110 Princess Captions for Instagram to Add a Royal Touch

Princesses come in all sorts of flavors — cute, savage, confident, magical, and beyond — and we’ve made sure our…

Princesses come in all sorts of flavors — cute, savage, confident, magical, and beyond — and we’ve made sure our princess captions for Instagram capture every possible vibe. Transform your Instagram page into a magical kingdom by scrolling through our list of ideas and choosing a great caption!

How to Write Amazing Princess Captions for Instagram

So, you’re letting your inner princess out to play? Instagram captions are infinitely more impactful when they perfectly capture the mood of the photos they accompany. Here’s how to get it just right:

  • Consider the facial expression you’re making in your photo. Is it cute, confidence, dramatic, or slightly villainous? Let that central mood push you in the right direction as you choose a vibe for your princess caption.
  • Don’t be afraid to put your own twist on lines from famous Disney movies. Everyone can relate to those iconic princess quotes, and you’ll get lots of attention!
  • You could also try to come up with puns or jokes about princesses. Getting your followers to laugh is the first step on the road to lots of likes and comments, and who can say no to cheesy puns?
  • Feeling the magic? Talking about fairy dust, unicorns, and magic mirrors will add a whimsical vibe to all your princess Instagram captions. Have fun! That’s what Instagram is for!
  • Still looking for the right caption? As an option of last resort, you could always post a quote from a famous Disney princess. You’ll find some great examples down below!

Have fun playing around with princess captions for Instagram — and don’t sweat it if you can’t come up with the right words. Chances are, you’ll find the perfect caption for you on the list down below! Scroll down and pick one. Feel free to use our captions as they are or to modify them to better fit your photo!

Princess Instagram Captions for Selfies

1. Because modern princesses take selfies.

2. Crown on, drama gone.

3. Treat me like royalty, or watch me leave.

4. I’m not saying I’m spoiled, but I might be a little bit spoiled.

5. Future Queen. Watch out.

6. Here’s your daily dose of royalty.

7. If the crown fits. Right?

8. Dreaming of tiaras and balls.

9. Princess hair, don’t care.

10. Sparkles in her eyes, crown on her head.

Funny Princess Captions for Instagram

11. Yes, I’m the Queen of my own Castle. Who cares if it happens to be a sandcastle?

12. When life gives you lemons, get someone else to cut them. Princesses don’t do their own dirty work.

13. This princess doesn’t need no prince. Give me frogs any day.

14. Meanwhile, in the Queendom of my dreams…

15. I’m a princess, and I’d take fantasy over reality any day.

16. Princess? I’m just a Queen in Progress.

17. If the slipper fits…

18. Royalty is an attitude, not a status, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

19. Princess by name and princess by nature.

20. With the attitude of a princess and the confidence of a Queen…

Cute Princess Instagram Captions

21. Chasing royal dreams and princess vibes.

22. Life ain’t perfect, but fairy tales can be.

23. Wrapped in glitter and dressed up to sparkle.

24. I’ll make my own glass slipper that fits perfectly, thank you very much.

25. I don’t need no man to chase my own happily ever after.

26. Crowns are so yesterday. I prefer Gucci.

27. Feeling the magic of my own whimsical castle.

28. Watch me swoop in on my own personal unicorn.

29. Because every Disney princess deserves her own magical adventure.

30. Because life is better with a tiara.

Savage Princess Captions for Instagram

31. Rise and sparkle all you want — you still won’t outshine me.

32. 99% princess, 1% villain. Deal or leave.

33. I might not be royalty, but my attitude definitely is.

34. Honey, I’m a princess. I’m not even in your league.

35. They’re gonna stare. You might as well blind them with your glitter.

36. I’ll be in my princess tower doing princess things, you wouldn’t understand.

37. Basically, I rule.

38. Love me or hate me, you know you gotta respect me like the princess I am.

39. Bow to your princess and bring gifts.

40. If looks could kill, I’d be a deadly princess.

Princess Instagram Captions for Little Girls

41. Tiny little princess, huge heart.

42. The first rule of being a princess? Throw tantrums everywhere you go.

43. My 3 year old is just like Elsa, look at her ice-themed party!

44. The cold never bothered her anyway…

45. Me while trying to comb my niece’s hair: Rapunzel, Rapunzel…

46. She’s got a magic wand, a sparkly dress, and the cutest smile ever. I’d say she’s princess material.

47. Proof that not all princesses wear crowns. Some wear ice cream all over their faces.

48. This little princess knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it with everything she’s got.

49. Once upon a time, there was a cute little birthday princess…

50. Shhh! Sleeping Beauty, do not disturb.

Magical Princess Captions for Instagram

51. True princesses write their own fairy tales. Get your magic dust ready!

52. I’ve got a talking animal companion, an adventure, and a flowing dress. I’m a true Disney princess!

53. BRB, I’m just gonna ride my unicorn to the land of my dreams…

54. Princess: Duct tape edition, where my magical duct tape fixes all my whimsical problems.

55. Follow the path to love’s magical song and start sparkling.

56. It’s always princess o’clock when you’re me.

57. Life is short. Make your own kind of magic and smile.

58. Practicing my princess dance moves like I’m about to go to a magical ball.

59. In search of lost slipper. Call if found.

60. Magical vibes only when you’re the princess of this castle.

Inspirational Princess Instagram Captions

61. Don’t copy someone else’s magic, be your own Disney princess.

62. Never stop dreaming. Never stop sparkling.

63. Believe you can, and you will. Don’t let anyone take your crown away.

64. Hold onto your sparkle. It’s what makes you beautiful.

65. Royal, magical, and always ready for an adventure. That’s me.

66. Find your inner princess and have the courage to chase your dreams.

67. Skip the frogs. Head straight for the real deal.

68. Growing up is optional, and I choose to be lost in my own little princess adventure.

69. Sprinkling a little bit of magical princess dust everywhere I go. You’re welcome.

70. Find your princess vibes where magic, courage, and love collide.

Halloween Princess Captions for Instagram

71. Be the Disney princess in a world of scary zombies and skeletons.

72. This may not be happily ever after, but it’s magical for one night. Just like Cinderella!

73. Some people might say my Elsa costume is basic, but I love being an icy princess.

74. From “trick or treat” to “let it go”!

75. My friends and I are going as Disney Princesses, what do you think of our magical crew?

76. We’ll be dressing up as princesses for Halloween, and we plan to have a ball!

77. Proof that fairy tales are real.

78. Watch out! I’ll turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

79. I’ll use my magical wand to get as much candy as I need.

80. Let there be magic!

Awesome Quotes for Princess Instagram Captions

81. “Step outside of your comfort zone, for that’s where life truly begins.” — Rapunzel

82. “I am not some prize to be won.” — Jasmine

83. “You control your destiny — you don’t need magic to do it.” — Merida

84. “Why we’ve met before… once upon a dream.” — Aurora

85. “Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.” — Snow White

86. “They can’t order me to stop dreaming.” — Cinderella

87. “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.” — Belle

88. “But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.” ― Walt Disney Company

89. “Fairy tales can come true. You got to make them happen, it all depends on you!” — Tiana

90. “I have no idea why the ocean chose me… but my island is dying, so I am here.” — Moana

Short Princess Instagram Captions

91. Born to sparkle, not to fit in.

92. We are not amused.

93. Keep calm and princess on.

94. Magical adventures, here I come!

95. No matter the question, glitter is always the answer.

96. Princess vibes only.

97. 99 problems? Of course not, I’m a princess.

98. Being a princess is my cardio.

99. Life is too short not to wear a tiara.

100. Less drama, more sparkle.

Creative Writing Prompts for Princess Instagram Captions

So, you’re determined to come up with a caption that fits your photo like that glass slipper fit Cinderella’s feet? There’s no denying it — writing your own caption is the best way to get results! If you feel you need a little inspo to get started, these prompts are a great first step on the road to a hard-hitting caption. Simply pick a sentence and start brainstorming about the best ways to finish it!

101. My princess journey in three words: …

102. Because nothing says “princess” like…

103. Like…, I’ll always be a magical princess. You can tell from…

104. Shh! The secret to being a princess is…

105. My own Disney princess song goes a little like…

106. We make the perfect princess team, and we…

107. I love being a princess. It’s all about…

108. Dancing to the beat of my princess dreams and…

109. Glitter, charm, and a sprinkle of…

110. Got a tiara on my head and… on my mind.

FAQ About Princess Instagram Captions

How long should my princess captions for Instagram be?

As you saw from our princess Instagram captions, you really don’t have to write super long captions to make a big impact! Remember — if you keep your caption to around 140 characters, your followers won’t even have to tap that dreaded More button to read the entire thing. That’s great, because it means more people will see what you have to say.

Should I add any emojis to my princess captions for Instagram?

That’s a definite yes. Don’t get us wrong — you shouldn’t go crazy with the emojis and post long strings, but a well placed emoji here and there does a lot to brighten your captions and get your followers to pay attention. Some of the best princess-themed emojis include 👸, 👑, 🌟, 💖, ✨, 🎀, 🌸, 🦄, and 👗. Pick three or so, and you’re good to go!

What are some popular hashtags that go well with my princess Instagram captions?

Great question! The hashtags you add to your Instagram captions do a lot to add context and mood, and they have the added bonus of making your magical posts easier to discover! Some of our favorite options include #princessvibes, #royalelegance, #fairytaledreams, #enchantedlife, #magicalmoments, #crownjewels, and #onceuponatime.

Keep in mind that popular hashtags shift all the time on Instagram, and look around for others that fit the mood of your photos, too!