110 Sassy Instagram Captions for Your Fiercest Pics

Are you funny and confident, with a shameless touch of attitude? Let’s face it — some people will love and…

Are you funny and confident, with a shameless touch of attitude? Let’s face it — some people will love and respect you for it, but you’ll be too hot to handle for others!

If you’ve been infusing all your Instagram captions with sass, you know your followers look forward to that daily dose of cheeky playfulness. Unfortunately, even the sassiest among us run clean out of ideas sometimes. When that happens? Well, get some fresh inspo right here!

We’ve made a massive list of sassy captions for Instagram with a massive attitude! Because sassy is more than a mood — it’s a way of life! — we’ve included captions for a huge range of photos, from selfies to friends and from food to Throwback Thursdays.

First Things First: What Are Sassy Instagram Captions? How Do You Get the Vibe Right?

Looking for your next sassy attitude caption for Instagram? Let’s take a quick look at what it takes to capture that vibe and rock that attitude! Sassy captions are all about being fresh, bold, playful, and a teeny, tiny bit rude. Sassy screams “Sorry, but not really!” with a touch of “I’m good, thanks.”

A bit of sass hides in all of us, so to make your Instagram captions sassy, simply allow the baddest, boldest version of you to come out to play. Unapologetically capture the attitude you have in your selfies, share home truths with a touch of sugar with your friends, or play with overused, trendy Instagram captions until you wind up with your confident, playful take.

Sassy Instagram Captions for Selfies

Selfies can give rise to an endless stream of sassy and glam Instagram captions that show your followers — and the rest of the world, if they’re brave enough to pay attention — exactly who you are. (Awesome, and not to be messed with.) Add these sassy takes to your next Instagram post for an Insta win!

1. And remember, girls: Life’s too short not to steal your sister’s best outfits. It’s party time!

2. I’m a member of a very exclusive club you can’t join: the Me Team.

3. My latest mugshot.

4. It’s OK if you don’t like me! You just have to bow.

5. I might not be perfect, but hey, I throw a mean party.

6. Special delivery! Enjoy!

7. Kinda petty, but whatever.

8. “Sarcasm” is my favorite word.

9. Too bold to touch!

10. The place many have tried to conquer… unsuccessfully.

Sassy Instagram Captions for Selfies

Sassy Captions for Instagram Posts About Food and Drinks

Instagram wouldn’t be Instagram without a hefty daily dose of culinary delights! Got something awesome to share? Try these short sassy captions for Instagram when you post your next fun photo about food and drinks!

11. Hot girl, icy vibes.

12. The waiter warned me it was spicy. I’ve finally met my match.

13. Feeling salty today!

14. And now, a toast to… me?

15. Don’t like me? That’s OK. I’m just here for the chicken.

16. This girl bites back.

17. Don’t add sugar. I’m sweet enough as it is.

18. Strong, dark, and bitter — this coffee’s my cup of tea.

19. My life, my rules, my dinner.

20. Sweet and sour.

Sassy Instagram Captions for Photos with Friends

Just like love, sass only grows stronger when you’re in good company! Do you have some epic photos to show off with your bestie or entire crew? These glam captions for Instagram will do your mood justice!

21. Let’s vibe, tribe!

22. Double trouble!

23. These legends never die.

24. Yeah, I’ve found my kind of crazy. What’s your problem?

25. In your dreams, boys.

26. If you know, you know. If you don’t, you can go.

27. My fan club.

28. Too good for you.

29.  Meet my best frenemies.

30. Besties. Because you can’t do epic stuff with basic b*tches.

Sassy Instagram Captions for Photos with Friends

Sassy Daughter Instagram Captions

Moms… can’t live with them, can’t live without them, right? Show off all those special mother/daughter moments with these cheeky Instagram captions that’ll give your mom a laugh and show her you’re not afraid to be just as bold and beautiful as she is!

31. For you, Mom, because you know you couldn’t have asked for a better daughter.

32. I know! You’re so lucky to have me!

33. Remind me why I need to get you a gift? I mean, you already got me…

34. Slaying it in your outfit. P.S.: Not sorry, but I’ll give it back later.

35. The wonderful woman who saw how awesome I was from day one.

36. You taught me to be strong. Too late to whine about it now.

37. Sarcasm runs in the family.

38. The best kind of sass makes you see double.

39. Think this is bad, Mom? You should see my Rinsta.

40. Love you! P.S.: Can you take me shopping?

Sassy Captions for Instagram Fitness Pics

Have you been working your ass off at the gym? Add a touch of playfulness to all your gym and fitness pics! Making your fitness Instagram captions sassy is easy if you exercise that attitude as hard as you work those legs!

41. Yeah, I lift. I take the elevator down to the gym and watch my friends work out.

42. Love me or hate me, I’m all the inspiration I need to get fit!

43. Yeah, I’m deadlift serious.

44. They say it always works out in the end, but I was born this awesome!

45. It ain’t working if it doesn’t hurt.

46. All about that gym vibe…

47. Resistance training, you say? You mean that bit where you talked to me for five minutes?

48. If you think my abs are strong, you should see my mind, boy.

49. Time to exercise that attitude!

50. Keep eating those chips, folks, if making me look even better is your favorite sport.

Sassy Captions for Instagram for Girls with Style

When you look good and you know it, dare to show those killer outfits off with appropriately glamorous captions for Instagram! These sassy Instagram captions for girl glam moments are all about that beautiful, self-confident attitude!

51. Raise a glass to sass and class!

52. Feast those eyes, boys!

53. Move over! These here heels are my new sole mate.

54. Oh, did you say something? I didn’t hear you. My outfit was too busy making a statement.

55. I’m the star of my own show!

56. Haters gonna hate, but I don’t take the bait.

57. Covering my ears and singing Oh-lalalalalalaLA!

58. Make ‘em stare, but don’t care.

59. I woke up like this.

60. This diva gets what she wants.

Sassy Captions for Instagram for Girls with Style

Instagram Sassy Captions About Success

Got something to celebrate? Never apologize for your success! Let your Instagram followers know what you’re all about with these cheeky Instagram captions that shamelessly revel in your own glory.

61. She’s all sun and no shade.

62. Sassy and slaying it.

63. Never apologize when others can’t keep up with you. I don’t!

64. Savoring every bite, because it’s all mine.

65. Sassy boss.

66. You’ll get it eventually.

67. Sleep hits different when your crown is on straight.

68. I’m out of your league.

69. Talk behind my back, and I’ll remember why you’re there in the first place.

70. Call me “bossy” one more time, and I’ll fire you.

Savage Sassy Instagram captions

If sassy isn’t sassy enough for you, add a savage twist to your captions. Watch out, though! These extra sassy Instagram captions burn!

71. PSA: If you can’t handle the sass, stay out of the ring.

72. Yeah, thanks. You can put that ring on my middle finger.

73. Don’t like me? That sounds like a “you” problem.

74. I’m the girl of your dreams, you say? Good night, sweetheart.

75. Babe, you wouldn’t get me even if you had a manual.

76. Sorry, friends only.

77. What am I doing today? Oh, nothing. Just what I want.

78. Marching to the beat of my own drum, ‘cause yours is out of tune.

79. Like, you thought I was going to wait for you?

80. It wasn’t me, sweetie, it was you.

Cheeky Instagram Captions for Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays are a great opportunity to get sappy and sentimental — but that’s not you, is it? Try these sassy captions for Instagram to reflect on old mistakes and new beginnings with a touch of attitude!

91. Living to make others happy is so yesterday.

92. Remember that time I did something stupid? Because I don’t!

93. Ah, Thursday. Time to remind you of my best moments.

94. Looking back is a waste of time unless you want to remind yourself who to avoid.

95. Still can’t talk to me until I’ve had my third coffee…

96. Maturing like a fine wine…

97. Some things never change. I’m still awesome.

98. Oh, remember that one time when I told you to f*** off?

99. When we were young and stupid… oh no, that was you. I was just young.

100. Remember when I pretended to be nice?

Cheeky Instagram Captions for Throwback Thursdays

Sassy Short Instagram Captions

Don’t got time to craft a novel? Smart! These sassy short Instagram captions cut down on the words… but not the attitude!

101. When you’re sassy and you know it, clap your hands.

102. In love with my attitude.

103. Good mood, tons of attitude.

104. Miss me?

105. Dressing the part.

106. Too hot to handle.

107. I come, you go.

108. Sorry, not sorry.

109. Listen to the sound of me not caring.

110. Sure, you do you.

FAQ About Sassy Instagram Captions

How do I come up with sassy captions for Instagram posts?

Honestly? Sass is a choice. Its essence hides in all of us. Just be your boldest, most confident, and cheekiest self, and the sassy Instagram captions will basically write themselves. Don’t be shy! You’d be surprised how easily your Instagram followers will welcome the fresh, glam version of you.

Can anyone rock cheeky Instagram captions, or are they only for certain personality types?

You can do it! Sassy Instagram captions are all about adding a little bit of playfulness to your confidence — and sometimes, about actually daring to write the hilarious things you think to yourself but usually don’t share with the world.

There’s another misconception about sassy captions, and that’s that sass is just for the ladies. That’s not true! While sassy captions for Instagram for girls often focus on confidence and looks, guys can be just as sassy!

What’s the difference between savage and sassy captions for Instagram?

The savage subculture on Instagram is all about being bold and confident, too, but it has much more of a burn! The basic difference? Savage captions aren’t afraid to actually offend people, but sassy Instagram captions make it obvious that you’re playing around (with a kernel of truth)!

What kinds of hashtags should I add to my sassy Instagram captions?

Some popular hashtags that will probably match your sassy captions for Instagram include #sassy, #sassyattitude, #slay, #bold, #attitude, #sassqueen, #glam, #bossbabe, #selfiegamestrong, #flawless, and #glamourlife.

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