110 Super Mario Captions for Instagram to Power Up Your Feed

110 Super Mario Captions for Instagram to Power up Your Feed Want to show your love of Super Mario off…

110 Super Mario Captions for Instagram to Power up Your Feed

Want to show your love of Super Mario off on Insta? If you’re a real fan, you can use Super Mario captions for Instagram to fit just about any moment. It goes without saying that pictures of you and your crew playing Super Mario, or you showing off your Mario and Luigi merch, need Mario-themed captions — but you can always level up any other picture with a reference to the Mushroom Kingdom, too!

Need some help coming up with creative Mario captions for Instagram We have your back! This massive list is packed full of ideas for just about every tone and occasion, and you can look forward to a good mix of quotes from the Mario games and captions that show appreciation for the series.

How to Write Amazing Super Mario Captions for Instagram

So, you need a power-up for your Mario kart captions for Instagram? The TLC you give your caption game will definitely pay off, because Instagram posts with well-written and genuinely interesting captions get up to 66 percent more likes and comments than posts with no captions or dull captions.

Check out these handy tips if you’re ready to take your Mario and Luigi Instagram captions to the next level!

  • Make your captions funny or punny, and definitely pump your messages full of places and concepts from the games, from power-ups to Super Mushrooms, and from warp pipes to Bowser. Take things a step further, and use these concepts as metaphors for life, and you’ll have a wonderful caption!
  • Have you been playing Super Mario for years and years? Don’t pass up the opportunity to take your followers on a nostalgia trip through their childhoods. We can all relate to those late nights gaming with our friends and the friendly competition we had going on, and mentioning the older games will definitely hit a nostalgic nerve.
  • There’s no question that you should use famous and less famous quotes from the game. Don’t just stick to Mario, but also explore what other characters say, and bring a fresh vibe to your feed by deploying little-known quotes from some of the less famous Super Mario games.

Above all, have fun — because that’s what Super Mario is all about, and it’s also the best way to get your love of the games to rub off on your followers. Need some inspo? We’ve got a massive list of caption ideas to share your love of Super Mario down below, and you’re absolutely welcome to use any of them!

Super Mario Captions for Instagram Selfies

1. Living life in the fast lane, because I’m in it to win it.

2. “Oh, look! It’s-a Mario’s expert express!” — Mario, Mario Teaching Typing 2

3. Controller in one hand, selfie stick in the other. Life is good.

4. Super Mario hat in my hair, don’t care.

5. Life’s a game, and I’m not satisfied until I can beat you at Super Mario.

6. “Thank you, Mario! Your quest is over. We present you a new quest. Push button B to select a world.” — Princess Peach, Super Mario Bros

7. The Super Mario vibes are strong with this one.

8. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the mushrooms.

9. I play Super Mario at 3 am. What’s your superpower?

10. “Oh, yeah! Looking good!” — Luigi, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Funny Mario Kart Captions for Instagram

11. Me on Monday, feeling like I desperately need a power up!

12. Everything you see here, I owe to Super Mario Kart.

13. “Oh no! We’re gonna be late for dinner!” — Mario, Super Mario Sunshine

14. Super Mario Kart doesn’t ask questions. Super Mario Kart understands.

15. “Whoo-hoo! Lucky Mario! Oh yeah! It’s-a Mario time!” — Mario, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

16. Sorry, but my gaming console and I already have other plans for the weekend.

17. “Look, I’m a video game! Pong! Pong, pong! Pong, pong! Pong! Thank you very much, thank you, thank you!” — Mario, Mario Teaches Typing 2

18. Don’t mind me. I’m just stomping on Goombas, one Super Mushroom at a time.

19. “Okey-dokey! Mario get you next time!” — Mario, Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

20. When life gives you gaming consoles and weekends, go crazy with Super Mario Kart!

Cute Mario Captions for Instagram

21. I’m the Queen of my own Mushroom Kingdom, but I don’t need rescuing!

22. Game play on point. I’m positively dripping in coins.

23. “How’s everyone doing? I’m feeling great! Let’s roll!” — Mario, Fortune Street

24. “Princess Peach, still stuck up there in the sky… C’mon, Mario! You’re a hero, bro! You have to go up there to rescue her!” — Luigi, Paper Mario

25. Super Mario is my favorite flavor, and you can’t change my mind. Everything is peachy here!

26. Shh! I’m the CEO of Discovering Hidden Passages in Super Mario!

27. Will you be the Mario to my Princess Peach? I’ve got a lot of mushrooms waiting for you!

28. Chasing dreams, sunsets, and Koopa Troopas like a pro.

29. When life gives you Super Mario, build castles in the sky and show your crew who’s the boss.

30. “Thank you very much for to playing my games-es!” — Mario, Mario vs Donkey Kong

Romantic Mario and Luigi Instagram Captions for Couples

31. We’re just speeding into the weekend with our game console.

32. You’ll always be the Luigi to my Mario!

33. Oh, us? We’re just racing toward our couple goals, Mario and Luigi style.

34. “Mario! The power of the Stars is restored to the castle… and it’s all thanks to you! Thank you, Mario! We have to do something special for you…” — Princess Peach, Super Mario 64

35. Just you, me, and a whole night full of Mario and Luigi.

36. “Would you like to share some cake while we watch the shooting stars? Meet me at the castle!” — Princess Peach, Super Mario Galaxy 2

37. I’d double-jump to kiss you any day!

38. “Oh, Mario! It can’t have been easy to make it here. You truly are my hero!” — Princess Peach, Super Mario Maker

39. Dancing to the rhythm of our very own Mushroom Kingdom.

40. You + me + Super Mario Kart = magic.

Mario and Luigi Instagram Captions for Friends

41. “Brothers. Ya can’t live with ‘em. Ya can’t live without ‘em.” — Mario, Oh, Brother!

42. Friday night energy = Super Mario Kart with the whole crew!

43. It’s always Super Mario o’clock with our squad!

44. Because friends don’t let friends think they’re better than them at Super mario Kart,

45. There’s a reason Mario has Luigi. Everyone needs friends to help them out!

46. “I’m practically a popsicle, Mario. Are we there yet?” — Luigi, Mario Is Missing

47. Let’s grab a beer and play Super Mario. You know, for old time’s sake.

48. Take root where you’re planted, one Super Flower at a time!

49. “Hey, sounds good to me! Which part of my story you wanna hear, Bro?” — Luigi, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

50. “That’s my bro, always bouncing back! Like me! I bounce too!” — Luigi, Super Paper Mario

Savage Super Mario Captions for Instagram

51. “Pushover?! I’ll show you who’s a pushover!” — Luigi, Super Paper Mario

52. I’m sorry, but you’re just not Mario material. You can be Luigi.

53. Who needs mushrooms when you’ve got Super Stars?

54. It’s-a me, the pro who will always beat you at Super Mario!

55. Super Mario? I’m in it to win it, so get ready to settle for second place.

56. All I need is power-ups and coffee, but seeing you lose is a nice bonus.

57. I’ve got a Super Mushroom and I’m coming for you, Goomba!

58. “Don’t think I’m going to let you win that easily, Bowser!” — Mario, Fortune Street

59. Every Super Mario game ever: Losers gonna lose, I’m gonna win!

60. “Boo! That’s a bad Kong!! A very bad Kong!” — Mario, Fortune Street

Good Vibes Mario Kart Captions for Instagram

61. Life ain’t perfect, but playing Super Mario Kart with your brother comes pretty close.

62. “Yes! I never thought I’d see you again. It’s a happy day, a happy day!” — Luigi, Mario is Missing!

63. You had me at “Super Mario,” because I can’t believe you also love retro games!

64. “Mario! It’s you! It’s great to see you!” — Luigi, Paper Mario

65. Radiate positive vibes and smile! Super Mario is here to slay the day!

66. Love + adventure + Super Mario = miles of smiles!

67. Dreaming of castles, karts, and long nights gaming together.

68. You know you’re the power-up that always rescue me at the last minute, right?

69. “Well, it sounds like you’ve been on quite an adventure without me, Bro!” — Luigi, Paper Mario: Color Splash

70. Life isn’t a race, but it sure is more fun when you play Super Mario Kart with your friends!

Adventurous Super Mario Captions for Instagram

71. In search of hidden Super Mario levels. Who’s with me?

72. “Here we go! Moving on the ground, moving on the ground, hihihihi…” — Mario, Mario Teaches Typing 2

73. Life is always an adventure. You never know when you’ll find a Super Mushroom!

74. Always choose the scenic route… even if it means you fall off and you have to start the game all over again.

75. “Go on, Waluigi! Take me money and run, you greedy man!” — Mario, Fortune Street

76. Meet me on the Rainbow Road and get ready for a wild adventure.

77. Racing into the weekend in my Super Mario Kart.

78. “Oh boy, another galactic adventure! Here we go, sailing through space!” — Mario, Fortune Street.

79. I’m feeling peach keen on beating you at this thing, ‘cause I ain’t no damsel in distress.

80. Super Mario is my cardio, and I’m gearing up for one hell of a workout!

Chill Super Mario Captions for Instagram

81. “Hey, I think I just warped! That sure was a fast trip!” — Mario, Fortune Street

82. Work hard, play harder, especially when you have Super Mario!

83. “You’re the best player ever!” — Luigi, Hotel Mario

84. Super Mario is the answer, and the question doesn’t even matter. You in?

85. I followed my heart, and it led me to Princess Peach.

86. “Good luck, Mario! You just have to save that princess!” — Luigi, Paper Mario

87. Super Mario is my love language, and you could definitely say that I’m totally crushing it.

88. “I wasn’t sure you guys were gonna make it!” — Luigi, Paper Mario: Color Splash

89. It’s-a me — a weekend full of fun and games!

90. “I wonder if it’s true that dinosaurs enjoy basking in the sun? It’d be fun to ask one!” — Princess Peach, Super Mario Odyssey

Short Super Mario Captions for Instagram

91. “So I’ve decided to invite people from all around the world to the castle!” — Princess Peach, Super Mario Odyssey

92. Keep calm and play Super Mario.

93. Leveling up my looks, Mario style.

94. “I know I’m in good hands when you’re around, Mario!” — Princess Peach, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

95. “Okay, bye bye!” — Mario, Mario Teaches Typing 2

96. I’m having a Super Mario time!

97. “Looks kinda peaceful.” — Mario, Hotel Mario

98. “Mamma mia!” — Mario, Super Mario 64

99. You had me at “Super Mario.”

100. “Go fish!” — Mario, Mario FUNdamentals.

Creative Writing Prompts for Super Mario Captions for Instagram

Are you a die-hard Mario fan? Whether you have a one-of-a-kind picture that deserves a little extra love and attention, or you’ve actually exhausted most of the ideas on our caption list, there will come a time when your search for Super Mario captions for Instagram is back on.

Perhaps these creative prompts can kick you into brainstorming more? It’s easy — read through the list, pick an idea you think you can build off, and put your own unique twist on the sentence openers you find here to create a totally unique caption that your followers will love.

101. It’s-a me, …

102. Life is a Mario-themed party, and we…

103. Super Mario: Because everyone needs a little…

104. Super Mario player since … and proud.

105. All I need is my console and my…

106. Dreaming of Princess Peach and…

107. When you need a plumber, just call…

108. I don’t care what you think. My favorite Mario game is still…

109. When life gives you a damsel in distress, always…

110. Super Mario is…

FAQ About Super Mario Captions for Instagram

What is the best way to use this list of Mario Kart captions for Instagram?

If you’re looking for ideas for Mario captions for Instagram, but you’re simply not feeling super creative right now, you can simply scroll through this list and pick a caption or quote that fits your vibe. However, this list can still help you if you’re determined to come up with your own unique caption ideas. Sometimes, looking through ideas is enough to spark your own creative train of thought!

How long should my Mario and Luigi Instagram captions be?

When in doubt, aim to make your Mario Kart captions for Instagram somewhere between 140 and 220 characters long. This “sweet spot” gives you enough space to write something genuinely interesting without getting so wordy that you start losing people’s attention. Mind you, if you have your eye on a wonderful quote from Super Mario, don’t worry about the exact length. Just make sure the message fits your photo!

What are the best emojis to add to my Super Mario captions for Instagram?

You can actually have a lot of fun adding Mario-themed emojis to your captions! Some of the choices that are most likely to be hits include 🏁, 🌟, 🚗, 🏎️, 🎉, 🎮️, 👾, 🍄, 💨, 👸, and🍑. (And who knows? There might even be times when you want to make your captions emoji-only! It can work!)

Can you recommend any good hashtags to include in my Mario captions for Instagram?

Of course! Choosing the right hashtags will always add depth and personality to your Mario and Luigi Instagram captions, and you definitely can’t go wrong with #mario, #supermario, #nintendo, #princesspeach, #marioparty, #luigitime, #mariomemories, and #mariomagic.