110 Totally Lit Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie

Are you raising the roof and dancing on tables? Perhaps it’s your own birthday, and you want to add a…

Are you raising the roof and dancing on tables? Perhaps it’s your own birthday, and you want to add a royal dose of confidence and a touch of style to your celebratory captions. Maybe someone you love deserves the baddiest of bad-ass birthday wishes you can muster.

Either way, when life gives you baddie vibes, you better make sure your Instagram captions are on point!

Feeling a little stuck? We’re here to help you out! The baddie birthday captions for Instagram you’ll find in this collection are great for your own birthday, but we’ve also got ideas to help you celebrate a friend’s or relative’s birthday.

How to Write Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram

Let’s face it — “happy birthday” doesn’t always cut it! Looking for the right words, for yourself or a baddie in your life? We’ve got some tips to help you level up your caption game.

If you’re writing captions about your own birthday, whether to post bad-ass selfies or to show off how lit your party was, you can grab your followers’ attention by:

  • Making a bold, provocative statement about how awesome you are and how everyone should celebrate your birthday. Don’t worry — the people who know and love you will take it all in good humor.
  • Reflect on the things that made your year great and the ways you’ve grown. After all, baddie vibes are also about empowerment and growth!
  • Make a sassy comment about your wishes for the new year.

Are you trying to come up with good birthday captions for Instagram baddie for a friend or relative, like a cousin or sibling? If they’re a real baddie, they won’t just dish out wit and sarcasm — they’ll also be happy to take it.

You can make jokes about aging, wish the baddie in your life a villainously good “new year,” or make deadpan comments about only coming to the party for the booze and the cake.

Still stuck? No worries, because we have you covered. Simply scroll down to hit the birthday caption inspiration jackpot. Feel free to copy and paste any caption idea that fits your vibe or tweak our captions to make sure they hit the right tone.

Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie for Selfies

  1. Birthday game strong, baddie game stronger.
  2. This birthday, I’m choosing to keep my head high and my middle finger higher.
  3. Aging like a fine wine, and drinking it, too.
  4. I’m the Queen of this birthday castle. Bow down.
  5. Rocking those anti-hero vibes, with a birthday hat on top.
  6. Another year older, another year sassier.
  7. Everyone has birthdays, but mine are better.
  8. Birthday glow on point, gift-accepting game strong.
  9. Smile like an angel, party like a baddie.
  10. I’m not just a snack. I’m the whole damn birthday cake.

Funny Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram

  1. Too glam to give a damn, and too old, too.
  2. It’s my birthday, and I’m on my worst behavior. Better watch out.
  3. Oh, hon, you didn’t have to. Not showing up would have been a better gift.
  4. Came for the cake, left after the cake was done. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. Confidence level: Another year older, but still no filter.
  6. Cheers to another year of great selfies and terrible captions.
  7. Serving looks — now with a side of birthday cake.
  8. Resting birthday face. You’re welcome.
  9. Being a baddie is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
  10. It only took me 25 years to become this sarcastic. You’re welcome.

Eighteen Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie

  1. Just me, myself, and my 18 proud years of slayage.
  2. 18 and feeling pretty mean.
  3. Legal but feeling so savage it might just be illegal.
  4. Baddie, adult edition. Congratulate me.
  5. All eyes on me. This baddie just leveled up to adult.
  6. Season 18, chapter 1, and ready for a lot of fun.
  7. Slaying the day away in a red dress with champagne in my hand.
  8. Childish and irresponsible — because being an adult is no longer fun when you are one.
  9. 18 flawless selfies to celebrate 18 flawless years.
  10. Celebrating my 18th birthday the right way: With lots of music, cheer, and beer.

Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie for Friends

  1. Age ain’t just a number, hon. In your case, it’s a lot of numbers. Happy birthday, and keep growing those wrinkles!
  2. Too many candles to even count, how can you fit them all on the cake?
  3. Gearing up for the baddiest birthday ever with my baddiest best friend.
  4. Another year, another wave of sassy comments. Don’t worry, we’re here for it.
  5. Friends don’t let friends celebrate alone. Who else would be there to steal all your gifts and cake?
  6. You already get me as a friend and you want a birthday gift, too?
  7. Oh, my friend? She’s Kanye with a hint of humble on her birthday!
  8. Don’t count your life in years. Count it in sarcastic comments. You’re ancient!
  9. Another year older, but definitely not another year wiser, my friend.
  10. You’re living proof that age doesn’t mean wisdom, and I love you for it.

Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram for Relatives

  1. Born to be cousins and to stand out. Have the baddiest birthday ever!
  2. You’re my favorite baddie, and you’re a great sister too.
  3. Wishing you a happy birthday, bro, but please don’t dance. It’s embarrassing.
  4. Volume up, smiles on! Happy birthday to the sassiest cousin I have!
  5. On your birthday, you’re not just the prettiest but also the pettiest!
  6. Happy birthday to the CEO of Sarcasm!
  7. Raising glasses and raising the roof. Happy birthday, bro!
  8. My sister is slaying the day away with her baddie vibes tonight.
  9. You’re just too lit to quit, but your birthday candles aren’t.
  10. Sweeter than honey, but sassier than grandma’s cat. Love you anyway, especially on your birthday!

Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram for Parties

  1. Don’t dash, it’s my birthday bash!
  2. I don’t always look this good on my birthday, but when I do, you just can’t look away, can you?
  3. When life gives you birthdays, let the diva vibes flow free!
  4. Always going to say yes to a party hosted by my favorite baddie.
  5. My favorite baddie is finally getting gray hair? I’ll drink to that!
  6. Dancing to the rhythm of whatever I want. It’s my birthday, after all!
  7. Turn up the volume and spin me around!
  8. Baddie, birthday, and bash — my three favorite B words!
  9. Birthday parties are my favorite flavor, and I’m here to make your night shine!
  10. The baddie vibes are free, but you have to buy the birthday hat separately.

Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram for Gifts

  1. I enjoy gifts, but I also accept cash. Just sayin’.
  2. I’m the best gift of them all, so it’s only natural that you return the favor.
  3. You’re already spoiled, but I don’t mind adding some extra with this gift.
  4. Slay all day and don’t forget to open this gift all the way.
  5. That feeling when your baddie birthday gift matches your personality. Thanks!
  6. Wrapped in sass and unwrapping gifts.
  7. Gifts are my love language, but I also enjoy a good dose of attitude.
  8. Gifts? Yes, please!
  9. My birthday gift. Be jealous.
  10. Birthday card? Only if it’s Visa, please.

Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie About Life

  1. Happiness tastes so much sweeter with a baddie vibe and a slice of birthday cake.
  2. Play life like a pro, and wrap it with a pretty bow.
  3. Birthday outfit: Now with extra sparkles. What do you think?
  4. Prove them wrong and keep them guessing, especially on your birthday.
  5. Even this birthday candle is too hot to handle. Not everyone can throw parties like you do!
  6. Life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes you want to scream, and sometimes you need a good party.
  7. Not everyone likes my birthday parties, but not everyone matters.
  8. Life is short. Go all out and throw the baddiest birthday parties you can.
  9. Cold heart, burning hot birthday candles.
  10. Dancing through life with a big grin and a touch of sarcasm. Too old to care what you think.

Great Quotes for Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie

  1. “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” — Lucille Ball
  2. “Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” — Satchel Paige
  3. “Life seems to fade our memory, so on this birthday, I will forget yours if you forget mine!” — Kate Summers
  4. “Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.” — Edward Morykwas
  5. “The way I see it, you should live every day like it’s your birthday.” — Paris Hilton
  6. “Put candles in a cake, it’s a birthday cake. Put candles in a pie, and somebody’s drunk in the kitchen.” — Jim Gaffigan
  7. “You know you’re getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.” — Bob Hope
  8. “Don’t compare yourself to others. You are incomparable.” — Sonya Parker
  9. “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.” — Maurice Chevalier
  10. “Why party like it is 1999 when you can party like it is your birthday?” — Prince

Short Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram

  1. Welcome to my birthday party, where we all celebrate me.
  2. Birthday hair, don’t care.
  3. Birthday parties are my cardio.
  4. Keep calm and stay bad.
  5. Birthday calories don’t count, and you can’t tell me otherwise.
  6. Dance like it’s your birthday and everyone’s watching.
  7. Confetti in the air, head in the clouds, baddie grin on my face.
  8. In case of emergency, add more champagne.
  9. Birthday vibes only.
  10. Sarcasm and birthdays. The perfect combo.

Creative Writing Prompts for Baddie Birthday Captions for Instagram

We hope you had fun browsing through our baddie captions for birthday celebrations, but we get it if you prefer to write your own. Making sure your pic and caption match up perfectly is very important! These creative prompts will give you the nudge you need. Simply pick a sentence and finish it in your own unique way.

  1. Nothing says “baddie” like… on your birthday.
  2. Wild birthday parties: Because even baddies need…
  3. If you don’t… on your birthday, you’re not…
  4. I’m channeling my inner Queen on my birthday, because…
  5. Blowing out candles and…
  6. Dance like your haters are jealous, because…
  7. More years just mean more sarcasm, and I…
  8. The first rule of baddie birthday parties? …
  9. My baddie outfit screams… with a birthday hat on top.
  10. Every baddie knows that the best birthday parties are the ones with…

FAQ About Birthday Captions for Instagram Baddie

What are the best emojis for birthday captions for Instagram baddies?

Although that’s somewhat subjective, we think the emojis that best get the baddie vibe across include 👑, 💅, 🔥, 💋, 😎, and ✨. Of course, you can also use the party popper emoji and the birthday cake emoji!

What are the best hashtags to use for baddie birthday captions for Instagram?

Good question! The hashtags you pick add context, tone, and depth to your captions. While we think every Instagram baddie should make up a unique birthday hashtag for the celebrations, you could also add #slayallday, #birthdaybaddie, #queenbaddie, #baddievibes, and #fabulousat30 (or whatever relevant age).

How long should baddie captions for birthdays be on Instagram?

The baddie vibe is all about confidence, wit, and empowerment — and there’s no question that bold, short captions are usually the most eye-catching. We recommend limiting yourself to somewhere between 140 and 220 characters when you write your captions. That way, you’ll make sure everyone reads them in full!