
  5. Be the peace sign you want to see in the world, and just love.
  6. Herbs in one hand, peace sign in the other. Life is sweet. Life is love.
  7. Spread love, find joy, and discover your flow.
  8. Find meaning in the endless swirls of the universe and dance.
  9. Stars in her eyes, love in her heart.
  10. Living life in full color, flowing free like the bees.

Hippie Captions for Instagram with Friends

  1. Being a hippie isn’t just a phase. It’s a way of life best shared with friends in peace.
  2. Just a couple of free spirits with flowers in our hair.
  3. Friends don’t let friends walk through the colorful forest of love alone.
  4. Love the ones you’re with and keep smiling.
  5. You’re the tie to my dye.
  6. Just a couple of peaceniks letting our freak flags fly free.
  7. Radiating positive vibes and embracing the love.
  8. Squad goals, love and peace edition.
  9. Our auras are made of peace and love.
  10. Feel the power of friendship and smile.

Adventurous Hippie Instagram Captions

  1. All I need is a map and my Volkswagen van.
  2. Traveling the world, one love-filled day at a time.
  3. They’re taking me to Marrakesh! All on board that train.
  4. The compass of my heart points to peace and love, wherever it may hang out.
  5. Life is a road trip, and I’m loving every moment.
  6. Peace, love, weed, and road trips.
  7. Hitchhiking my way to the pure joy. Wanna come join me?
  8. Wild, free, and with so much to see.
  9. Nothing beats the magic of a road trip, baby!
  10. Embrace everything the world has to offer and never stop traveling.

Beautiful Quotes for Hippie Instagram Captions

  1. “I think ideas are still the most powerful things on the planet, and music is a great way to transmit them.” — David Crosby
  2. “I’d rather wear flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck. I don’t want to earn a living, I want to live.” — Oscar Wilde
  3. “Sometimes I get a little drunk, sometimes I get a little out of it, sometimes I get out of tune onstage, but that’s something that shouldn’t be dissected.” — Steven Stills
  4. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” — Jimi Hendrix
  5. “Hair like Jesus wore it. Hallelujah! I adore it! Hallelujah! Mary loved her son. Why don’t my mother love me?” — Hair
  6. “War is over if you want it.” — John Lennon
  7. “I’m one of those regular weird people.” — Janis Joplin
  8. “The real and lasting victories are those of peace, and not of war.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  9. “We hippies talked of peace and love, and the good men we championed fell because of violence and hatred.” — Gerald Maclennon
  10. “The hippie era was a wonderful time because we still believed we could make the world a better place.” — Lemmy Kilmister

Short Hippie Captions for Instagram

  1. Peace and flowers.
  2. Keep calm and love the world.
  3. Flower power is my spirit animal.
  4. Live, love, laugh, peace.
  5. Peace, not pieces.
  6. If it involves a Volkswagen van, I’m in.
  7. Love more, worry less.
  8. Fueled by love, inspired by peace.
  9. Turning hate and war into peace and flowers, one dream a day.
  10. A loving heart will never lead you astray.

FAQ About Hippie Instagram Captions

Want to keep the momentum going by writing your own hippie captions for Instagram? When you’re not sure what to say, a little help goes a long way. These creative writing prompts are designed to give you the groovy boost you need. Simply pick a sentence that matches your aura and keep on writing!

  1. Peace, flowers, and a pinch of…
  2. Dancing beneath the moonlit sky, we feel…
  3. Wrapped in nature’s sweet melodies, dancing to the rhythm of…
  4. Nothing says positive vibes like…
  5. Love, man. Love and…
  6. Go with the flow, meditate among the wildflowers, and…
  7. Flowers in my hair, and… on my mind.
  8. Peace out and…
  9. Listen to the whispers of the wind and…
  10. Love is…

FAQ About Hippie Captions for Instagram

How long should my hippie captions for Instagram be?

Experimenting with different caption lengths will help you understand what styles resonate most with your followers. Having said that, there’s no doubt that shorter Instagram captions (somewhere between 140 and 220 characters) usually hit the sweet spot. Start there, and try different lengths to see what works best.

What are some good emojis to include in my hippie Instagram captions?

That’s a great question. Some of the emojis that best represent the whole hippie vibe include ✌️, 🌻, 🌈, 🌿, 🕊️, 🌍, 🎶, 🌀, and 🌼. Try to limit yourself to three emojis at the end of each caption, or put one emoji at the start and another at the end of the caption. Instead, you can also replace important words in your caption with emojis to shorten your message while adding visual appeal.

Can you recommend any great hashtags for my hippie captions for Instagram?

Definitely! Your hashtags are an integral part of your captions, because they add context and mood while also making it significantly easier for other flower power fans to discover your hippie content on Instagram. Some of the best and most popular options are #peaceandlove, #hippielife, #freespirit, #goodvibesonly, #spreadlove, #onelove, #groovy, #earthchild, #spreadlove, and #naturelover.