110 Sorority Instagram Captions to Embrace the Greek Life

Loving the Greek life? There’s no question that your sorority will take up a large chunk of your Instagram feed…

Loving the Greek life? There’s no question that your sorority will take up a large chunk of your Instagram feed — starting on bid day! If you’re new to the sorority lifestyle, you may seriously wonder how to caption all the epic photos you’re taking, and you may be worried about stepping on a new sister’s toes.

That’s where these sorority captions come in handy. We’ve made a huge list of ideas for your feed, from cute to funny and from savage to meaningful, so check it out and get a feel for the kinds of captions sorority girls post on Insta.

Of course, if you’re a big sister, you can still get fresh ideas here. After all, we can all use a little inspiration sometimes!

How to Write Epic Sorority Captions for Instagram

So, you’re taking the next step in life, and you want your Instagram feed to reflect that? Well-written Instagram captions that are highly relevant to your photos get up to 66 percent more engagement than those without any captions, but that’s not your only consideration. As you settle into sorority life, you may be extra mindful of the fact that the things you post on Instagram may also affect your new sisters.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • If you want to play it safe, make sure your sorority and bid day Instagram captions are positive, lighthearted, and exciting. As a sorority girl, you want to spread positivity and keep the negative stuff and drama away from your Instagram feed.
  • Making your sorority Instagram captions funny is always a good idea, too. Puns or rhymes related to your sorority usually land well, and they’re a lot of fun to write, too. If you can make your followers and sisters laugh, you’re already on your way to sparking interesting conversations!
  • Are you thinking about bid day captions for Instagram? Today might be a great day to talk about your hopes and dreams for the future and your time as a sorority girl. A touch of pure joy is always going to do well on Instagram!
  • Still lost? You can always look for interesting quotes from celebrities, famous authors, or movies about sorority life or sisterhood in general. Quotes are a great way to frame your sorority photos, even if you are having trouble coming up with the right words.

Of course, you can also simply scroll down to explore our huge collection of sorority Instagram captions. We’ve made sure that our captions are quite short, giving you space to add a line about your own experiences and suitable for any sorority. By adding a personal touch, you’ll have a wonderful caption before you know it!

Sorority Instagram Captions for Selfies

  1. Just my sisters and I having a blast.
  2. Us sisters have got to stick together.
  3. I’m here for the rush!
  4. Awesome by nature, sisters by choice.
  5. When Greek life gives you lemons, turn them into amazing cocktails!
  6. Sisters before Misters, all the way.
  7. We’re a package deal, even when it comes to selfies.
  8. Sisters first, baby.
  9. This one’s for the sisters who make the house a home.
  10. Sleep is for the weak, and we’re strong.

Sorority Instagram Captions Funny

  1. Yes, we’re awesome. Soror, not sorry.
  2. Because are you really sisters if you never fight?
  3. Welcome to the horror-ity house.
  4. It’s a sorority thing. You wouldn’t understand.
  5. On Wednesdays, we wear pink.
  6. Yes, we’re Beta than you and we’re not afraid to remind you.
  7. It’s all Greek to me, and I’m loving every moment.
  8. We’re masters at putting the “fun” in dysfunctional.
  9. Came for the parties, stayed for the parties.
  10. Where chaos becomes fun, and fun becomes a lifetime of sisterhood.

Cute Sorority Captions for Instagram

  1. Our bond is bolder than the letters on our shirts.
  2. These girls are the avocado to my toast.
  3. Need me, sis? I’m already on it!
  4. Because where else would you find girls to share outfits with?
  5. When in doubt, pout to stand out!
  6. Friends come and go, but sisters are forever.
  7. Ready for an exciting rollercoaster adventure with my ride or die crew.
  8. We share everything, from shoes to memories.
  9. Winning at twinning means miles of smiles.
  10. Yes, we recruit like we’re a cult, but we’re cooler.

Cool Bid Day Instagram Captions

  1. When you run out of excuses, run home.
  2. Sorority sisters for life! I’m home!
  3. The sorority doesn’t ask questions. The sorority understands.
  4. Living the dream with my new sorority sisters! Future, here I come.
  5. The Greek letter within me says hello to the Greek letter within you.
  6. Come to the sorority side, we have cookies here.
  7. Bid day, big day! Let’s get this party started!
  8. Chasing sorority dreams in high heels.
  9. Bid like you’re in a rush.
  10. Keep calm, and OMG, I’m about to run home!

Sorority Instagram Captions for Parties

  1. Sorority sisters know how to throw the best parties ever!
  2. Awesome by nature, sparkly by choice. Let’s make some noise!
  3. Radiate sisterly vibes and party all night.
  4. Greek life, good vibes, and endless nights.
  5. Party mode? Activated! Sisterhood? For life!
  6. Life is a party. Make every moment count!
  7. Let’s party until night turns to day, because we’re here to slay.
  8. Dancing to the beat of Greek life with sparkles in my eyes and sequins on my dress.
  9. Partying with your sisters isn’t just a phase. It’s a whole mindset.
  10. Got 99 problems, but a good sorority party takes care of most of them.

Sorority Instagram Captions About Sisterhood

  1. We’re one big, fat, happy Greek family!
  2. Always count on your sisters to make the good times better and the tough times easier.
  3. From outfits to shoulders to cry on, my sisters always help me get what I need.
  4. We stick together like glue. So glad you noticed that. Some bonds just can’t be broken.
  5. Where fleeting moments become unforgettable memories, and strangers become family.
  6. You can take the sister out of the sorority house, but you can’t take the sorority out of the sister.
  7. Louder, brighter, and better together.
  8. We may not have it all together, but together, we’ve got it all. Sisters for life!
  9. We believe in rising by lifting others!
  10. When life gets tough, count on your sisters.

Inspirational Sorority Captions for Instagram

  1. Chasing dreams and having fun with my sorority sisters.
  2. Sisterhood isn’t a destination. It’s a wild ride filled with fun.
  3. Live, love, laugh, and guide each other. It’s what we do.
  4. We walk together and we wear killer heels.
  5. Go Greek and go home.
  6. Your sisters are your life, appreciate them and share every second with them.
  7. All aboard the sorority train!
  8. That feeling when you know your sisters will always be there for you…
  9. We share everything… even our outfits!
  10. Greek life all the way, that’s how it’s got to stay!

Beautiful Quotes for Sorority Instagram Captions

  1. “Sisters make the best friends in the world.” — Marilyn Monroe
  2. “A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” — Elizabeth Fishel
  3. “Sisters touch your heart in ways no other could. Sisters share their hopes, their fears, their love, everything they have.” ― Carrie Bagwell
  4. “Is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?” — Alice Walker
  5. “Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other.”— Carol Saline
  6. “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.” — Isadora James
  7. “There is no place for secrets in sisterhood.” — Erin Forbes
  8. “The way you become the top sorority is by having the best looking-girls.” — Claudia Welch
  9. “During life’s highs and lows, hurts and happiness, a sister is always there.” — Catherine Pulsifer
  10. “When sisters stand shoulder to shoulder, who stands a chance against us?” ― Pam Brown

Short Sorority Captions for Instagram

  1. Our motto? Slay together, stay together!
  2. Chin up, heels high!
  3. Because life is better with sisters.
  4. See you at the sorority formal.
  5. Sister and sparkles, my two favorite S words.
  6. Radiate positive vibes and stay sisterly.
  7. Sorority sisters are forever.
  8. Sisterhood is the best hood.
  9. With an attitude of gratitude toward my sisters.
  10. Shine and sparkle, sisters! It’s gonna be a beautiful day.

Short Bid Day Captions for Instagram

  1. Running home is my cardio.
  2. I’m the CEO of Running Home.
  3. A big welcome to all our new sisters!
  4. Sisterhood is my favorite color.
  5. A big rush!
  6. I’m officially a sorority girl!
  7. Squad goals, sorority edition.
  8. Welcome to the sisterhood!
  9. Sisterhood is our love language.
  10. I followed my heart, and it led me to the sorority house.

Creative Writing Prompts for Sorority Instagram Captions

We hope you had fun browsing through our caption ideas. You may have found a few captions you can add to your feed, but we know how important your sorority will be in the next few years. There’s absolutely no doubt that you’ll need fresh caption ideas soon enough.

Want to try writing your own? Get your creativity flowing with these creative writing prompts! Just choose a sentence and finish it off in your own unique way, and you’ll have a completely original Instagram caption that nobody else will ever post.

  1. Always grateful for my sorority, because…
  2. My sorority in three words: …
  3. One thing I’ve learned from my sorority that I never saw coming is…
  4. You know you’re in a sorority when…
  5. Our sorority’s unofficial motto should be…
  6. Sisterhood means…
  7. My advice to future sorority members? …
  8. The sister who inspires me most is…
  9. Sororities: Because everyone needs…
  10. Who needs… when you have a sorority?

FAQ About Sorority Captions for Instagram

How long should my sorority and bid day Instagram captions be?

Although that’s up to you, it’s good to know that shorter captions almost always perform better on Instagram than long, rambling ones. You’ll usually find the sweet spot somewhere between 140 and 220 characters, but you can always experiment to see what works best for you!

How should I use these sorority and bid day captions for Instagram?

We wrote this list of captions to help you brainstorm ideas — and perhaps to take a few captions to add straight to your feed. We understand that every Instagram user has moments when they simply can’t come up with the right words, and that’s where our list of captions comes in.

Can you suggest some good emojis for my sorority Instagram captions?

Absolutely! Emojis are half the fun, and it’s important to pick the right ones. Some of the emojis that best get the sorority vibes across include 💖, 👭, 🌟, 🎉, 🌸, 🚀, 👑, and 📸.

What are the best hashtags for my sorority captions for Instagram?

Your sorority definitely has its own hashtags, so always add those. Apart from that, you could consider adding #sororitysisters, #sisterhoodstrong, #greeklife, #sororitylife, #sororityfamily, #sororitypride, #sororitybond, #greeklifeglam, and #sisters.

Each of these hashtags touches on a different aspect of the Greek life, and they can all add context and good vibes to your sorority Instagram posts. By choosing the right hashtags, you’ll not just add personality, but you also make it infinitely easier for your sisters to discover all the things you post on Instagram!